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Journey to sunny Anapa

Road Trip Route. To see the excavation of ancient Gorgippia., Relax on the beaches of the Black Sea coast, Learn about the sights of Anapa, Have fun in an amusement park., .

In this scenario, I suggest going with my family to the resort city, located on the Black Sea coast - Anapa. During your trip you will definitely enjoy the beautiful nature, rich history, clean sandy beaches and entertainment for every taste! And healing sea air will help to strengthen your immunity!

Families with Kids. From: Krasnodar

Anna Akimenko. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Acquaintance with Anapa: history and sightseeings

On the first day of the trip we will visit the open-air museum "Gorgippia", where we will learn the history of the ancient city, which stood on the site of Anapa more than 2000 years ago. After that, we will have a rest on the best beach of the city, visit its interesting sights and enjoy Georgian cuisine!

Парк Тельмана

On the way to Anapa we will make a small stop in the city of Krymsk, where we will walk through its central park, get some fresh air and go on the road again!

La Veranda

So we made it to sunny Anapa! I suggest you have lunch at an Italian restaurant, the main star and soul of which is Italian chef Paolo Lopolito, who cooks according to ancient recipes he inherited!

Раскопки Древней Горгиппии

I suggest you start your acquaintance with Anapa with the open-air museum "Gorgippia" - it is an ancient city, which stood on the place of modern Anapa more than 2000 years ago. The ancient city was not only a commercial and craft center, but also a border fortress and one of the largest ports of the kingdom! At the moment there are excavations of the ancient Greek city, where you can touch the history and see the remains of houses, cellars, wineries and much more!

Пляж на пионерском

After a fascinating tour of the ancient city, I suggest you relax on one of the best beaches of Anapa, located on Pioneer Avenue. The main convenience of the beach is the entrance to the sea with a smooth increase in depth, as well as the availability of playgrounds for children and fenced area.

Площадь Ленина

The street is one of the most favorite walking areas in the city, both for locals and tourists. Here you will meet the monument to Lenin, "Russian Gate", "Flower Clock" and other sights! In the evenings the street is full of colorful lights and very lively - you can take a ride on rickshaws, eat delicious ice cream and breathe fresh sea air!

Anapa Lighthouse (Анапский маяк)

Anapa Lighthouse is one of the main attractions of the city, it was laid in 1898! There is a lighthouse at the foot of the mountains, and from the high bank there is a beautiful view of the sea, Bald Mountain and Big Utrisht. Be sure to take a couple of photos as a memento!


After the walk we will go to the Georgian cuisine restaurant on the Black Sea coast - "Matsoni". Here you can taste naive khachapuri, taste meat cooked on a barbecue by a chef from Tbilisi and enjoy unique cheeses brought specially for the restaurant from Kakhetia. The institution guarantees hospitality with the soul!

Day 2: Cultural and entertaining program

On the second day of the trip we will walk through the Walnut Grove, visit the fabulous amusement park "Sunny Island", sunbathe on the beach and just enjoy the city!

Ореховая Роща

Today's day will begin with a walk through the "Peanut Grove", which is located right in the center of the city. The air in the park is soaked in roses with a sweet flavor, which is added to the coniferous notes! In summer, the park is buried in rose petals, as there are over six thousand rose bushes!

Парк Аттракционов

Then we will go to the fabulous amusement park "Sunny Island", where there are over a dozen modern attractions for children and adults! Rooms of laughter and fear, roller coasters, inflatable trampolines, jeeps and of course the Ferris wheel - here you can find entertainment for every taste!

Белая шляпа

A large alley passes through the amusement park, in the central part of which there is a sculpture "White Hat", which is an unofficial symbol of the spa town. The idea of creating a sculpture is a symbolic image of a headdress with wide fields, saving from the hot sunlight. Don't forget to take a couple of unusual shots near this place!


It's time for a delicious lunch at the pizzeria Sicily, located right in the city center! It serves European cuisine - salads, hot appetizers, pasta, various desserts and of course pizza, which is presented in the menu in 30 different variations.

Central Beach (Центральный пляж)

In the afternoon we will rest on the central beach of Anapa! In the city resort it is the most popular part of the city coast. Entrance to the beach - free, the beach itself is sandy, and the descent into the water - gentle, which is convenient for children!

Театральная площадь

Take a final stroll through the heart of Anapa, Theatre Square. Here you can buy souvenirs, take a couple of photos and enjoy the performances of street artists!


On the highway to Krasnodar is located a few places for dinner, so I suggest turning to a small town Krymsk, in a cozy restaurant called "Mill". Guests are invited to try European cuisine and delicious desserts, and in the evenings you can enjoy live music!