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Journey to Kazachy Ataman Stanitsa

Journey to Kazachy Ataman Stanitsa
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2 Days


By Car


475 km






History and CultureActive Leisure
Historical Stanitsa Taman is located on the Taman Peninsula, 200 kilometers from the regional center. The city was founded by the Greeks more than two and a half thousand years ago and is recognized as one of the first ancient settlements of modern Russia. The peninsula is washed by two seas at once - Azov and Black. The combination of the purest sandy beaches of the peninsula and 300 sunny days a year make Taman a magnificent themed resort. Connoisseurs of active and cultural leisure will not be left without impressions as well.
Матвей Тимофеев
Матвей Тимофеев
  • Temryuk Bay.
  • Chateau Tamagne.
  • Fanagoria Fortress Suvorova.
  • Hermonassa.
  • Tamani Archaeological Museum.
  • Temple of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • Turkish Fountain.
  • Lermontov House-Museum.
  • Tmutarakan.
  • Taman Gorod.
  • Kazachya Stanitsa Ataman Ethnographic Complex.
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Day 1229 km1 km

On the first day we will see the Azov Sea, visit all the main historical sights of Taman, and even buy local Taman wine!
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In the footsteps of Lermontov.
Day 2246 km

In the footsteps of Lermontov.

The last day will be no less interesting and intense. We will visit the legendary house-museum of the great Michael Yurievich Lermontov, visit the ancient archipelago of Hermonassus, Tmutarakan and Taman settlement, as well as learn the life of ancient Cossacks in the Etymographic complex "Cossack Stanitsa".
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