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Kolyvan and Ordynskoye: a journey through old Novosibirsk villages

Kolyvan and Ordynskoye: a journey through old Novosibirsk villages
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This fascinating route is dedicated to two old Novosibirsk settlements - Kolyvan and Ordynsky. Located on the Siberian tract, Kolyvan has long been a lively trading town. At the beginning of the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway, merchants from Kolyvan failed to persuade engineers to pave the way through their town - the "bag of gold" they prepared as a gift did not remedy the situation. The town lost its status and quickly turned into a village; only old merchant houses remind of its rich past today. Township Ordynskoye used to be one of the largest and richest in the Tomsk province. After the construction of the Novosibirsk hydroelectric power plant, part of the territory was flooded, and the buildings were moved to a new place. So began a new page in the history of the village, which has been bustling with life for the past 300 years. Due to the work schedule of the museums, this route is best done on weekdays, but even if you go at the weekend, you will still see a lot of interesting things. Add some winter fun to your wanderings around merchant houses and local museums: sledging, ice skating, playing with charming reindeer, or taking a Russian bathhouse - it will be a weekend to remember for a long time! Be sure to bring food and tea in a thermos - it won't hurt you on the walks and during the journeys!
Marina Selivanova
Marina Selivanova
  • Visit Kolyvan, one of the oldest merchant towns in Siberia.
  • Get your photo taken at a giant accordion in Zavolokonskaya village.
  • Find a place where Siberia was de-facto annexed to Russia.
  • Visit Ordynskoye village, which turned 300 years old.
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Kolyvan, bow cross, Zavolokinskaya village
Day 1207 km692 m

Kolyvan, bow cross, Zavolokinskaya village

In the first half of the day you will visit ancient Kolyvan - the settlement that is called "the failed Novosibirsk". Then the way goes through the old dam on the Tula River to the bow cross - this monument marks the place where Siberia was de-facto annexed to Russia. In the Zavolokinskaya village honour the memory of the founder of the TV show "Play, beloved harmony!", and spend the night in a cozy hotel on the bank of the Orda river.
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Ordynskoye - a village with 300 years of history
Day 2111 km2 km

Ordynskoye - a village with 300 years of history

Start the second day of the trip with a walk around the Ordynskoye village: walk through the snow-covered park and the alley of forgotten villages, visit the local history museum, embrace the Scythian totem stone for good luck. After a hearty lunch, spend a couple of hours at the "Teremki" base: a mini-zoo with deer, skiing, riding behind a motor-scooter - a perfect and fun ending to your trip!
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