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Maikop cultural attractions

Road Trip Route. Walk on Friendship Square, Visit Maikop City Park.

This scenario includes visits to the main street attractions of Maikop as well as the National Museum. On the way we will visit the Armenian Church, as well as the "Unbreakable Wall" Orthodox Nunnery. That is why you should have your clothes closed with you. In Maikop we will get acquainted with the local color and see the Cathedral Mosque, which has long been a symbol of the city.

History and Culture. From: Sochi

Yulia Zharkova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: On the way to Maikop.

Today we will stop in Tuapse city and visit the local park. We will also stop in Shahumyan village to visit the Armenian Church. In the evening we will visit the monastery in Absheronsk. These cultural attractions will leave a memorable impression on the trip.

Black Sea Beach (Черноморский пляж)

Our first stop is this picturesque beach. I suggest taking a walk in the fresh air before the long road. The beach is located far away from the village. Here we are guaranteed to relax and gain strength.

Гермес кафе

We finally arrived for lunch. The menu includes Caucasian and European cuisine. There is a barbecue in the restaurant, where many dishes are prepared. Home baked goods are also offered.

Городской Парк

We will definitely visit the local park. It is landscaped so that everyone is comfortable here to rest. The park is equipped with benches. Here you will see a lot of different vegetation. Visitors also praise the fountain very much. Don't forget to take a photo as a memory!

Армянская церковь

On the way, we'll stop to visit an Armenian church. The church is made in traditional style. The land was consecrated in 1992 and the church itself in 1994. There is a monument to the martyrs of genocide in the territory. The church was designed by architect Beglar Agamikhov.

Женский Монастырь Иконы Божьей Матери "Нерушимая Стена"

We'll stop at Absheronsk on the way to Maikop. The main attraction of the city, without which it is impossible to imagine it is the nunnery "Unbreakable Wall". The monastery began to be built in 2001 and has been chronicled since then. The many frescoes within the walls of the monastery make it special and unique.


We arrive in the capital of Adygeya. It's time for dinner. Today we're going to an Adygean restaurant to try it. It serves a traditional dish of breathtaking, as well as other dishes that allow you to get acquainted with the local flavor.

Day 2: Maikop culture and history

We've come a long way to get to this town. So today we will visit the main sights where every tourist should visit. At the beginning of the day we will get up early and visit Friendship Square, where many monuments are located, and find out why it is so called. And in the afternoon we'll take a walk in the Gorky city park. In the middle of the day it will be necessary, despite all the fascination of the city, to go back, as there is a long way to go. On the way back we will walk along the longest plane tree alley and have dinner in Tuapse. Have a nice day and an easy road!

Площадь Дружбы✌

After dinner we will visit the picturesque Friendship Square. Both locals and tourists often come here. This is a memorial complex in honor of the four hundredth anniversary of friendship between the Republic and Russia. It was erected in 1968. There are many monuments devoted to this theme. In 1918 it was the site of the White Guard uprising. At that time the square was called Firewood.

Соборная Мечеть

The cathedral mosque started to be built in April 1999. It was built in record time, in just 18 months. The mosque was built at the expense of Crown Prince Ras al-Khaymah on the project of Abdullah Bersirov.

Национальный Музей

It's a history and ethnographic museum. It was founded back in 1926 in Krasnodar and is dedicated to the culture of Adygeya. Since 1993, the museum began to have a modern name and is located in this building. There are many exhibits of the history and culture of the Republic.

Хайям CLUB

Today we will again visit an oriental restaurant. Stylish interior and cozy atmosphere will forever leave an impression of a trip to the picturesque Maikop. The menu includes pilaf, scones, manty, grilled dishes and so on. You won't stay hungry for sure!

Городской Парк

In the afternoon we will visit the city park of culture and leisure. This remarkable place is decorated with a beautiful fountain in oriental style. There is also a National Theatre building, the Maikop Mound and the monument to Lenin. The park is adjoined by a unique pond, which bears the name of the central city pool.

Платановая аллея

There's a big part of the road behind, time to take a break. To do that, we will visit the legendary plane tree alley. This is the longest plane tree alley in the Krasnodar region. In 1913 these majestic trees were planted here in honor of the Romanov dynasty. The alley is decorated with a picturesque fountain.

Веранда GRILL

On the way back, we're having dinner at the grill restaurant. This restaurant really has a high level and quality that matches the price. Grilled vegetables, kebabs, drinks, fresh fish dishes... All this is recommended by regular visitors.