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Magical landscapes of the Urals

Magical landscapes of the Urals
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The Chelyabinsk Region is a truly unique region of Russia. It hides a lot of amazing places, memorable landscapes and real wonders of nature. In just one day, you can get a complete picture of why this region has such a reputation. The fruits of incredible human labor, as well as the invisible hand of nature have joined together and created truly unique landscapes on this land.
Alexandr Kosar
Alexandr Kosar
  • Visit quarries in the Chelyabinsk Region.
  • Take a walk along the banks of the Ural Bali.
  • Visit an exciting excursion at Kaslinsky Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Take pictures of bizarre boulders on the shore of Lake Allaki.
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Beautiful views north of Chelyabinsk
Day 1304 km

Beautiful views north of Chelyabinsk

This trip is worth focusing on the landscapes for which this region is famous: Marble Quarries, Ural Bali, the big Allaks. In order to have as much time as possible and not to waste time on snacks in cafes, stock up on hot tea in a thermos and a snack.
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