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Legends of the Falls Valley

Road Trip Route. Tulip tree, 33 waterfalls, Apiary, Lookout Platform.

The gorge of 33 waterfalls is a very interesting sight, with picturesque scenery and luxurious views. Located in Lazarevsky district of the Sochi region. Picturesque waterfalls and rapids run in boxwood more often, on the trunks of trees can be seen moss thickets, reminiscent of a fairytale forest. The Sochi 33 waterfalls are a series of several waterfalls formed by the Jegosh stream, which is a tributary of the Shahe River. The attraction belongs to the national park and is protected by law.

Uninhabited Nature. From: Sochi

Alisa Ivanchenko. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: The legends of the valley.

Today we will spend in the most beautiful places of nature. 33 waterfalls are the most popular route for tourists.


Кулинария ВОСТОК

Most of the day will be spent outdoors, which means that you have to stock up on provisions for the day. We'll go to the grocery store, get food that doesn't spoil and plenty of water.

Тюльпанное Дерево

The largest tulip tree in Russia grows on the bank of the Shahe River, delighting all local residents and guests of the village. Tour guides always offer tourists to touch the bark / bypass three times clockwise / hug the trunk and make a wish, implying that the tree will affect its implementation, as it happened to the heroine of an ancient legend, who wanted to marry the evil old prince. The girl came to the tulip tree in the night and wished that this fate would pass her. In the morning, when the poor bride returned home, her parents joyfully allowed her to marry the poor shepherd whom she loved very much.


At the apiary you can taste and buy delicious honey from the Beekeeper's shop. It is better to arrange the excursion in advance by phone, indicated on [site](http://7-sochi.ru/page/Paseka-kontakty).

смортровая площадка в Кичмае

We will stop at the observation deck by the Shahe River and take beautiful photos.

33 Водопада

The waterfalls are located in the mountain gorge of Jegosh tract, 4 km from Bolshoi Kichmay village. They are also called Dzhegosh Waterfalls. The picturesque region is very interesting, so it attracts many tourists. Extreme lovers get a lot of sensations and emotional charge here. There is an ancient legend according to which an evil giant lived in these places and harmed people in every way. People's hero Guch managed to defeat the giant with beehives and his battle sword. When he fell, the giant broke the mountain from which water flowed, forming 33 steps on the slope.

Чайхона Аквалоо

We'll finish the day in a teahouse by the sea. We'll look at the photos and share our impressions.