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Manors of the Leningrad region

Road Trip Route. Repin House., V. Nabokov dacha, Sculptures on the Gulf of Finland, Feodorovskiy town.

Let's start our short journey in the city, preserving the atmosphere of the 17th century. Then we will move to the workshop of I. Shvartz, remembering the melody from the film "The White Sun of the Desert". We will walk around the villas of V. V. We will walk around the dachas of Nabokov's family and artist I.E. Repin's manor and enjoy the views of the Gulf of Finland. We will see how sculptors saw the city beach in the 60s and find ourselves in the bay where Soviet submarines were fueled.

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Ksenia Beskova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Fyodorovsky small town and workshop. Schwartz.

In the morning we will find ourselves in the 17th century in the wonderful town of Fyodorovsky. After we remember the melodies from Soviet films in the workshop of composer I. Schwartz and go to see the estates where V. Nabokov's family lived and often visited by the writer himself. We will spend the night in a hotel on the Gulf of Finland.

Дом-музей композитора И.Шварца

There are two modest houses on the territory. The first was built for the family, and the composer's widow still lives in it. The second was a workshop. Now it is a museum, where nothing has changed since the death of the musician. Tapes, books, stacks of sheet music and a grand piano. It's funny that this studio is where director Kurosawa lived back in 1979. The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00 to 18:00.

Усадьба Елисеевых в Белогорке

The Eliseevs' estate is a rare Art Nouveau building on the outskirts of St. Petersburg. Inside you can walk around on your own, but nothing at all is left of the interiors. The façade of the main entrance is now decorated with graffiti mixed with references to Russian rock heroes.

У Самсона Вырина

Modest wooden interior. There is a white stove in the center of the facility that warms up with one view. Russian cuisine is on the menu. Prices are as democratic as possible.

Музей-усадьба «Рождествено»

It was here that Nabokov's mother spent her childhood, and he inherited the house together with his uncle's savings. The money was used by the young writer to publish a collection of his poems. At different times the building was a dormitory for students of the veterinary college, a shelter for the German troops, a laboratory, and a school. It is great that now there is a modest museum of V. Nabokov in the manor. The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00. You can sign up for an individual visit through [the Vkontakte app]( To order a tour please call +78137162158

Кирха Св. Иоанна, дер. Губаницы

The Lutheran church adorns a humble village. It is ancient and active. Inside there is even a modest organ, divine services are held on Sundays.

Gazpromneft filling station #74

Ahead of the Gazpromneft filling station. A good reason to make a stop: refuel with quality fuel, drink coffee and just warm up.

The Collection

Stop by a good restaurant in Kingisepp to eat. Visitors especially praise the meat dishes. You can book a table at +7 (813) 752-51-51.

Day 2: The Gulf of Finland and the house of Repin.

There are several stops waiting for us today on the Gulf of Finland. We will visit the bay where Soviet submarines once refueled, wander among the sculptures of the 60s on a sandy beach in the village of Sunny. We will see the house, which was created by the artist IE Repin with his own hands.

Пляж Гарколово

A deserted snow-covered coastline. Rare birch trees stand out among the pine forest. Enjoy the views of the vast Gulf of Finland.

Батарейная бухта

Another hiding place on the south coast. In addition to a fairly clean beach, here you can find a Soviet secret base, where submarines were fueled. Now the place is more like a ruin, on which you can climb and admire the view carefully.


Lunch in Kronstadt. Strong coffee and a variety of desserts.

Якорная площадь

It would be wrong to visit Kronstadt without visiting its main attraction - the Sea Cathedral on Anchor Square

Пенаты / Penaty Museum (Пенаты)

The artist grew a garden here himself, built a gazebo, a well, and rebuilt his house in parts. It was quite a secluded place. Funny tambourine at the entrance to the house to alert the host about the arrival of guests. Repin's workshop occupied the second floor of the veranda. The painter's grave is also within walking distance. Mode of operation: Daily from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (box office closes one hour in advance); Monday and Tuesday are days off. +7 (999) 034-45-53 - phone for booking a tour (daily from 11:00 to 17:00).


You can reserve a table at this cozy restaurant on the Gulf of Finland by calling +7 (812) 432-12-51.