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Mosaic of Impressions in the Heart of Britain

Road Trip Route. Medieval castles and abbeys, Amazing natural landscapes, Best local restaurants.

This trip is designed for those who do not like to be limited to one subject and want to combine the visit to the amazing wonders of nature and ancient castles and estates, enjoy the city architecture and local culinary traditions. We'll start our journey by stopping at Oxford, relaxing by the lake on the way to Nottingham, capturing the fantasies of contemporary artists at York's Sculpture Park and exploring Leeds' historical and gastronomic attractions. Two unforgettable days of this trip will be devoted to walks in nature, in the amazing parks of Yorkshire Dales and Lake District. And on the final day of your journey, you'll be shopping in Bicester Village.

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Elena Sadchikova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Let's go on our way.

Today's journey will begin with a walk through Oxford, visiting the city square and its attractions, we will have lunch on the terrace of the cafe, which offers beautiful views of local architecture. Then we'll go to Nottingham and finish the day at a Mediterranean restaurant.

Radcliffe Square

I think we should start with Radcliffe Square to meet Oxford. It was named after a graduate of Oxford University, a philanthropist and personal physician of King John Radcliffe. It's an amazing place with its graceful architecture. One of the most notable buildings in the square is the Oxford Book Depository, or as it is often called, the Radcliffe Camera. Interesting fact: this is where the Hogwarts Library shot scenes of events for Harry Potter movies.

Christ Church Meadow

Beautiful green park, where you can spend time in a calm and peaceful environment, sitting on the grass, or walking on bridges, as well as taking many beautiful photos. And if you want to spend time not only outdoors, but also in the museum collections, you can visit the historical museum or the collection of contemporary art.

The Vaults & Garden Café

We offer you lunch in the most beautiful place in the center of Oxford. You can enjoy delicious food under the vaults of an old building or, if the weather is warm, on the terrace, overlooking the historic buildings. Menus vary depending on the day of the week, there are lunch options for vegetarians and vegans.

Brixworth Country Park

On the way to Nottingham, you can stop by the lake to enjoy the natural beauty. The stunning water surface is surrounded by picturesque green meadows and the views are very beautiful.

Old Market Square

Nottingham is known primarily for his stories about Robin Hood. Nottingham Castle is currently undergoing reconstruction, which will last until 2021. However, there are other sights in the city that are definitely worth your attention, such as Old Market Square. A very pleasant place for evening hiking, you can just enjoy the architecture, or ride on the Ferris wheel.

Le Mistral

The menu and wine list of this institution are inspired by France. The interiors are quite minimalistic and quiet. In general, the restaurant is ideal for spending a peaceful evening enjoying delicious dishes. For dessert, you should definitely order crème brûlée, it's just above all praise.

Day 2: Leeds' legacy

Let's start the day with a visit to the flower greenhouse and the Yorkshire Sculpture Garden. And then we'll head towards Leeds to walk through the city streets and look at the ruins of the old abbey.

Winter Gardens

Staying in Sheffield is worth a visit to the conservatories of the winter gardens. There are a lot of exotic plant species from all over the world. Also, in the greenhouse it is often possible to see unusual installations of modern authors. The city space next to the winter gardens is also very interesting: there are interesting street sculptures and a lot of worthy coffee shops and restaurants.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

In Yorkshire Sculpture Park, there are more than a hundred interesting, unusual and sometimes fascinating and sometimes shocking works of modern art in the open air. The park is ideal for walks in good weather and has a beautiful natural landscape: hills, sprawling trees and small streams. It is also not uncommon to meet representatives of local fauna, who do not hesitate to approach the guests of the park.


Leeds is known as a city with a record number of good restaurants on a wide variety of topics. Tonight's lunch will take place in a Brazilian restaurant. First of all, this place is notable for its atmosphere of eternal celebration and hospitality. The menu is based on grilled meat dishes, but has vegetarian and fish options.

Kirkstall Abbey

The history of this abbey dates back to the twelfth century. At that time, in the early Middle Ages, one of Europe's most important theological centers was located here, and many monks devoted their lives to writing religious and historical chronicles. In the sixteenth century, by order of Henry VIII Tudor, the abbey was closed and its buildings were handed over to the hands of the counts of the Cardigans of the Brudnell family. However, its mighty walls have survived to this day and still amaze with their grandeur.

City Square

Before you go out to dinner, take a short walk through the town square. There's something unique about this place that's charming. Tall, modern buildings adjoin the miniature old buildings and modern art objects with historical statues. Despite this variety of stylistics, in general, the square looks very nice and harmonious.

Shears Yard

Dinner will be held in the restaurant, which is appreciated not only by visitors, but also by professional critics. It's probably worth starting with a tasting menu, and afterwards you can order a magnificent octopus escobeche. If you prefer meat, you should definitely try the Parma ham.


Before you go to the hotel, enjoy a short walk through the city streets. After sunset, when the lights go on, the city architecture looks even more interesting.

Day 3: Yorkshire Dales

Most of today's day will be held in the Yorkshire Dales Nature Park, where you can enjoy the amazing creations of nature and man.

Bolton Abbey

Bolton Abbey is located in a very picturesque place, on a hill near the river Worf. This location will appeal not only to travelers who are in love with quirky and, at the same time, majestic Gothic architecture, but also lovers of outdoor activities. There are several hiking trails close to the Abbey, where you can enjoy amazing views and even walk to a small waterfall.

Cow and Calf Rocks

Having admired the ruins of human creations, we go to explore the pristine nature. This area looks amazingly alien at any time of year, thanks to the unusual greenish shade of rocks, but it is the most beautiful here in late spring and early summer, during the blossoming of meadow plants.

Le Bistro Des Amis

It's lunchtime! This restaurant is not distinguished by its luxurious decoration, but here you will not be disappointed. The restaurant is popular not only with the park's guests, but also with locals, so we strongly recommend to book a table in advance. This can be done online at the restaurant's website.

Brimham Rocks

This part of the park can be safely called a real miracle of nature. It is believed that such an unusual landscape was formed due to the influence of erosion over millions of years. Of course, there will also be those who claim that the rocks have remained to us as a legacy of extraterrestrial civilization. You can choose the version of origin that you like, but be sure this place will impress you!

Black Sheep Brewery Fearby Road Site

Black Sheep Brewery is not just a brewery, it is a real laboratory for the production of unusual varieties of Kraft beer. The assortment is quite large, and if you don't know what to choose, the staff will be happy to help you find a drink to your liking. The food that is served here is soaked in Yorkshire's true flavour and is prepared exclusively from local farm ingredients. Have fun and enjoy a country-style dinner.

Day 4: Alone with nature

Tonight we'll continue to explore the national parks, this time we'll go to Lake District. Let's take a look at the surroundings from the tops of the green hills, and at the end of the day we will enjoy a Kraft Elephant in the ancient building of the local pub.

Kendal Castle

Kendal Castle, like many of the historical sites we have already visited, was built in the twelfth century. Visit this place not only for the sake of beautiful photos against the background of massive ruins, but also for the sake of a beautiful view, which opens from the hill on the outskirts.

Lake District National Park

And once again enjoy the fabulous and peaceful landscapes. The large Windermere Lake is surrounded by mountains and green hills at the foot of which there are low buildings, remotely resembling hobby houses. The transparent water surface is fascinating, and you can admire the amazing scenery for hours. And if you want to spend an active time here, you can take a boat, boat or even kayak ride.

Cuckoo Brow Inn

Lunch will be held in an authentic and atmospheric restaurant with an old wood stove. The menu is quite diverse, you can try truly homemade cuisine, for example, ordering pumpkin soup with crispy bread, or please yourself with a local variation of fast food, a huge burger with a generous portion of fried potatoes.

Helvellyn Summit

In cloudy weather, you can see the tops of the hills covered with a blanket of clouds. It's really fascinating! Do not deny yourself the pleasure of walking along the narrow hiking trails and see the area from new, unusual and amazing angles.

Old Man of Coniston

Moving west, you'll notice how the natural landscape will change and you'll discover new and unique views. Here you can walk along the bubbling streams, or, climbing to the top of the hill to see the forest and small buildings that are located at the foot, and of course, enjoy the diversity of local flora and fauna.


A day in the countryside has passed unnoticed, it's time for dinner. Romneys is a place where you can taste real ale and enjoy the traditional British pub menu. Excellent meat dishes are served here, as evidenced not only by the guests' enthusiastic feedback, but also by the award of the prestigious The Westmorland Gazette competition, which has been awarded to the restaurant.

Day 5: Architecture and gastronomy of Manchester and Birmingham

This day, unlike the two previous ones, will be dedicated to walks along the city streets, inspection of architecture, and, of course, acquaintance with the peculiarities of local gastronomy.

Salford Quays

A tour of Manchester starts with a local port, a great place for urban photographs. You can simply stroll along the promenade overlooking the river and bridges, or go shopping at the city's largest shopping mall.

Albert Square

Next stop is Albert Square, Manchester's central location and a point of attraction for all travellers visiting the city. The square is surrounded by Victorian buildings built in the Neo-Gothic style, and in the center of the square there is a memorial in honor of Prince Albert. The square looks beautiful and attractive at any time of year, and on Christmas Eve there is a fun fair.

Mackie Mayor Building

Would you like to dine on traditional British cuisine? Or would you like an Italian pizza on a crispy thin doughnut? Or maybe Asian cuisine? In Mackie Mayor you will find a dish to your liking, because in one building there are several dozen restaurants where dishes from all over the world are prepared. The place is also notable for the fact that it regularly hosts workshops and other events, perhaps lucky for you, and after a delicious lunch, you will be able to do creative work.

Lichfield Cathedral

The decorative ornament of the Cathedral of Litchfield looks so elegant and weightless, as if it is made not of stone, but of thin lace. This is one of the three Gothic cathedrals in Britain with three spires. Be sure to go inside to see the vaulted ceilings and curved windows.

Victoria Square

Victoria Square is probably one of the most beautiful places in Birmingham. In the center of the square there is a monument in honor of Queen Victoria, and on the sides there are buildings of the old and new town hall and the House of Soviets. Particular attention should be paid to relatively modern sculptural compositions and a stepped fountain.

Lambs Of Sheep St

The restaurant is particularly proud of its exceptionally fresh and natural products, which are purchased exclusively from reputable local suppliers. The menu varies depending on the season, so that guests of the restaurant receive dishes of the highest quality ingredients. If you have any special preferences, the restaurant staff will ask you to let us know in advance when booking so that we can tailor the menu to suit your needs.

Day 6: The final day of the trip

Our adventure today begins with a visit to Kenylaurt Castle and in the afternoon we will go shopping in Bicester Village.

Kenilworth Castle

Kenilworth Castle has a pretty rich history. The first mention of a stone fortress erected on this site dates back to the eleventh century. Construction of the castle as it has survived to this day began in the twelfth century. Kenilworth's masters at different times have been known as monarchs. For a long time the castle was considered one of the most luxurious in the whole country. In the twentieth century, the castle was transferred to the ownership of the city, and today this place can be visited by anyone.

The Muddy Duck

Lunch of the final day of our journey will be held in the atmosphere of an old pub. In good weather you can sit on the open terrace surrounded by a garden, and, if the weather is cool, enjoy the comfort of the interior, decorated with solid wooden beams. The menu offers a very wide choice of dishes and even the most discerning gourmets will find something to taste. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to try the local cheese, as well as meat platter.

Bicester Village

Baicester is interesting not only for its charming provincial architecture, but also for the fact that it is a fairly large shopping center. Enjoy shopping, fragrant coffee and ice cream, and don't forget to buy gifts for your loved ones.

The Three Oaks

The end of tonight's evening you will be in London, immersed in the city's usual rhythm of life, and the final point of our journey will be a dinner at the gastropub The Three Oaks. The dishes that are being prepared here can be safely attributed to the high cuisine, just come and see for yourself!