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Legends of the Shahe

Road Trip Route. Swimming in Dagomyski Korytas..., Hot air balloon flight, Find out all about the Shah River., Horseback riding in the mountains.

This route will please fans of active recreation and beautiful views, people who are not afraid to try something extreme: riding horses, flying in a hot air balloon or swimming in a waterfall. If it suits you, join us! We advise you to take comfortable clothes for outdoor activities and choose a reliable transport, as on this route there are serpentines and rural roads with no asphalt. For example, a crossover, which is equipped with all-wheel drive combined with an automatic gearbox and climate control.

Uninhabited Nature, Active Leisure. From: Sochi

Xena Fedchenkova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Water and air

On the first day of our journey we will take a swim in "Lakes of Love", pass the test of strength, courage and endurance in the park "Solohaul" and admire the beauty of the river Shahe. Be ready for active leisure.

Dagomyskie troughs

The first point of our route will be the Troughs of Dagomys or, as they are called, the Lakes of Love. Picturesque fonts with crystal clear water have become a place of legends. One of them is the belief that it is necessary to take a bath with a loved one to make common desires come true.

Ресторан "Скурия на краю земли"

It is worth visiting this restaurant not only because of its delicious cuisine, but also because of the magnificent view of the mountains and river Shahe. *" Next thing you know, there's an observation deck next to the restaurant.

Solohaul Park

"Solohaul is an open-air park where you can fly over the forest on a ziplane, ride armoured vehicles or raft down a mountain river. You can choose any of the activities, but we advise you to fly in a hot air balloon. Ascent 600 meters from the ground and a flight within an hour with views of the Caucasus Mountains and rivers will give you a feeling of freedom and new emotions. You can have dinner here, having ordered catering in advance, or you can use the gazebo for a barbecue, the main thing is to agree in advance with the organizers. *" Can buy a complex ticket that includes all the park's entertainment. Prices should be clarified in advance on the site.

Day 2: Uniting with flora and fauna

We will continue to admire the beauty of the Shahe River, see its waterfalls and mouth. We will ride horses to feel the spirit of past generations as everyone moved around on horseback. And then we'll finish our journey and eat donuts.

смортровая площадка в Кичмае

Akhintam is a village near Bolshoi Kichmai village with the best views of the Shahe River. The aul was named after the deity of local tribes Akhina, the patron of cattle breeding. It is believed that the name of Mount Akhun was also derived from his name. *" There are tea plantations near the aul where you can go for a tasting

33 Водопада

The 33 waterfalls are one of the most interesting natural attractions of the region, which is recommended for all tour desk visits. This place is a natural monument, because there grows a relict endemic Colchis boxwood with lianas, fern, pontic needle and moss. Also the gorge of the Shahe River is known for the fact that there is a tulip tree, which is more than 750 years old. You can visit it and make a wish under it. *If you don't want to get into a sightseeing time when the waterfalls are full of tourists, we suggest you come before lunch. Do not forget comfortable clothes and non-slip shoes, in summer time - bathing accessories.

Мост через р. Шахе

Perfect place to take a couple of good pictures!


We suggest you visit this cafe. The interior is made in a home style. The portions are large and nourishing, what you need after waterfalls.

Shagdi horseback riding

Everybody's gonna love the ride on horses. Instructors will explain the rules of conduct and safety techniques, after which a tour along the river to the waterfalls will begin. The views are breathtaking. A ride like this will be remembered for a long time. The stables are open until late in the evening, but you need to make an appointment in advance, you can find the phone at [the complex website](http://конныепрогулки.рф). *" We'd advise you to take comfortable clothes for the riding tour.

Пляж Якорная Щель

After the horseback riding we'll stop for a rest on the beach. This time can be useful: to think about how the trip went, what you liked most and where you want to go back.

Сэр Пончикс

A sweet donut snack on the way home will brighten her up and cheer her up!