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Journey to Taman Peninsula

Road Trip Route. Mud baths of Tizdar volcano, Taman Archaeological Museum, Kazachya Stanitsa Ataman Ethnographic Complex, Lermontov House, Turkish Fountain, Museum of Military Equipment "War Hill", .

A rich and fascinating journey to the Taman Peninsula awaits us. This place, shrouded in legends and legends, is the place where the Zaporozhian Cossacks landed in the XVIII century. We will have a rest on the mud volcano Tizdar and take mud baths. We will visit several museums: Taman Archaeological Museum, Lermontov House, Museum of Military Equipment "Military Hill". We will visit a unique water spring - Turkish Fountain. The main point of the trip will be a visit to the Ethnographic Complex "Cossack Stanitsa Ataman", where we will see how Kuban Cossacks lived, get acquainted with their culture, taste local dishes and here we will be waiting for master classes, game programs and contests!

History and Culture. From: Krasnodar

Eugenia Laputina. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: The way to the Taman Peninsula

On the first day of our trip we will visit Tizdar mud volcano, where we will take mud baths and then swim in the sea. In the evening we will go to the archaeological museum, where we will learn the history of the ancient cities and towns of the Taman Peninsula, see the household items of the inhabitants of those times and much more!


After a long road, we'll stop at the park. We'll take a walk and get some fresh air. In the center of the park there is a fountain and a mini Eiffel Tower. There are also many benches. It's quiet, clean and cozy!

Кафе villa vita

Lunch will be held in a cozy place. The veranda is open in the warm season. The menu offers Russian, Italian and European cuisine. Nice prices, polite staff!

Пляж Тиздар

So we got to the beach. It's time to relax, get some sea air and, of course, swim in the sea. You can also take mud baths of Tizdar volcano here. The territory is well equipped: parking, arbours, storage room, playground, small zoo, souvenir and wine shops. It should be remembered that you can stay in the swimming pool for no longer than 15 minutes and do not forget that this procedure has contraindications. Entrance to the beach is paid.

Археологический музей Ст. Тамань

We learn the history of archeological research and monuments of culture, everyday life and religion, the history of ancient cities-polises of the Taman Peninsula. Here we will see archaeological finds: various household items, tools, jewelry, amulets and cult artifacts. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Пляж Чопика

I suggest we take a walk along the promenade before dinner. Breathe fresh air and enjoy the sea breeze!


It's time for dinner. Dinner will take place in a Greek restaurant. It serves large portions at reasonable prices, accompanied by Fanagorian wines! Bon appetit!

Day 2: Ethnographic complex, Lermontov House, Turkish Fountain, Museum of Military Equipment

On the second day of our trip we will visit the Ethnographic Complex "Cossack Stanitsa Ataman" where we will learn how Kuban Cossacks lived, taste traditional dishes and, of course, participate in the entertainment program. We will visit the Lermontov House Museum, which is dedicated to the period when the poet was in the village on his way to the Caucasus. After the museum we will go to the Turkish Fountain, where there is a unique spring filled with condensate. Also on our way back we will visit the museum of military equipment "Military Hill".

Этнографический Комплекс "Казачья Станица Атамань"

The day will begin with a visit to the ethnographic complex "Ataman". Here you will get acquainted with the culture, customs and traditions, the way of life of Kuban Cossacks in XIX-XX centuries. Here you can taste delicious borsch, vareniki, stuffed cabbage, lard and much more. A lot of attention is paid to the entertainment program. Various master classes are held here: dancing, music, crafts, and a lot of game programs and contests are also held. It'll be fun and atmospheric! Visit to the complex is possible only by appointment, you can fill out an application at [site](

Домик Лермонтова

The house-museum is dedicated to the period of the poet's stay in a village on his way to the Caucasus, where he was exiled for his poem "To the death of the poet". This place is described in one of the chapters "Hero of our time". Here you will see carts, a fishing boat, a well, houses with a straw roof. Entering into the house you will see the interior decoration of the house: bed, chests, table, chairs, icons, spinning wheel and other household items. It will be very interesting and informative!

Турецкий Фонтан

We're going to make a small stop near this interesting object. The fountain is shrouded in many mysteries and legends. The building dates back to the XVI century. When there were problems with water supply on the peninsula, locals actively used the resources of this fountain.


Lunch will take place in an atmospheric restaurant. There is a summer terrace overlooking the river. Here you will taste dishes of European and Caucasian cuisine and specialties from the chef! Bon appetit!

Музей военной техники "Военная Горка"

We'll make a stop at the open-air museum. The museum is dedicated to military equipment during the Second World War. Here you can see combat vehicles: land (tanks, armoured vehicles, guns), air (An-24 plane, fighters), sea (torpedoes, boats, mines). Also in the museum you can see personal belongings, photos, documents of the Red Army soldiers.


It's time to have dinner and rest after the road. The menu offers Italian, Russian and Japanese dishes. Here you can taste delicious pancakes! Pleasant atmosphere and polite staff will decorate your evening!