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Journey to Lotus Valley

Road Trip Route. Lotus Valley, Poseidon Beach and the Sea of Azov, Mud therapeutic baths, .

To find yourself on a boat among real lotuses, to take unforgettable and atmospheric photos, to take curative mud baths, to taste natural Kuban wines... You can do it all in time for the *** weekend! You don't believe it? I suggest we try it!

Families with Kids, Active Leisure. From: Krasnodar

Valeria Azuevskaya. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: From Krasnodar to Anapa!

On the first day of the trip we are waiting for: move from Krasnodar to Anapa, visit the water park and an evening stroll along the Anapa embankment.

Sytyy Kot

The original name of the cafe is so attractive, you can't pass by. Breakfast here is inexpensive, and the variety of dishes will pleasantly surprise you.

Villa Victoria Wineyard

Krasnodar region wines have been very popular recently. So why not visit a private winery on the way to Anapa? Here you can visit the excursion (you should make an appointment in advance), taste both dining rooms and aged wines. Prices and quality are excellent, especially when compared to other wineries that bring groups with tourists. As a pleasant bonus, you can buy several types of cheeses that are made immediately.

Золотой пляж

In the afternoon you can go to the quite famous water park "Golden Beach". After a long journey, relaxing in the water is a great solution!

Пешков Стрит-кафе

There are a lot of restaurants near the water park, but I recommend to visit the "Peshkov Café". Here you will find everything you need for a pleasant dinner - quality service, pleasant interior design, relaxing music, and most importantly - very tasty fettuccini with shrimps and zucchini.

Day 2: Lotus Valley and mud therapy

The second day is as rich in events as the first. We are going to take a boat ride among lotuses, take mud baths and buy the most delicious walnut jam.

Central Beach (Центральный пляж)

A good day should start with good things. Morning warm-up on the beach, and perhaps swimming, will give you strength to do what you want to do.

Долина Лотосов Стоянка

One of the key places of our trip is the Lotus Valley, located in Akhtanizovsky estuary. Leaving the car in the parking lot, you need to get on a boat, which will take us through the Cossack yerik (a special channel dug by the Cossacks) to the thickest lotuses. A little lifefhack for the pictures: It's forbidden to tear lotus flowers, but you can rip its large leaves and make them into hats in the style of Strangers, the photo looks funny 😊. I want to note that the lotus blossom season is from mid July to mid August. So, you should consider this fact when planning your trip!

Dolina Lotosov

Near the parking lot is a cozy dining room with hot food. Here very tasty shish kebab and tea from dried lotus leaves are served. There are also many souvenir pavilions nearby, where you can buy jam from young pine cones, cornel and the most delicious, in my opinion, - from walnuts.

Пляж Посейдон

Half an hour on the road, and we're at Poseidon Beach. This place is remarkable not only for its beach, but also for the mud baths. All the buildings are made in pseudo-Greek style, including the baths themselves, so there are interesting photos. Besides balneotherapy, here you can try lying in a bath with young wine or fresh beer as a bonus. There is a mini-oceanarium, a contact zoo and a tasting room on the beach.

КФХ "Коза Хутор" 🐐

I suggest we stop at an interesting place on the road called "Goat Khutor". The owners of the goat farm can conduct an interesting excursion around their lands, talk about all kinds of cheese and give them a taste. And also it is possible to stroke and be photographed with beautiful and tender animals!


On the way back to Krasnodar, I suggest stopping for dinner in the cafe "Sarov". Friendly owners of the cafe will not leave anyone unattended. A portion of salmon or pork, cooked on fire, with a side dish of young potatoes is large enough, and is inexpensive. This is a great option! Nearby is located Kuban bahcha, where without margins for tourists, you can buy watermelon or melon.