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Mini Journey to Dmitrov

Road Trip Route. To see with your own eyes the ship's airlock, Walk around the beautiful Dmitrovsky Kremlin., Experience the thrill of a unique extreme site.

Dmitrov is one of the most interesting cities in the Moscow region. There are plenty of opportunities to experience real drive, adrenaline and courage. Also, the city is filled with unique ancient architecture, and it is surrounded by an absolutely incredible and amazing nature. In short, Dmitrov will please absolutely everyone!

Active Leisure. From: Moscow

Elena Sadchikova. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Airlock 6 at Iksha reservoir, Dmitrov Kremlin, extreme sports

In Dmitrov is worth going not only to fans of ancient architecture, but also connoisseurs of active rest. Today we will see it for ourselves. We plan not only to see the unique historical buildings, but also to try ourselves in some extraordinary sports.


Шлюз № 6 канала имени Москвы

The Stalin Empire-style airlock is an important landmark from which we will begin our journey. In his chamber on the channel named after Moscow the ships rise and fall to a height of 8 meters. The airlock was built in 1937. There are figures on its towers, and above the lower gate there is a pedestrian bridge covered with a fencing net. The monumental structure is impressive in scale. It is possible to see the process of shiplocking from the end of April to the middle of November.

Дмитровский кремль

If to believe chronicles, the first outpost on a place [of the Dmitrov Kremlin]( has been based still by prince Jury Dolgoruky in 1154. The citadel was many times destroyed and destroyed by enemy troops, but some of its remains have survived to this day. The Kremlin surrounds the rampart 990 meters long and 7 to 9 meters high. It is believed to have been created in the 12th-13th centuries. The Assumption Cathedral is located in its heart. And the most elegant building here is Elizabeth Church of 1898. It's worth paying attention to the poster: the Kremlin hosts a lot of interesting events!

Бегемот & Мышь

You can have lunch at the grill bar "Hippopotamus and Mouse" - it's a handful from the Kremlin. Besides, it is a real paradise for meat lovers: the menu includes burgers, juicy steaks, sausages, and in the afternoon you can play darts and table football. Work schedule: Monday to Saturday 12:00 - 20:00 Sunday 13:00 - 20:00

Technical Sports Stadium

One of the coolest places for fans of extreme sports in the Moscow region is located in Dmitrov at the technical sports stadium. Two tracks are equipped here: a 2-kilometer motor track (made of sand-soil mixture, with jumps) and a motor track with two laps (big one - 3 km, small one - 1.15 km). Visitors are offered to rent quad bikes and buggies, enduro or cross bikes, SegWay, car Zhiguli and snowmobiles. The tracks are interesting both for beginners and established athletes. To rent a passport will be required. Guests under 18 can also take part, but only if they have a written permission from their parents or if they are personally present. A delightful place for those for whom the roar of motors is music! And prices can be found at [website](

Bar SVOI || Dmitrov (Бар СВОИ || Дмитров)

After an extreme adventure you should also visit Dmitrov's best gastropub. Svoi Bar serves burgers based on traditional American recipes, meat delicacies, aromatic potatoes and much more. Good news for those who are not driving - there is the largest selection of Kraft beer in town. What else? Hookah, two PlayStation consoles, table football and two Full HD projectors to watch the football match.