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Katuni Wonders

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Magical nature of the Altai Mountains awaits you. Start your day with sunrise, as winter sunny day is not so long and there are a lot of places to visit ahead. Almost all travels will take place along the Chuysky tract. "There is a tract in Altai - the Chuisky tract - a beautiful, rushing road, like the trail of a scourge whipped through the mountains. All sorts of stories are told, sung and invented about it... It beckons to itself, lures young souls by dangerous craft, fairy tales, marvelous beauty. One should go from Biysk to Inya, at least look down from Chike-Taman pass - and it will become scary, and one will pull to overcome the fear again and see the naked beauty of mountains in the morning, feel the healing coolness of celestial height...", - wrote Vasily Shukshin about the route. National Geographic has stated that Chuysky tract is one of 10 most picturesque roads in the world. Therefore, the road is rightfully considered to be a big attraction and not just a way to get from point to point. The first stop along the way will be Swan Lake, which even in winter does not freeze over. Check out these miraculous creatures, and maybe in one of them you will see the very swan princess from the fairy tale of Tsar Saltan. Following the tract, you will see the Blue Lakes, which also do not freeze in winter and are called "Katun's Eyes" for their deep blue color. Don't forget to tickle your nerves with the passage by the suspension bridge to the island of Patmos, which leads to the Church of St. John the Theologian. Further on you will find another famous place of Altai - "Teeth of the Dragon". At the end of the day you'll spend on the ski track, where you can always rent equipment, if you don't have it with you. During the trip you'll have to walk on foot, so don't forget comfortable waterproof shoes!

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: The first look in "Katuni Eyes"

Today you will spend your day surrounded by swans, make a simple ascent to the waterfall freezing with small diamonds in winter, and of course, do not forget about "Eyes of Katun" - one of the business cards of the region.


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Swans reserve, observation deck

Royal Hunting

"Tsar Hunting" - hotel and restaurant on two banks of the river in the Altai Mountains, with its own suspension bridge. Here you will have lunch, overlooking the river Katun.

Камышлинский водопад

You can walk to Kamyshlinsky Waterfall, which is accessed by a path in a pine forest, with beautiful views of the river and observation platforms. In winter the waterfall freezes and sparkles with a real diamond shine. Hiking isn't difficult enough, but you'll need reliable shoes.

Голубые озера

Blue lakes appeared about 25,000 years ago. They are only available in the autumn and winter, when part of the Katuni riverbed dries up. In winter Blue lakes show their amazing properties - quiet lakes do not freeze even in a 20-degree frost the temperature of water in them keeps about 9 degrees Celsius. And the water is crystal clear, it seems that you can easily reach the bottom with your hand.

Day 2: Natural Beauties of Altai

An active day awaits you with hiking, natural attractions and, finally, alpine skiing. Dress up warmly and enjoy.

Остров Патмос

Patmos is a small island with steep rocky slopes on the Katun River. You can get to the island only by the suspended pedestrian bridge, stretched at a height of about 15 meters above Katun. Note that the bridge swings quite strongly, so you can tickle your nerves while walking on it.

Чемальская ГЭС

There is a small mountain path to the hydropower station, open all year round, which is a great option for morning hiking. But if it's cold or you don't want to waste time, you can go by car.

Слияние Чемала и Катуни

The trail leads to the confluence of two rivers - Chemal and Katun. Enjoy the views, catch the Zen, and after the walk back to your car.

Зубы дракона

It seems to be just rocks that grow out of Katunya, but it's so unusual and they really remind us of the teeth of a fairytale creature - the dragon.

Бирюзовая Катунь

In the tourist complex "Turquoise Katun" you will spend the rest of the day, here you can have a delicious lunch and go skiing. There are 3 well-prepared slopes of different difficulty levels, with a total length of 3.5 kilometers. The height difference is 250 - 300 meters and the width of the slopes is up to 100 meters. The slopes are suitable for both professional and amateur skiers. **The complex works on weekends and holidays from 10 to 18.**

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In the old place.

Not only the car needs refreshment, but also you. A historic restaurant is waiting for you in the town of Biysk, on your way home. You can stop here for a rest, or have a bite to eat on the way.