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Miracles on the Gulf Coast

Road Trip Route. The biggest theme parks in the UAE and the world await us, We'll visit the famous beaches of Dubai., Ride on camels in the desert, Climb the Burj Khalifa Lookout, .

The United Arab Emirates is a place that has a special magical attraction for tourists from all over the world. It is no wonder, as the possibilities and scope of holidays that this country offers are truly impressive. Here and the incredible architecture of the largest cities in the country - Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and one of the largest and most modern amusement parks in the world, and the paradise beaches with white sand, and high quality shopping at affordable prices. The nature in these places is rather harsh, but people have managed to adapt to it and transform the unfriendly reality surrounding them into a real tourist paradise on earth.

Relaxing Leisure, Active Leisure. From: Dubai

Elizaveta Smirnova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: First impressions

The first day is very important for the whole trip, because it is the day when the first impressions of Dubai and the country as a whole are formed. The plan is to visit several places for which this city is known and which are its symbols.


Perhaps there is no better place in the world than the UAE to get to know the cuisine of the Middle East, which is known for such gourmet delicacies as chicken in yogurt marinade with chili, beef stew with quince, crispy chickpea with curry - all these dishes and many others are on the menu of Mama'esh restaurant.

Dubai Aquarium (حوض دبي للأسماك)

The nature of the Persian Gulf coastal areas is very diverse and interesting, in particular, many sea creatures of these latitudes are represented in local oceanariums and zoos, namely Dubai Aquarium, one of the largest and most significant aquariums in Dubai. Here you can see such species as stingrays, crocodiles, otters, piranhas and about 30 thousand other not so large ocean inhabitants. You can also dive into the pool with sharks or other smaller fish for an extra fee.

At The Top

It is no secret that the symbol of the city of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates has recently become a striking skyscraper - Burj Khalifa. In this building, designers and architects have invested so many unique ideas and solutions that its genius can be compared, perhaps, with the majestic buildings of ancient Rome and Greece. Climbing up to the highest observation deck, you can literally stand above the clouds and see the incredible panorama of Dubai and the deserts around it.


Zuma is a restaurant of authentic Japanese cuisine. Its interior is designed, so that the room creates a really cozy and cultured atmosphere. Although the institution is authentic, the service here is built in accordance with European standards. In addition to the large variety of rolls and sushi, the menu also includes many other fish dishes, such as fried shrimp and smoked eel.

Day 2: Dubai Waterparks

The amusement parks in Dubai leave an unbelievable amount of impressions. Their main and most enjoyable feature is the variety of types of rides and other attractions: there are extreme slides over a hundred meters long, and calm pools with a gentle current, in general, everyone can find something for themselves.

Parlour Boutique

Modern Dubai is not just a tourist center, it is a place where different cultures, including culinary ones, merge. French cuisine is very widely represented here, one of its brightest representatives is Parlour Boutique restaurant. Facility's interior is made in modern quiet style, and its menu includes such famous dishes as onion soup, salmon, grilled with onions, peppers and tomatoes, as well as lamb chops with mustard and rosemary.

Wild Wadi Water Park

Almost every major city in the United Arab Emirates boasts fairly large amusement parks, of which Dubai is the most notable. One of the main water parks is Wild Wadi Water Park. There is a huge variety of slides and water attractions for children and adults. Of course, a special impression is made by an incredible artificial waterfall, as well as water slides, which in some cases are about 120 meters long.

The Dubai Mall (دبي مول)

The UAE is not only a great place for active recreation on the beaches or in the desert, it is also a center of world shopping tourism. Prices for most products here may be even lower than in producing countries. This is explained by the favorable tax policy in the country, namely, there is no VAT, and VAT is 5%. Although, of course, some distributors may overestimate the markup, prices here are on average 20% lower than in Russia.

Grand Cafe Boulevard (قراند كافيه بوليڤارد)

The cuisine of the Middle East has a number of features. Of course, there is not one such restaurant where you can fully appreciate all its specifics. Different restaurants differ in their approach to many even the canonical rules of cooking. In particular, the Grand Cafe Boulevard pays special attention to meat dishes. Here you should try Kebbe Halabieh - a delicacy made of fresh minced meat mixed with burgula, chili paste, nuts and a number of different spices.

Laguna Waterpark

Laguna Waterpark is one of the largest and most popular water parks in Dubai. There are many different slides, attractions, swimming pools and cafes. The surf spots are especially popular, as well as the attraction "Free Falling". In addition, the park has special booths for relaxation, where you can lie down, hiding from the scorching sun and the noisy crowd.

Slider Station (سلايدر ستيشن)

Among the huge variety of restaurants in Dubai, representing different culinary trends, you can find cuisine to suit every taste. Among others, it is also worth paying attention to American cuisine, in particular, Slider Station restaurant. The atmosphere is very, very hospitable and the menu offers a wide choice of all favourite burgers, sandwiches, fried meat and potatoes.

Day 3: Extraordinary Entertainment in Dubai

Today promises to be an interesting and memorable day, with a trip to the largest indoor amusement park in the world, where themed areas with characters from favorite movies and cartoons await us.

Home Bakery Kitchen

Each local restaurant has its own peculiarities: somewhere tasty coffee is prepared, somewhere wonderful pastry is made, somewhere delicious desserts are served, and somewhere exceptionally healthy food is served, however, it is difficult to single out any main feature at Home Bakery Kitchen, because here you can order a nourishing sandwich with a juicy cutlet, or for dessert you can take a frosted pie with fresh berries together with a glass of strong coffee.

Jumeirah Beach (شاطئ جميرا)

Staying in Dubai, it would be criminal not to visit its world-famous beaches. In general, the Arabs have been very reverent and careful in their approach to the organization of the coastline: each beach is clean, beautiful and equipped with everything from renting sun beds to changing cabins. Jumeirah Beach, in a way, occupies a special place: in addition to the beautiful views of the bay, here you can also admire the famous sail-shaped building.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure is the equivalent of California Disneyland. It is very remarkable that this park is covered, and all the rooms and sections here are perfectly ventilated, which is very important for the hot climate of these latitudes. The base of the park is made up of four thematic zones, some of which are dedicated to such famous brands as Marvel and Cartoon Network. Visitors have the opportunity to literally find themselves in the epicenter of the Battle of the Avengers against Altron, as well as visit the lost world of dinosaurs.

The Farm (ذا فارم)

There are not many restaurants that boast a truly relaxing atmosphere and an original interior. The Farm is exactly the place. The meal here is surrounded by greenery and accompanied by the noise of flowing water. Arabic and European dishes are on the menu. In particular, it is worth paying attention to baked chicken with mushrooms and spices, as well as various snacks and salads.

Global Village (القرية العالمية)

Global Village is a unique place where different world cultures intersect. There are a variety of shops selling souvenirs from around the world, entertainment facilities and attractions. In particular, it is possible to "visit" such countries as Afghanistan, Iran, USA, some countries in Africa, India, Yemen, Turkey and many others. In addition, the atmosphere of the park is diluted by music festivals and concerts held here regularly.


At first glance, it may seem that Peruvian cuisine is quite simple, because the traditional set of products and ingredients is completely untouched - potatoes, rice, pulses and grains, fruits and vegetables, as well as fish and seafood. And, of course, this stereotype is wrong, and you can see it in the restaurant Coya. In particular, it is worth trying here cooked from fish and seafood ceviche. A variety of spices give this dish an original and even somewhat noncanonical taste.

Day 4: Crossing the sand dunes

Today's day has a lot to offer. For starters, a visit to one of the largest water parks in Dubai is planned, followed by a trip across the sand dunes of the UAE, which will take us to the fourth most populous city in the country, El Ain.

The Hamptons Cafe

To get the day off to a good start, The Hamptons Cafe is the perfect breakfast place. The atmosphere is very pleasant and comfortable, the staff is polite and friendly. The menu offers a fairly wide range of breakfast dishes, including chocolate cake, chicken salad and lamb risotto.

Aquaventure Waterpark

Another major amusement park in Dubai is Aquaventure Waterpark. There are breathtaking water slides, which are sometimes so high that you can see the waterways of the Persian Gulf as you roll down. In addition to the slides, there are also a variety of swimming pools with and without currents, children's play areas and of course numerous shops with food, drinks and souvenirs.

Platinum Heritage

In addition to the developed tourist infrastructure in major cities, the United Arab Emirates also boasts extraordinary nature. Many hundreds of tourists come here every year to take a trip across the Rube El Hali desert. The incredible and fascinating view of the sand dunes stretching all the way to the horizon is impressive. In various campsites and parks, you can find a tour guide and ride a camel.

Al Jihli Fort (قلعة الجاهلي)

Al Jihli Fort is one of the most interesting historical monuments of Elaine. Built in 1891, the fort is surrounded by picturesque green gardens. Every year thousands of tourists visit this place, which is mainly attracted by the architecture of the fortress, as well as the collection of photographs of the famous British traveler Wilfred Thesiger, who managed to capture the beauty and aesthetics of these places.

La Brioche

Cooking in any country sometimes represents a vast world. For example, a separate phenomenon in French cuisine is its famous bakeries, where traditional national pastries are made. One such place is La Brioche restaurant. In addition to excellent baking, main courses such as smoked salmon with cheese and olives or spicy fried chicken with cherry tomatoes are also excellently prepared here.

Al Ain Zoo & Aquarium

Every major city in the United Arab Emirates has a place for a large oceanarium or zoo, where exotic species are exhibited, so El-Ain is no exception. Here is located the largest zoo in the country - Al Ain Zoo & Aquarium. Perhaps the key difference between this place and many others is the existence of a safari zone, where visitors ride in a specially equipped jeep to places as close to the real environment of animals as possible.

The Golden Sheep الخروف الذهبي

Probably one of the most widely represented culinary directions is Mediterranean cuisine. This is due to the country's close proximity to warm waters, where a variety of fish and seafood are abundant. The Golden Sheep is a restaurant that serves delicacies such as lamb chops with vegetables, roasted salmon with lemon and spices, and fried shrimps with various sauces.

Day 5: Across the desert to Abu Dhabi

There's a lot to see and do today. The plan is to drive through the sand dunes and arrive in Abu Dhabi. Upon arrival, the plan is to head to the city's amusement parks, which are on a scale not inferior to the global giants of the industry.


Many restaurants boast really delicious food, but there are not many places where you can cook a really good meal. Zerofat is a restaurant that boasts that the dishes prepared here are not only tasty, but also have a certain benefit to the body. In particular, you should try oatmeal porridge with fresh berries or tacos with shrimp.

Desert Safari & Beduin Camp

Transforming the boundless desert into a real tourist oasis, the country's authorities have not forgotten to pay attention to the preservation of nature in its original form, so that now tourists can easily ride a camel through the very heart of the harsh sand dunes. The panorama of the endless sands amazes the imagination, and is also admired by people who have been able to adapt to these unfriendly conditions.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Like Dubai, the city of Abu Dhabi is a world tourist destination with an incredible number of different types of amusement parks and the largest of these is Ferrari World. Like many other parks in the UAE, Ferrari World is indoor. It is home to some of the fastest and most breathtaking roller coasters in the world, boasting the highest triple hinge in the world and the steepest starting descent.

Il Caffé Di Roma

During a day full of impressions it is necessary to take a short pause to rest, and the most suitable place for this is a small, cozy coffee shop. Il Caffe Di Roma has everything you need to spend your lunch in a calm and relaxed environment, from friendly and well-trained staff to a wide range of baked goods and coffee.

Al Forsan Wakeboarding Water Park

Rest in the UAE can be different: you can swim in the sea, you can go shopping, or you can devote some time to active recreation. There are not many places where it would be as interesting and easy to do as in Al Forsan Wakeboarding Water Park. Two freshwater lakes are home to three cable networks for wakeboarding, and there are also special places where beginners can learn all the basics of the sport. In addition, those who wish to do so can choose between water skiing or a range of other equipment.

Najd Palace

Like any other culinary institution, restaurants of Middle East cuisine often significantly differ from each other, somewhere emphasis is placed on cooking meat dishes, and somewhere in the best traditions snacks are prepared. In Najd Palace restaurant the food is spicy, so meat is cooked here with a variety of spices and herbs, and in addition to it is excellent boiled rice vegetables.

Day 6: Walking on the beaches

Today is the last full day of our trip. There are quite a few plans lined up for it, we have to drive along the coast back to Dubai and then relax on the sandy beach afterwards.

Gulf Pastry فطائر الخليج

Gulf Pastry is a small but cozy bakery located in the heart of the city. It employs a very competent and positive staff. As in any other institution of this type, the menu offers a fairly large selection of baked goods, desserts and traditional breakfast dishes.

Corniche (الكورنيش)

Like Dubai, Abu Dhabi is on the Gulf coast. Of course, even within the city limits there are quite a few different beaches, among which it is difficult to single out any one unique, all very picturesque, clean, everywhere there are all the necessary conditions for recreation. So, Corniche beach is one of the many places for a quality beach holiday.

Emirates Park Zoo

Any major city in the United Arab Emirates is distinguished by its grandiose zoo, and of course Abu Dhabi is no exception. The most popular and largest zoo here is Emirates Park Zoo, where visitors will have the opportunity to pet a donkey or turtle, as well as look into the mouth of a hippopotamus. A visit for three people costs only Dhs 100, which is quite affordable even for a budget traveler.

White Orchid Restaurant & Lounge

Among the great culinary diversity of Dubai and its surrounding areas, Asian cuisine should not be ignored. In restaurants such as the White Orchid Restaurant & Lounge all the canons of this culinary direction are carefully observed: the staff is courteous and courteous, inside there is an atmosphere of calm and coziness. The menu abounds in various exotic delicacies as well as dishes quite familiar to Europeans.

Royal Beach

In Dubai, as in any large tourist center there are quite a number of different beaches, each of which boasts a good infrastructure and cleanliness, but the beach Royal Beach is distinguished by its incredible views, because it is located on an artificially shaped island in the form of palm trees, which offers a wonderful view of the urban architecture and the bay.

Texas De Brazil

After a long stay on the beach, there is nothing better than to take a little break somewhere cozy. The restaurant of Brazilian cuisine Texas De Brazil is perfect for this. In the evenings there is a lot of people here, but the energy of hospitality and positivity does not fade away. The menu also includes traditional grilled meat delicacies. Particularly worth highlighting are lamb ribs, as well as chicken breasts in bacon.

Day 7: Morning in a cozy restaurant

Today is the final leg of this trip. Due to the fact that there won't be enough time before the flight to visit any significant place in the city, the plan is to spend the last hours before departure in a cozy restaurant.

Sallora Sweets & Restaurant

Syrian cuisine is one of the most unusual culinary trends in the Middle East. It includes some traditions of Arabic, Caucasian and Mediterranean cuisine. Sallora Restaurant & Sweets is the carrier of all these unique traditions. In particular, you can try such original dishes as kibbe Hamda, mutabel and other famous snacks. Here you can also buy sweets as a gift for friends and family.