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 Monasteries of the Kaluga Region

Road Trip Route. St. Tikhon's monastery, Vvedensky Optina monastery, Shamordinsky monastery, Landscapes of Ugra National Park.

This scenario includes visits to several Orthodox monasteries for which the Kaluga region is famous. Absolutely all travelers may not know about them yet, but these monasteries have long been a pilgrimage destination for many Orthodox believers. The hotels are located in picturesque and protected natural places. It is a national park Ugra, which is a natural heritage of Russia. For us, a visit to these places will be both an educational journey and a stroll through amazing natural places. And instead of visiting a cafe, you can try the real monastery cuisine in the refectory. All this will surely leave a lot of pleasant memories. Don't forget to take a photo as a memento!

History and Culture. From: Moscow

Yulia Zharkova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: The heritage of the Kaluga lands

Today we leave Moscow and go on a fascinating journey through the monasteries of the Kaluga region. We have a lot of positive emotions waiting for us.


The way goes through the national park Ugra, so we combine visiting religious cultural sites with a pleasant pastime in nature.

Свято-Тихонова Пустынь

We'll be the first to visit the Svyato-Tikhonov desert. The monastery was founded in the 15th century by Tikhon Medynsky, who came here from Kiev. According to legend, when he was struck by Prince Yaroslav Vladimirovich, his hand was petrified. Tikhon prayed for his recovery and when the prince recovered, he donated money to build the monastery. This is one of the oldest monasteries in the upper Oka. In troubled times, the monastery was defeated and rebuilt in 1677.

Кафе Козельск

It's one of the few cafes you can find in the area. On Sunday, the café can close in the afternoon. It's a great place where we can rest after the road. We have friendly staff and delicious food waiting for us.

Введе́нская О́птина Пу́стынь — Ставропигиальный Мужской Монастырь 

The famous Optina Desert Men's Monastery includes several cathedrals and monasteries. It is surrounded by a picturesque grove, behind which there is a monastic hermitage. Amvrosiy Optinsky, one of the elders who lived in this monastery, became the prototype of Zosima in his novel "The Brothers Karamazov". Dostoevsky came here in 1878, accompanied by the philosopher Solovyov, and stayed in the sketch for three days. He was very impressed with this trip. There is a refectory on the premises, where you can have lunch if you want.

Шамординский женский монастырь

The convent was founded in 1884. Its prioress was Sophia Bolotova, who came from a noble family. Scheimomonk Sophia was cut at the nun Amvrosiy Optinsky. Sophia's brother, Dmitry, became known as the iconographer of optics. He is the author of the portrait of the elder Amvrosius. Scheimomonakhina Sophia is revered by the Orthodox as an intercessor. Her confessor, the Venerable Amvrosius of Optinsky, is glorified in the face of the saints. Constantly there are many pilgrims and others who want to see the abode of these famous Orthodox figures. There is a refectory, which is famous for its baked goods and other dishes. Most travellers are sure to come here.

Национальный парк Угра

Being in the picturesque places of the Ugra National Park, one cannot but visit the park itself. The park is popular among tourists and water tourism on rivers is developed here. The national park is located among the rivers Ugra, Gizdra, Vyssa and Oka. It is located in several administrative districts: Yukhnovsky, Iznoskovsky, Dzerzhinsky, Peremyshlsky, Babyninsky and Kozelsky. Since 2002, it has become a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The park includes three parts - Ugorsky, Vorotynsky and Zhizdrinsky clusters and three clusters. The territories are under protection.


This burger room is recommended by residents of Obninsk. Visitors give these burgers and other dishes high marks. Here you can taste not only burgers, but also other fast food dishes.


After an active day in the air, we go home. I'm sure the cloisters, so revered by pilgrims, have left you with an unforgettable experience. And the protected landscapes of Ugra Park make those who have been here many times come back again and again.