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Living history and uncharted trails

Road Trip Route. Visit the Prophetic Oleg mound., Visit the village of Upper Mandrogi., Walk the eco-trail, Explore Lava River Canyon., .

This family trip will be full of picturesque nature, fresh air and amazing places. You will have to overcome the eco-trail, visit the Prophetic Oleg's Mound, drive to the village of Upper Mandrogi, walk along the canyon of the river Lava and make stops at the ice-breaker, steam locomotive and lighthouse - in this adventure there is a fun activity for everyone, whether you are a lover of history or an active adventurer! Bring paints, pencils and an album, landscapes will open to you in such a way that you will want to draw them! Route developed with support from [Volkswagen Multivan.](

Families with Kids. From: Saint Petersburg

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Village romance

The main stop of the first day of the trip is the legendary village of Upper Mandrogi and its ancient Russian sights. On the way to the village you will also visit the mounds and find the monument to Rurik and Prophetic Oleg near the Old Ladoga fortress. The day promises to be rich and full of impressions. Have a good trip!

Saint Petersburg

Курганы Вещего Олега

Picturesque historical place, from the hills overlooking the Volkhov River. It is said to be the burial place of Prophetic Oleg. If you reach the very bank of the Volkhov River, you can find another interesting place - Tanechkin Cave.

Памятник Рюрику и Вещему Олегу

Be sure to find the oldest monument of the founders of Russia.


We offer to spend lunch in this cozy restaurant. Here you will be offered dishes of home cuisine. Visitors recommend borscht and potatoes in village style.

Мандроги Музей

This is a tourist village, located on the river Svir. Here are collected the best examples of northern architecture, it is worth a close look at each of them. And also here you can relax in ancient Russian traditions - to steam in a bath, to take part in shooting ranges, to go hunting or fishing. Operation mode: 09:00 - 17:30 Attention! Be sure to arrange your arrival by calling the number indicated on the official [site](


A small cafe with a cozy European-style interior. Be sure to try the meat cooked on open fire.

Day 2: Lost trails

The second day of the trip will be dedicated to active walks in the open air, you will walk along the eco-trail, go down to the Lava River, take a photo with a historic steam train, ice-breaker and lighthouse. It's quite intense, isn't it?

Project "Forest Maze"

Start this day with a scenic eco-trail. It is a hiking trail, which is about 1.5 km long and starts at the village of Pasha. Easy level of passing, suitable for anyone along the trail there are signs with information, it is impossible to get off the road.

Памятник Ладожской военной флотилии

The monument is located on the bank of the Volkhov River in Novaya Ladoga. This is a real ship, built in 1900 as an icebreaker and tugboat. For some time the ship sailed under the Finnish flag, but in 1940 it was captured by the Ladoga military flotilla and joined the fleet as a training ship UK-100.

Древняя Ладога

It's time for lunch and some rest. In the menu of this restaurant you will find a large selection of European and Russian dishes.

Исторический паровоз г. Волхова

Do you have a picture of the icebreaker yet? Then it's time to take a picture of the steam train!

Каньон реки Лава

The canyon was formed at the crossing of the river Ordovician ledge. Such landscapes are considered anomalous for the rivers of the North-Western region. The canyon of the river Lava is surrounded by picturesque species, in the local forest belt there are quite rare representatives of flora. The water of a delicate green tint is clay-painted. The banks of the canyon are dotted with centuries-old fossils.

Осиновецкий маяк

Osinovec lighthouse is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful places on the bank of Ladoga. It looks very picturesque, especially if you look at it from the beach - a tall structure surrounded by green pines attracts attention. Here you can take great photos, or even better - to arrange a short captivity party with the whole family and come home not only with new impressions, but also with bright sketches!


Your fascinating journey has come to an end. It's time to finish it with a delicious dinner in this cozy restaurant overlooking Lake Ladoga. Here you can taste homemade dishes.

Saint Petersburg