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Legends of the Shahe

Legends of the Shahe
Starts from



2 Days


By Car


196 km






Sights in NatureActive Leisure
This route will please fans of active recreation and beautiful views, people who are not afraid to try something extreme: riding horses, flying in a hot air balloon or swimming in a waterfall. If it suits you, join us!
We advise you to take comfortable clothes for outdoor activities and choose a reliable transport, as on this route there are serpentines and rural roads with no asphalt. For example, a crossover, which is equipped with all-wheel drive combined with an automatic gearbox and climate control.
Xena Fedchenkova
Xena Fedchenkova
  • Swimming in Dagomyski Korytas.
  • Hot air balloon flight.
  • Find out all about the Shah River.
  • Horseback riding in the mountains.
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Water and air
Day 151 km

Water and air

On the first day of our journey we will take a swim in "Lakes of Love", pass the test of strength, courage and endurance in the park "Solohaul" and admire the beauty of the river Shahe. Be ready for active leisure.
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Uniting with flora and fauna
Day 2145 km

Uniting with flora and fauna

We will continue to admire the beauty of the Shahe River, see its waterfalls and mouth. We will ride horses to feel the spirit of past generations as everyone moved around on horseback. And then we'll finish our journey and eat donuts.
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