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Lenin and London: places of "the leader of the world proletariat"

Road Trip Route. To walk in the footsteps of the leader of the proletariat., Find out where Lenin got acquainted with Marx's works., Sit in the legendary pub The Crown Tavern..

On April 22, 1870 Vladimir Ulyanov was born in the city of Simbirsk. Odanko formation of "leader of world proletariat" passed away from Simbirsk province: exactly London has played the basic role in transformation of Lenin in one of the main political figures on a chessboard of XX century. Here it is possible to find both the bust and the memorial board devoted to the well-known revolutionary. And even the pub where Lenin and Stalin once met still exists.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: London

Prepare to travel back a century and see Britain's capital through Vladimir Lenin's eyes. Start by visiting the places where Vladimir Lenin stayed, then head to the British Library, the Islington Museum, the study of Lenin at Karl Marx Library, and finish with a pint or two at the pub where, according to urban legend, Lenin and Stalin once sat.


36 Tavistock Square

Lenin had visited London several times before the revolution. For the first time he visited the British capital in 1902 - together with Nadezhda Krupskaya they settled on 30 Holford square, near King Cross station. Over the past 100 years the area was radically rebuilt, so the square and the house have not survived. But a plaque commemorating the proletariat leader can be found at 36 Tavistock Place - Vladimir Lenin stayed here in 1908.

British Library

Next, head to one of the Leader's favourite places: the British Library. It was here that Lenin was able to read the complete works of Karl Marx.

16 Percy Circus

It is also worth mentioning another memorial plaque to Lenin, which has been erected at 16 Percy Circus. Until 1968, the house where the politician lived in 1905 during his visit to London stood there.

Islington Museum

Another place worth the traveler's attention is the Islington Museum, where one of the exhibits is a bust of Lenin. The memorial complex to the leader of the Bolshevik revolution was created by Berthold Lubetkin in Holford Square and was inaugurated in 1942. However, almost immediately it became a place of pilgrimage not only for British communists. The bust of Lenin was regularly desecrated, and the local authorities even attached a guard to it. After the beginning of the Cold War, the memorial was closed and the bust of Lenin was removed. For many years, the bust was gathering dust in the vault of the Town Hall in Islington, north London. Now it is one of the exhibits of the museum.

Marx Memorial Library & Workers School

Often "Mr. Richter" paid a visit to the publication of Iskra. After escaping from Czarist agents in Munich, the publication settled at 37A Clerkenwell Green, the headquarters of the British Social-Democrats. Harry Clelch, one of the editors of the socialist-oriented weekly Justice, lent Iskra his printing press. A total of 17 issues of the newspaper were published under Lenin's editorship. Today, on the site of the editorial office is the Karl Marx Library, opened for the 50th anniversary of the writer's death: here one can visit Lenin's office, which has survived to this day. In the same library there is also a fresco from 1935 in which a worker, flanked by Lenin, Marx and Engels, breaks the chains and shakes the whole world, burying the capitalists under the ruins.

The Crown Tavern

The end of this short trip is a visit to The Crown Tavern pub, where, according to urban legend, Lenin met Stalin. The owners of the establishment support this theory in every possible way. The pub is in feneiche Clerkenwell (though in early 20th century workers' district was considered one of the poorest in London) and still attracts tourists: the idea to have a pint or two at a table where the leader and the dictator sat is tempting. The idea of having a pint or two at a table where the leader and the dictator sat is tempting, but you'll have to wait until the quarantine is over to see it happen.