Tulip tree. 33 waterfalls. Apiary. Lookout Platform.

Legends of the Falls Valley

The gorge of 33 waterfalls is a very interesting sight, with picturesque scenery and luxurious views. Located in Lazarevsky district of the Sochi region. Picturesque waterfalls and rapids run in boxwood more often, on the trunks of trees can be seen moss thickets, reminiscent of a fairytale forest. The Sochi 33 waterfalls are a series of several waterfalls formed by the Jegosh stream, which is a tributary of the Shahe River. The attraction belongs to the national park and is protected by law.

Legends of the Falls Valley

1 day itinerary by Alisa Ivanchenko - Uninhabited Nature -

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature

Day 1: The legends of the valley.

Today we will spend in the most beautiful places of nature. 33 waterfalls are the most popular route for tourists.
Visiting: Sochi, Loo, Malyy Kichmay, Shakhe, Golovinka