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Journey to Krasnodar

Road Trip Route. Botanical Garden, Krasnodar State Historical and Archaeological Museum, Flower Clock.

Have you ever been to Krasnodar? Krasnodar is considered the historical capital of Kuban and the regional center in the south of Russia, a symbolic "gate" of the Caucasus. The city is located in the valley of the Kuban River and is about 150 km away from the Black and Azov Seas. Visit the Krasnodar Museum of History, the Botanical Garden, the picturesque park of Krasnodar and the Flower Clock.

Active Leisure. From: Sochi

Tatiana Mumleva. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: The road to Krasnodar.

On the way to Krasnodar you will visit Volkonskoe Gorge and Kiselev Rock. In Krasnodar you will have time to walk in the park and see the monument to Catherine the Great.

Волконское Ущелье

Let's go to Krasnodar. Along the hill we'll visit Volkonskoe Gorge - a real open-air museum and the most visited place in Lazarevsky district.

пляж @ скала Киселёва

On the way we will also visit Kiselev Rock, which became famous for the film "The Diamond Hand". Here you can see a beautiful view and get wonderful photos.


For lunch we stop by the restaurant "Harchevnya". Service at the institution is at the highest level, all sorts of dishes are served to any taste. Then we go straight to Krasnodar.

Парк «Краснодар»

First thing we'll do is take a walk in the beautiful park. This park is considered the best in Krasnodar. The grandiose recreation area takes up space near the stadium of the local football club.

Екатерининский сквер

The monument to Catherine II was established in 1907 and destroyed during the Civil War in 1920. In 2006, the monument was restored and reopened.


We'll stop by the T-Cafe for dinner. Interesting interior and multilevel space leave pleasant impressions. The cuisine is at the highest level.

Day 2: Back to Sochi.

Today you will visit the Botanical Garden of Krasnodar, Krasnodar Historical and Archeological Museum and see a flower clock. On the way home you'll stroll along the wild Tuapse beach.


We'll stop by the Chaikoff coffee shop for breakfast. Here you can order delicious sandwiches and milkshakes. The institution is very cozy, polite service.

Ботанический сад КубГАУ им. И. С. Косенко

After breakfast, we stop by the Botanical Garden. It appeared in 1959 on the territory of the Kuban State Agricultural Institute and still remains one of the most visited places in Krasnodar.

Цветочные часы

The Krasnodar Flower Clock - the third largest after the similar ones in Moscow and St. Petersburg - was opened in 2007. You should look at such a beautiful sight.

Краснодарский Государственный историко-археологический музей-заповедник им. Е.Д. Фелицына

The last place we will visit in Krasnodar is the State Historical and Archaeological Museum. The museum was founded by Evgeny Felitsyn in 1879 and is considered one of the first in the North Caucasus. Here you can see a collection of ancient fossils, look at the miniature reconstructed peasant life and immerse yourself in the works of local artists. *" Pay attention, the museum is closed on Monday.


For lunch we stop by the restaurant "Cossacks". The institution is very cozy, consists of an estate with the owner's house, arbours and a watchtower. Very tasty cuisine, polite staff.

Дикий пляж, Туапсе

On the way we'll visit the wild beach in Tuapse. Wild beaches in Tuapse are especially picturesque. It is always a remote area surrounded by rocks and mountain ranges.

Кафе "Сухум"

For dinner we stop by the cafe "Sukhum". Big and tasty portions are inexpensive. Very tasty dishes are prepared on the grill, as well as specialty lavash. On this trip comes to an end. I'm sure it's been two days of intense and fascinating.