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Journey to sunny Anapa

Journey to sunny Anapa
Starts from



2 Days


By Car


415 km






Kids Friendly
In this scenario, I suggest going with my family to the resort city, located on the Black Sea coast - Anapa.
During your trip you will definitely enjoy the beautiful nature, rich history, clean sandy beaches and entertainment for every taste! And healing sea air will help to strengthen your immunity!
Anna Akimenko
Anna Akimenko
  • To see the excavation of ancient Gorgippia.
  • Relax on the beaches of the Black Sea coast.
  • Learn about the sights of Anapa.
  • Have fun in an amusement park.
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Acquaintance with Anapa: history and sightseeings
Day 1207 km3 km

Acquaintance with Anapa: history and sightseeings

On the first day of the trip we will visit the open-air museum "Gorgippia", where we will learn the history of the ancient city, which stood on the site of Anapa more than 2000 years ago. After that, we will have a rest on the best beach of the city, visit its interesting sights and enjoy Georgian cuisine!
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Cultural and entertaining program
Day 2208 km605 m

Cultural and entertaining program

On the second day of the trip we will walk through the Walnut Grove, visit the fabulous amusement park "Sunny Island", sunbathe on the beach and just enjoy the city!
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