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Journey to the Gebius Falls

Road Trip Route. Trekking to Gabius Falls, Unique microclimate in Charm Valley, Sunny beaches of Inal Bay, Western Caucasus Mountain Panoramas.

The road to Goebius Falls lies among mountains, picturesque forests and river valleys. So on the way to them we will make a few stops. These places are rich in eco-trails and trekking routes. We will visit a unique foothill glade among oak forests, stop at the clean Black Sea beach, and after visiting the waterfalls and dinner we will stop at the observation deck to take unforgettable photos of the West Caucasus. It is recommended to bring comfortable shoes and clothing for the trails.

Active Leisure. From: Krasnodar

Yulia Zharkova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Unity with nature

Today we leave Krasnodar for an unforgettable journey to nature. The main attraction of this day will be the Goebius waterfalls. And the way to them lies among picturesque forests and fertile valleys, which we will certainly visit on the way back and forth.


The road from Krasnodar to Teshebs is a real gift for lovers of active rest.

Долина Очарования

At the beginning of our trip we will visit one of the many natural places around Hot Key. Charm Valley is a large glade located in the foothills. Its length reaches nine kilometers and width is two. The valley is covered with oak forests. Here reigns a unique microclimate, the air is surprisingly fresh, and from the beautiful panoramas can not be taken away.

Гостиница «Харчевня»

This institution is recommended by most tourists, who often come here by road. This is where we will come after our active outdoor walk. Here you can taste dishes of Russian and European cuisine: soups, okroshka, meat dishes. Also seafood such as mussels is served here.

Пляж Инала

In the afternoon we arrive for rest at Inal Bay. There are many beaches here. This beach is incredibly clean. Visitors note not only its cleanliness, but also the purity of the sea, which is not so often found on the coast. There aren't many tourists on this beach. Even in season. So you can count on silence.

Гебиусские водопады

In the valley of the Teshebs River, near the Don highway, there are the Gebius waterfalls. Teshebs, translated from Adyghe - "golden river". Also waterfalls are called Teshebs or Bigius. Goebius - a mountain peak, located not far from here, formerly called Bigius. In the summertime, visits are paid for. The trail runs in a picturesque forest, along which there are gazebos and souvenir shops. In the right places there are stairs and pedestrian bridges. It's easy to reach the first waterfall on the way without any preparation. After it, climbing becomes harder. To get to the "Grotto" waterfall, which is located among the rocks, you have to walk on slippery rocks. To the waterfalls "Lace" and "The Devil's Jaw" lead special stairs. However, it is dangerous for a large number of tourists to be on the stairs simultaneously. There are 7 waterfalls in total. The highest are the Lace, the Mole and the Devil's Jaw.


Most of our busy day is over and it's time for dinner. That's why we're stopping by the Archipo-Osipovka. This restaurant offers delicious food at reasonable prices. In the menu: fish and seafood dishes, grilled dishes, kebabs, salads, fresh vegetables and much more.

Смотровая Площадка

On the way back, we'll stop at the observation deck. It's a panorama of the Ridge Pass. From here we will see a large part of the Western Caucasus. These are the mountains that make up the Ridge Pass. You can also see the mountains of the Main Caucasian Ridge from here.


There's a memorable day behind. We saw waterfalls and rivers. We took a swim in the Black Sea. We breathed in the fresh air of the oak woods. And lastly, we admired the mountain panorama. The day was spent with health benefits and many positive emotions were received.