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 Miami's Beaches and Nightclubs

Road Trip Route. Beautiful promenades and snow white beaches, Skyscrapers sparkling in the sun and charming nature, Miami's nightlife.

Glamorous parties and relaxation under palm trees, this tour invites you to get acquainted with the best resort city in the USA, Miami! Here, giant skyscrapers and business centers are adjacent to small beach houses and celebrity villas. The city entertainments cater to all tastes: art galleries, parks, white sand beaches and of course, many nightclubs and bars. Of course, the trip would be complete without a pinch of extreme sports, you visit the nature park, where you could ride a boat next to alligators, and a visit to the original museums of modern art and art quarters would make this trip even more vivid and memorable. Indulge in sheer opulence at the most popular beaches and plunge into the nightlife of one of the most fashionable and fabulous resorts!

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Welcome to Miami!

You've arrived in one of the most popular tourist cities in the USA! Enjoy beaches, noisy parties and magnificent sunsets, amazing Miami flavor, parks and skyscrapers!


Enjoy dinner full of a great variety of seafood that can be combined with a bottle of your favorite wine or try something new, because in this place there is a fairly large variety of fortified grapes.

Day 2: Walk around the City

Today you go on a familiarization tour of the city to the most interesting places. A whole block painted by graffiti artists, little Cuba in Miami, magnificent installations by contemporary artists. In the evening, you will see the nightlife of the city and check out one of the local nightclubs.

Granier Bakery

So the first day of your unforgettable vacation has come! You can have breakfast both on the veranda and inside the bakery. Do not be afraid of excess calories, today you will burn the calories and food will bring you only a lot of necessary energy.

The Wynwood Walls

Street Art is one of the most popular types of art in our time. It helps artists express their view of the world. This park has collected the work of a huge number of first-class masters from around the world. Add some new and vivid pictures to your collection and gain maximum aesthetic enjoyment here.

Miami Design District

Miami continues to amaze with its beauty and originality, even in ordinary places. And the shopping center is not deprived of the charm of this city, it offers not only a huge number of stores for every taste, but also interesting art projects that can become a good addition to your photo shoot.


It's lunch time. Food is also an art and you can enjoy it under palm trees and umbrellas in the cafe Ella, where everything is combined: beauty, goodness and taste. Vitamin drinks will also give you the necessary energy.

Bayside Marketplace

The next place to visit in Miami is a two-story open-air market in the city center, where original architectural ideas can be traced. It is the most visited tourist attraction. In addition to seasonal promotions, sales and fairs, local music bands perform here, so this is a great place not only for shopping, but also for entertainment.

Calle Ocho Walk of Fame

Walking along the Miami Walk of Fame, you get to the Little Havana area to enjoy the atmosphere of Cuba. This place was built by refugees who fled from Cuba in 1959. In Miami, they recreated a small corner of their home. On the streets you can smell the Cuban cigars, enjoy the tunes of street musicians and drink real Cuban coffee.

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

Have steaks and a variety of meat delicacies for dinner. You can choose the feed on which the calf was raised, as well as the degree of steak doneness, which is important. A glass of red wine is a perfect complement to a wonderful dinner.


It's time to see Miami's nightlife! Party at Barsecco. Everything is very beautiful at this place, from original lighting to cocktails with rosemary. Spend an evening in dance, with like-minded people and delicious strong drinks.

Day 3: Virginia Key Island

Continuing the exploration of the city, you go to the island of Virginia Key to see one of the first US aquariums, take a walk along deserted beaches and meet a stunning sunset overlooking the bay.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

A visit to the villa is one of the most interesting events, because you rarely see half-flooded architectural structures. Imagine you are in underwater city of Atlantis. You can also see magnificent gardens with their symmetric figures and capture the appeal of perfectionism.

Flipper Dolphin Show

One of the very first aquariums in the United States. The main actors here are dolphins. Killer whales perform gymnastic maneuvers like real gymnasts or acrobats. If you buy the front-row tickets, you automatically becomes a part of the performance, because the water is rippling all around.

El Gran Inka Key Biscayne

After getting such an experience, have a snack and on the way to the beach and the lighthouse, there is just the right place. The dishes here are quite simple, but very tasty. The highlight of the menu, of course, is seafood. Shrimp, squid, grilled fish are very delicious.

Cape Florida Lighthouse

Cape Florida Lighthouse is located in a very beautiful place. Its one side is surrounded by dense green vegetation of the Big Baggs Cape Park, the other one by the azure ocean. The observation deck of the lighthouse, which, incidentally, is completely free, offers the magnificent view of the surroundings from above. In addition to the unusual view, the southernmost point of Florida offers having an excellent vacation on a sandy beach.

Rusty Pelican

Enjoy a seafood dinner and have some fun at this place. Dine inside the restaurant with panoramic windows overlooking the bay or choose a table on the street, on the pier, which is decorated with a bunch of light bulbs, creating a more festive atmosphere for further pastime.

Day 4: Florida's Wildlife

Today has a lot of to interest you! Spend the first half of the day exploring alligators and the diverse fauna of the state. Then take a walk in one of the parks, and have dinner in a pleasant restaurant with excellent views of the ocean at the end of the day!

B Bistro + Bakery

You can have breakfast in the cafe at the hotel, or in any nearby bakery. This is a very pleasant place with smiling staff and bright interiors. If you are anxious to hit the road, take coffee and sandwiches, or croissants, and get something later on the road.

Sawgrass Recreation Park

Sawgrass Recreation Park is the place to go for a one-of-a-kind boat tour in the heart of the Everglades in Florida. This is terribly exciting, because you will explore not cute and fluffy pandas, but real alligators. Hands inside the boat! Do not worry about your safety either, an experienced guide will instruct you in detail before departure.

Vita Italian Restaurant and Pizza

After getting a crazy adrenaline rush, enjoy the tranquility and comfort of an Italian restaurant. Giant pizza and pasta of all kinds are perfect here. If you prefer seafood, indulge in mussels that are served here. And after lunch, take desserts, they are also very tasty here.

Tree Tops Park

There are a huge number of rare and interesting plants here. Also, there is a pond with its fauna, where you can rent a catamaran. In the territory of the park there are extremely beautiful and branchy trees, one can build entire houses under their roots. To see them clearly, go along the cobblestone paths that not only go along the grove of trees, but also rise up to the very tops.

Taquiza North Beach

The only thing better than a dinner on the open terrace at a restaurant by the ocean is a dinner with delicious tacos and great cocktails! The choice of fillings for tacos is quite diverse, and the cakes look rather unusual, because they are made from purple corn flour.

Day 5: Coastal Beauties

Today, we slightly dilute the beach vacation, take a ride in the direction of Fort Lauderdale, visit the Museum of Modern Art and dine at the legendary Hard Rock Cafe.


Choose coffee or tea to your taste, because here it is quite diverse, and do not forget about food, breakfast is an important part of the day, we need a lot of energy for coming adventures.

71st Street Beach

Relaxing on the beach is an integral part of life in Miami. Take a dip in warm water, dig a burrow in the sand, or build a castle of it. You can play volleyball and meet new people, or walk along the coast to other beaches and find a place perfect for you.

Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale

NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale is a museum of modern art, where you can see both works by authors who have become classics and the work of our contemporaries. The interior of the building is very minimalistic, and bold and frank art pieces look even more contrasting against the white walls. The courtyard of the museum also looks remarkabl, here you can see the original installations and interesting street art.

Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood FL

Let's rock! Have a lunch at the famous Hard Rock Cafe. This is not just a restaurant, but a whole music museum where you can see the musical instruments of legendary performers, or costumes in which the stars performed on stage. The food here is also fine, especially grilled steaks, and after lunch don't forget to check out the gift shop.

41st Street Beach

After lunch, head back to the beach, today is a day of rest and relaxation. It is always nice to lie on a sand heated by the sun and sunbathe. take a dip in warm water and dive in the waves. Some beaches also offers surfboards to rent.

RedBar Brickell

After such a pleasant and relaxed day spent on the beaches, you need some serious refreshing! Head to the Red Bar. Today's dinner smoothly turn into a party! Enjoy jaunty music, delicious food, a pleasant atmosphere and, possibly, new acquaintances here.

Day 6: Museums, Parks and the Legendary Nightclub!

This night is going to be an unforgettable experience! The last night before departure. Spend the day in the museum and walk in the park, and enjoy an amazing show in the evening! One of the most prestigious and famous nightclubs in Miami!

La Estación Café

This cafe has a very interesting setting, reminiscent of the interiors of the railway station, and its main emblem is a steam train. However, locals and tourists come here not only for unusual interiors, but also for very tasty food. Large portions of excellent dishes allow you to stay full until lunch to enjoy some interesting places in the city.

Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

The museum is a must for visitors. One of the most cutting-edge, combining both a planetarium and an aquarium. The roofs are equipped with mounted observation decks with telescopes, where you can watch the horizon on Biscayne Bay, or the city garden. Enjoy the museum's ongoing exhibits on South Florida's biodiversity, light physics, aviation, and the human mind and body.

Museum Park

After seeing the park from the observation deck of the museum, you need to study it close. This is a historic place named after the former mayor of Miami. There are also a lot of modern installations to take some wonderful pictures with.

Cafe at Books and Books

An interesting place where a bookstore and cafe are next door. Here they combine a love of literature with creative cuisine. The atmosphere of this place is very cozy, which brings like-minded people.

LIV Miami

The atmosphere of this place excites the imagination. Great attention is paid here to lighting and a lot of innovative solutions have been invested in this process. Announcements of events can be found on the nightclub’s official website. The place is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 23:00 pm.

Day 7: Time to Go Home

You've seen the most interesting places in Miami, visited important sights and explored the nightlife of the resort. It is time to go home. Bon Voyage!

Atelier Monnier Brickell

Your final breakfast in Miami. Enjoy the view of the city from the veranda with a cup of coffee or fresh juice. Be sure to eat before a long journey. This bakery sells a lot of sweets that can become a sweet souvenir from sunny Miami, buy a macaron box or chocolate mix for your friends.