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    Day 6

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    Death Valley

    Another natural park on the way to the city is Death Valley. You will have a few hours to stroll through the Mojave Desert. Yo can take amazing shots of sand dunes here. For your entertainment, try to find the places where the legendary saga of George Lucas, Star Wars, was filmed.
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    Grocery Store
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    Today is entirely devoted to Death Valley. Before you go to the national park, look in the grocery store to buy plenty of water and food for picnics for the day.
    60.3 mi
    1 hr 10 min
    Death Valley National Park
    11:306 hrs

    Death Valley National Park

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    Death Valley is the largest park in the Mojave Desert area and the hottest place on Earth. Its area is 13,628 sq. km., and stone formations have been existing about 500 million years. The 56.7°C temperature record in the Valley dates to July 10, 1913.
    One of the biggest mysteries of Death Valley is the curious movement of stones and boulders. The movement of the stones remained a mystery, but now scientists believe that it was caused by large but thin areas of ice following the freezing the frosty nights before. There are real sand dunes in Death Valley. Moreover, many of the scenes of the original Star Wars trilogy were filmed right here.
    By the way, the Valley owes its name to the first non-indigenous Americans decided to shortcut through it into the gold mines in 1849: one person out of a hundred people did not reach the final destination, and the rest came out a week later, hungry and dehydrated.
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    Last Kind Words Saloon
    18:001 hr 30 min

    Last Kind Words Saloon

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    Real Amerindian Tacos and more in Death Valley. Large portions, air conditioning in the room. Here you can relax from the heat of the desert and eat some national Native American food.
    Open Hours: Monday - Sunday: 8:00 – 19:00
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