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Kolyvan and Ordynskoye: a journey through old Novosibirsk villages

Road Trip Route. Visit Kolyvan, one of the oldest merchant towns in Siberia, Get your photo taken at a giant accordion in Zavolokonskaya village, Find a place where Siberia was de-facto annexed to Russia, Visit Ordynskoye village, which turned 300 years old, .

This fascinating route is dedicated to two old Novosibirsk settlements - Kolyvan and Ordynsky. Located on the Siberian tract, Kolyvan has long been a lively trading town. At the beginning of the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway, merchants from Kolyvan failed to persuade engineers to pave the way through their town - the "bag of gold" they prepared as a gift did not remedy the situation. The town lost its status and quickly turned into a village; only old merchant houses remind of its rich past today. Township Ordynskoye used to be one of the largest and richest in the Tomsk province. After the construction of the Novosibirsk hydroelectric power plant, part of the territory was flooded, and the buildings were moved to a new place. So began a new page in the history of the village, which has been bustling with life for the past 300 years. Due to the work schedule of the museums, this route is best done on weekdays, but even if you go at the weekend, you will still see a lot of interesting things. Add some winter fun to your wanderings around merchant houses and local museums: sledging, ice skating, playing with charming reindeer, or taking a Russian bathhouse - it will be a weekend to remember for a long time! Be sure to bring food and tea in a thermos - it won't hurt you on the walks and during the journeys!

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Kolyvan, bow cross, Zavolokinskaya village

In the first half of the day you will visit ancient Kolyvan - the settlement that is called "the failed Novosibirsk". Then the way goes through the old dam on the Tula River to the bow cross - this monument marks the place where Siberia was de-facto annexed to Russia. In the Zavolokinskaya village honour the memory of the founder of the TV show "Play, beloved harmony!", and spend the night in a cozy hotel on the bank of the Orda river.


Gazprmneft petrol station №134

So, guys, shall we go? Just to avoid any surprises on the way, fill up to the full with quality fuel, inflate the tires, fill up the washer and take a coffee with some healthy snacks! Have a great travel experience!

Kolyvan History Museum

Start exploring Kolyvan with a historical reference. You can get it at the local local history museum. The small exhibition complex introduces the amazing history of the settlement that almost became the capital of Siberia. Here you will find a rare collection of birch bark icons, fossils, military exhibits. You will also learn why Pushkin's great-grandfather came to Kolyvan four times and how such an unusual name of the town appeared. In winter [museum](http://kolyvan-museum.ru/) works Tuesday through Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00 (lunch from 13:00 to 14:00). Sundays and Mondays are weekends.

Sobor Vo Imya Svyatoy Zhivonachal'noy Troitsy

Kolyvan traces its history back to Chauskiy Ostrog, founded back in 1713 to defend the southern borders of the state from Kyrgyz raids. After the ostrog was transferred to a more convenient place in the middle of the XIX century, the construction of the Cathedral of the Life-Giving Trinity began. In Soviet times, the church was partially destroyed and closed. For a long time the building housed the "Pobeda" cinema, and since 1990s the building has housed a clothing market, an insurance company and a medical cooperative. Five years ago the church was restored according to old photos and drawings: a bell tower was added to the building and a large iconostasis was placed inside.


Take a walk along the streets of Kolyvan. Look for the pre-revolutionary second-grade school (45 Revolutionary Avenue) and the stone house of the merchant Minin (Lenin Street, 50). See the house of the merchant Krotkov dated 1900 at the corner of Sovetskaya Street and Revolutionary Avenue. Wonderful example of wooden urban architecture - the house of iron and hardware merchant V. E. Paisov (43 Revolutionary Avenue). Kolyvan is full of surprises for connoisseurs of history and architecture.

Pokrovskiy Aleksandro Nevskiy Zhenskiy Monastyr'

Finally, visit the female Alexander Nevsky Pokrovsky monastery. It was founded in 1992 on the place of the church of St. Alexander Nevsky, which was almost completely destroyed and plundered during the Soviet era. More than 40 nuns live in the monastery, who slowly but surely continue to restore the temple.

Staraya Ges

The reservoir on the Tula River is a small, but still a replica of the Ob River. In 2020 the structure, which was badly damaged during the flood, was reconstructed. The area around the dam is planned to be turned into a recreational area for local residents and visitors.

Memorial cross at the confluence of the Irmen and Ob rivers

At the confluence of the rivers Irmen and Ob in 2014, a monument commemorating the victory of voevoda Andrey Voyeikov's detachment over the Siberian Khan Kuchum was erected. The battle took place in 1598 and had an incredible significance. After Kuchum's expulsion, all the West Siberian nomadic and sedentary tribes swore allegiance to the Russian tsar. And soon the formidable Siberian khanate also collapsed. Thus began the historical process of incorporating Siberia and the Far East into the Russian state.

Chasovnya I Pamyatnik Na Meste Gibeli G.d. Zavolokina

The rest of the daylight hours can be spent in Zavolokinsky village. It owes its appearance to a tragedy: in 2001, Gennady Zavolokin - a famous composer and accordionist, founder and presenter of "Play, my favourite accordion" - died here in a car accident. In memory of the musician a "village" with art-objects - a Russian stove, a huge accordion, a monument to an axe, fairytale characters and even a tree-cycle - was built on the place of his death. You can visit the Zavolokin Museum, which is open all year round, and if you're lucky, you can see murals in the chapel named after St. Gennady Afonsky.


Then the way lies to the recreation base "Ordynka". There is a light and music skating rink, a Russian bathhouse, karaoke. The hotel has a small cafe, where after skating on the rink you can have a snack and drink hot tea. Only hotel rooms are available for accommodation in winter: you can book a room by phone [on the website](https://ordynka-tk.ru/residences/booking-and-payment/). The hotel serves continental breakfasts.

Day 2: Ordynskoye - a village with 300 years of history

Start the second day of the trip with a walk around the Ordynskoye village: walk through the snow-covered park and the alley of forgotten villages, visit the local history museum, embrace the Scythian totem stone for good luck. After a hearty lunch, spend a couple of hours at the "Teremki" base: a mini-zoo with deer, skiing, riding behind a motor-scooter - a perfect and fun ending to your trip!

Lunevka Culture and Recreation Park

Start your morning with a walk through the park, which surrounds the Ordynka Hotel. Sprawling pine trees, fresh frosty air - a great way to cheer up and re-energize for the whole day!

Alley of forgotten villages

In the centre of Ordynsky there is the Alley of Forgotten Villages. There are stone blocks on the huge square - it is a tribute to 56 settlements that have ceased to exist on the territory of the district. The villages were liquidated because of the enlargement of the collective farms, flooded during the construction of the hydropower plant. Some of the villages were abandoned due to their lack of perspective. But after many years the memory of people is still alive. Nearby is the Alley of War Heroes - visit it too.

The Ordyn Historical and Art Museum

You can learn about the history of the village at the Historical and Art Museum. Its collections comprise over 6000 unique exhibits, including a copper cauldron from the period of the Siberian Khanate, a weaving loom from 1886, the remains of prehistoric animals, and much more. Even if you can't make it to the museum, you can still go there and admire the totem stone, a valuable Scythian statue from the IX-VII centuries BC. Where did the Scythians come from in the Ordynsky district is a historical mystery. But it is believed that the stone brings good luck and grants wishes. Due to epidemiological situation the museum can be visited only with the guide and in group not more than 5 people. Visits are from Monday to Friday, from 09.00 to 17.00, by appointment at [website](http://ord-museum.ru/) of the museum. At the weekend, the museum is only open to groups of 10 people or more: at the very least, you can join a group if the tour takes place on a day and time that suits you.


Stop by Café Charlotte for lunch. The menu includes fresh pastries, hearty lunches, rolls, pizzas, burgers - delicious, fast and inexpensive!

Church of the Nativity

Return to the parked car to start to the village of Novy Sharap: here is the charming and unusual Church of the Nativity. The small one-domed church was built in 1999 on the basis of a merchant's shop of the early twentieth century. The previous village church was idle for 70 years, since 1929: the building of the old temple was used as a club house. It is still used as the village cultural centre.

Children's Health Camp "Elektron"

You can spend the rest of the day at the recreation base "Teremki". There is a mini-zoo with spotted deer, ski rental, motorbike ride, children's playground and much more. Entrance costs 300 rubles, for children 150 rubles. Visiting time is from 11:00 to 16:00. You need to call in advance at +7 (383) 222-20-56 or +79061934333 and warn about your arrival. If you want you can reserve sauna, if it's free and guests living on the base don't want to go to it. Information about the sauna is also worth checking on the day of arrival. If the base is at least 50% full, the café is open for dinner. Otherwise you may take a bite in the cafe Prestizh in the village Krasny Yar (15 minutes from "Teremky") or go home for dinner. Rest in "Teremky" will be the perfect conclusion to this informative trip. For more information, check out the official [website](http://teremki-nsk.ru/).