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Journey to Gelendzhik

Journey to Gelendzhik
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2 Days


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589 km






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Gelendzhik is one of the most popular resorts in Russia. It is not surprising, because the always sunny and hospitable Gelendzhik is at the crossroads of sea and fresh mountain climate. Over 5 million tourists from all over Russia come here every year.
Arriving in this city, you will find yourself in an unforgettable fairy tale, and the diverse, rare vegetation - pine and juniper groves, pizza pine, which is not found anywhere else, and oak forests, combined with sea salty air create special conditions that favorably affect the health of each guest of the city.
Матвей Тимофеев
Матвей Тимофеев
  • Chemitokwaje Beach.
  • Inala Beach.
  • Dolmen Health.
  • Dolmens of Gelendzhik.
  • Barrel beacon.
  • Platanic Alley.
  • Beach Primorye.
  • Krasnaya Talka Beach.
  • Lookout Platform Olympus.
  • "630 meters above sea level.".
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Along the coast
Day 1290 km

Along the coast

On the first day, on our way to Gelendzhik, we will stop at two of the best beaches on the Black Sea coast. In the evening we will see historical dolmens, and in the late evening, upon arrival in Gelendzhik we will walk to the central Storage Lighthouse, have dinner and check in at the hotel.
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Day 2299 km3 km

The last day will be dedicated to visiting the main central attractions of Gelendzhik, as well as to visiting the observation platforms in the mountains and cable cars to get acquainted with the relief of the city.
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