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Manor Beauties of the Leningrad Region

Road Trip Route. Walk around historical estates of the Leningrad region, Take part in interactive tours in museums, Visit the palace and park ensembles of Gatchina, .

The history of the Leningrad Region is incredibly vast and multifaceted, and its territory has preserved a great number of interesting historical monuments and cultural sites. On this trip you will drive through the southeastern part of the region and visit the most significant sights.

History and Culture. From: Saint Petersburg

Alexandr Kosar. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Several excursions in museums of the Leningrad region

Today we will devote a visit to several interesting museums of the region. We will start with a visit to the historic mansion in Vsevolozhsk, and then go south to see the expositions of museums, telling about the events of the siege of Leningrad.

Музей-усадьба «Приютино»

Our trip to cultural and historical attractions of the Leningrad region began with a visit to the literary and art museum estate "Priyutino". Its very extensive exposition includes various memorial and documentary materials. The estate has recreated the original ancient interior.

Музей «Дорога жизни»

The next stop on our trip is a memorial museum called The Road of Life. Its extensive exposition tells about the events that took place in the height of the blockade of Leningrad, when the heroic efforts of Soviet soldiers organized transport communications, which began to supply the city with all necessary things.

Мир маяков (У маяка)

After a fascinating excursion - one of the nearest cafes called World of Beacons. The atmosphere here is quite cosy and welcoming.

Музей-диорама «Прорыв блокады Ленинграда»

Another interesting cultural object, where we are told about the heroic deeds of our soldiers during the blockade of the city, is the Museum-diorama "Breakthrough of the Siege of Leningrad". In particular, here you can find out about the details of Operation Iskra, as well as see various archive footage and many examples of equipment. The interactive part of the museum's exposition deserves great attention as well.

Избушка на курьих ножках в Ульяновке

In Ulyanovsk you can see a real hut on chicken legs. More precisely, not just a hut, but the real office of Baba Yaga - so above the entrance and written! Next to the bench resting cat scientist, and in the corner hid Gorynych. All figures are made of wood by local craftsmen - so they advertise themselves and passing travelers are happy.

Gazpromneft filling station #58

There's a gas station coming up. If you are tired, make a comfortable stop - come for a coffee!


The evening was approaching, when we were approaching Tosno, we decided to have dinner and sleep over. First we went to a small, cozy family cafe Baffo. It serves quite good pizza, various light snacks, as well as various fruit cocktails and other soft drinks.

Day 2: Famous estates of the Leningrad region

Today we are finishing our short journey through the Leningrad region. We are planning to visit several historical estates as well as picturesque park ensembles. We will start in a small town Tosno, and after that we will return to St. Petersburg through Gatchina.

Bistro Pollo

We decided to start the day in a not the most refined, but still pleasant cafe called Bistro Pollo. Here you can quickly and deliciously prepare the usual dishes and snacks, eat pizza, sausages with cheese and salads.

Усадьба Марьино

Between the villages of Andrianovo and Tarasovo there is an incredibly interesting and beautiful historical site - Maryino Estate. It has a rich and very interesting history, and its buildings fascinate with their elegant appearance, as well as tourists are invited to take a horse riding tour throughout the territory. Entrance is paid, but a visit is worth it.

Музей-усадьба «Рождествено»

Next stop for us is another famous manor house - Christmas. Here visitors are invited to learn more about the life of the Russian nobility, as well as the biography of Russian writer Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov, who became the last private owner of this cozy nest.

Cafe Oredezh

After a long excursion we wanted to eat, so on the way back to St. Petersburg we decided to make a small stop in a cozy cafe Oredezh. The menu consists mainly of Italian as well as Japanese cuisine, a large choice of sushi, rolls, pizza and light zkauskas.

Palace Park (Дворцовый парк)

One of the most significant places of rest in the Leningrad region can safely be called the Palace Park. Its picturesque landscape is a real work of art, there are many different art objects in the whole territory, in its waters stretches a whole pleiad of islands connected to each other by small bridges, also in summer you can order a walk on the lake.

Приоратский парк

Another great place to go for a walk in Gatchina is the Priory Park. The central attraction here is the palace of the same name, which in many respects is called a world architectural masterpiece. Perhaps its main feature is the choice of construction material: its walls are entirely made of earth, and this has not affected its appearance in the slightest.


We had dinner at "Nordic" restaurant. The menu includes Scandinavian cuisine, many dishes of fish, seafood, and quite exotic combinations, such as ice cream with white mushrooms or cornflowers.