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Journey to Kazachy Ataman Stanitsa

Road Trip Route. Temryuk Bay, Chateau Tamagne, Fanagoria Fortress Suvorova, Hermonassa, Tamani Archaeological Museum, Temple of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Turkish Fountain, Lermontov House-Museum, Tmutarakan, Taman Gorod, Kazachya Stanitsa Ataman Ethnographic Complex.

Historical Stanitsa Taman is located on the Taman Peninsula, 200 kilometers from the regional center. The city was founded by the Greeks more than two and a half thousand years ago and is recognized as one of the first ancient settlements of modern Russia. The peninsula is washed by two seas at once - Azov and Black. The combination of the purest sandy beaches of the peninsula and 300 sunny days a year make Taman a magnificent themed resort. Connoisseurs of active and cultural leisure will not be left without impressions as well.

History and Culture, Active Leisure. From: Krasnodar

Матвей Тимофеев. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1:

On the first day we will see the Azov Sea, visit all the main historical sights of Taman, and even buy local Taman wine!

Курчанский лиман

It's worth stopping and taking a break after a long journey. Before us there is the Sea of Azov!

Кафе villa vita

It's lunchtime. The local national cuisine is very tasty at Villa Vita. Elegant serving, decoration, original earthenware, beautiful interior.

Темрюкский Залив

It's also worth a walk on the Temryuk Bay. The main branch of the river Kuban flows into the gulf, near a mouth - shallow estuaries Kurchansky and Akhtanizovsky.

Chateau Tamagne

"Chateau Taman embodies the premium line of wines from the Ariant holding company, which also includes Kuban-Vino. In the picturesque area at the entrance to Taman you can find a factory, a brand shop and a chapel. Excellent wines at a reasonable price. Very tasty. Everyone will find a wine to their liking and a wallet.

Фанагорийская Крепость Суворова

Historical place, important to visit. Fanagoria Fortress is a monument of military history. It was erected by order of Suvorov to oppose the Turks, the construction was completed in 1794. Generalissimo himself visited Taman four times. To date, only the ramparts overgrown with grass have survived: the fortress was destroyed during the Crimean campaign and was no longer restored. Satellite images show the original shape of the fortification - in the form of a star. A memorial was erected on the site of the fortress: there are busts of Suvorov and Ushakov. Opposite the fortress there is a tasting room "Chateau Taman" and a grape processing plant, as well as Ushakov Chapel - the admiral was declared a saint.

Храм Покрова Пресвятой Богородицы

The Church of the Protection of the Holy Mary in Taman was founded in 1793 by the first Cossacks who came to Taman. The shape of the church identifies a ship sailing to the Kingdom of Heaven. The temple is surrounded on three sides by columns and topped by a tower in the form of a lantern. Services in the Holy Protection Church were also held during the Soviet era. The temple was visited at different times: A.V. Suvorov, A.S. Pushkin, M.Yu. Lermontov, St. Ignatius of the Holy Protection of the Mother of God Church received special attention. In autumn 2011, a bell weighing 350 kg was erected on the bell tower of the temple; this event took place thanks to the help of the Kuban Cossack troops.

Турецкий Фонтан

The only condensation water source in Russia that was laid down over 400 years ago during the Ottoman domination of the Taman Peninsula. It is a small stone structure with a niche in the floor for a set of water - delicious and good for thirst quenching. The unique design of the spring allows the water to appear among the hot sands even in the hottest summer. Only at the end of XX century the principle of the fountain was studied by hydrologists. Pottery pipes were laid deep in the sand from the water source. In addition, ceramic pipes have the ability to condense rainwater from the sand. Therefore, it is better to visit the spring after a heavy rainfall.


Dinner is served in the restaurant of ethnic Greek cuisine "Phanagoria", located near the historical center "Hermonassa-Taman". Great place, wide choice of salads, gyros, pizza and hot dishes. Magnificent strudel, very delicious pasta. It's nice to sit on the veranda, there are seats even at peak, seemingly lunch and evening hours.

Day 2: In the footsteps of Lermontov.

The last day will be no less interesting and intense. We will visit the legendary house-museum of the great Michael Yurievich Lermontov, visit the ancient archipelago of Hermonassus, Tmutarakan and Taman settlement, as well as learn the life of ancient Cossacks in the Etymographic complex "Cossack Stanitsa".

Домик Лермонтова

The museum consists of two reconstructed earthenware buildings with a fisherman's yard, a chicken coop and a boat. The first building is an exact copy of the house in which Russian writer Mikhail Lermontov created in 1837. Here he wrote the novel "Taman" and found people whose prototypes were embodied in the characters of the novel "Hero of our time". In the second hut there is an exposition with drafts, documents and pictures of Lermontov's pen. The interior decoration is made in the spirit of simple Cossack life of the early XIX century. For a small surcharge the group of 5 people will have a tour of the museum complex. The museum is closed on Monday.


The Hermonassa-Tmutarakan Taman settlement is one of the unique archaeological monuments in the Russian Federation. It is the only hill fort where life has been uninterrupted for more than two thousand years - since the foundation of a Greek colony here in the first half of the VI century BC and up to now. During this time the town of Hermonassa-Tmutarakan has changed its name many times. The archeological complex is closed on Mondays.


Continuation of the ancient settlement complex. The monuments of archeology contain the most important historical information. And about the times so remote, about which other sources are silent. Therefore it is necessary to protect them twice!

Форт Апатур

I offer lunch at Fort Apatour Restaurant. There is a wide choice of Caucasian and Greek cuisine and drinks, as well as a diet menu and a large selection of tips. Wine list is diverse, at reasonable prices.

Таманское городище (Гермонасса - Тмутаракань)

There are always many tourists in this place. And that's why. If, being in the territory of an ancient city, go down, then you find yourself in different ancient eras. If you take a step down, you can find yourself in the XVII century. One more step down - and you in XII and XIII centuries, before you are Tmutarakan, the most ancient huge amphorae and quevri, sticking out of the ground. Going down even lower, you will find yourself in X and XI centuries, and you will see two-chamber kilns for firing ceramics, outlined by masonry yards. Even lower - V-VIII centuries. And so, about 15 meters from the surface - down.

Этнографический Комплекс "Казачья Станица Атамань"

On the territory of more than 60 hectares, a real Cossack village with huts, backyards and workshops was recreated. Genuine tools of work and everyday life complement the historical reconstruction of each house. For an additional fee you can buy a sightseeing ticket and visit the thematic huts of the complex. In the blacksmith's house you will be told about the secrets of blacksmithing and even given to take part in forging a real horseshoe. In Kharchevna you can taste original Kuban dishes, as well as a master class on making pancakes and cakes. The acquaintance with traditional rites and song folklore of Cossacks can be continued by ordering an excursion to a concert of the local folk ensemble. Active rest will be provided by a climbing wall, volleyball ground and an obstacle course. After an intense excursion into the history of Tamani's dresneys, it's time to get on the road!

Кафе " Три Шампура"

On the way to Krasnodar, we need to stop for a refreshment. "Three Shampoos" offers a wide range of kebabs, cherries and other meat dishes. There is also a vegetarian menu. I recommend ordering beef entrecote with tkemali sauce.