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Journey to Lotus Valley

Journey to Lotus Valley
Starts from



2 Days


By Car


438 km






Kids FriendlyActive Leisure
To find yourself on a boat among real lotuses, to take unforgettable and atmospheric photos, to take curative mud baths, to taste natural Kuban wines...
You can do it all in time for the weekend! You don't believe it? I suggest we try it!
Valeria Azuevskaya
Valeria Azuevskaya
Travel Expert
  • Lotus Valley.
  • Poseidon Beach and the Sea of Azov.
  • Mud therapeutic baths.
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Travel Itinerary

From Krasnodar to Anapa!
Day 1185 km161 m

From Krasnodar to Anapa!

On the first day of the trip we are waiting for: move from Krasnodar to Anapa, visit the water park and an evening stroll along the Anapa embankment.
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Lotus Valley and mud therapy
Day 2253 km495 m

Lotus Valley and mud therapy

The second day is as rich in events as the first. We are going to take a boat ride among lotuses, take mud baths and buy the most delicious walnut jam.
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