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Michigan Thumbcoast Tour: Lexington, Port Austin, Bay City

Michigan Thumbcoast Tour: Lexington, Port Austin, Bay City
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2 Days


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601 km






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On this trip, you'll experience the natural beauty along Michigan's scenic eastern "thumb" coast. Cruising alongside M-25, a scenic coastal highway, you'll stop in at some of the beautiful small resort towns on the shore, including the quaint town of Lexington, the natural beauty in Port Austin, and the relaxing views from Bay City.
Alana Valko
Alana Valko
Travel Expert
  • Visit beach towns on Michigan's thumbcoast.
  • Kayak to Turnip Rock.
  • Sail away at sunset in Bay City.

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Travel Itinerary

Cruise the M-25 Coastline
Day 1276 km433 m

Cruise the M-25 Coastline

Drive up the coast of Michigan's thumb and stop in at the quaint lakeside towns alongside the scenic coastal highway. See lighthouses, stop at the beach, and visit one of Michigan's oldest general stores.
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Sail Away to Turnip Rock and Bay City
Day 2325 km

Sail Away to Turnip Rock and Bay City

Rise early and enjoy a full complimentary breakfast at the hotel before heading out for your adventure-packed morning. Kayak to Turnip Rock, one of Michigan's most beautiful natural wonders, explore the coastal downtown in Bay City, and end the day sailing at sunset on the Saginaw Bay.
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