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Lenin and London: places of "the leader of the world proletariat"

Lenin and London: places of "the leader of the world proletariat"
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On April 22, 1870 Vladimir Ulyanov was born in the city of Simbirsk. Odanko formation of "leader of world proletariat" passed away from Simbirsk province: exactly London has played the basic role in transformation of Lenin in one of the main political figures on a chessboard of XX century. Here it is possible to find both the bust and the memorial board devoted to the well-known revolutionary. And even the pub where Lenin and Stalin once met still exists.
ZIMA Guide
ZIMA Guide
  • To walk in the footsteps of the leader of the proletariat.
  • Find out where Lenin got acquainted with Marx's works.
  • Sit in the legendary pub The Crown Tavern.

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Prepare to travel back a century and see Britain's capital through Vladimir Lenin's eyes. Start by visiting the places where Vladimir Lenin stayed, then head to the British Library, the Islington Museum, the study of Lenin at Karl Marx Library, and finish with a pint or two at the pub where, according to urban legend, Lenin and Stalin once sat.
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