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Journey to Chekhov and Melikhovo

Road Trip Route. Visit Melikhovo Estate., Try the best soups in Chekhov, Learn new facts about A.S. Pushkin..

There are many places in the Moscow region that can be reached in less than one and a half hours. For example, the estate in Melikhovo, where Russian writer Anton Chekhov lived and worked, or the city of Chekhov, where the museum estate "Lopasnya-Zachatayevskoe" is located. On this trip we will visit not only these places, but also other, no less interesting ones. **Join us!

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Xena Fedchenkova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: To visit Pushkin and Chekhov.

Today we will visit the estate of A.P. Chekhov in Melikhovo, after which we will go to the city of Chekhov. There we'll learn all about the house where A.S. Pushkin was.


Gazpromneft filling station #195

The journey begins! For a smooth trip, we recommend stopping at a gas station - fill a full tank of quality fuel, pump up the tires, buy aromatic coffee and snacks on the road.

Пончики и Блинчики

We'll stop for breakfast on the way. The cafe has more delicious pancakes with different fillings. You're certainly not going to go hungry!

Музей-заповедник А. П. Чехова "Мелихово"

In the estate Melikhovo AP Chekhov lived seven years, from 1892 to 1899. During this time he created 42 works: plays "Uncle Vanya" and "The Seagull", stories and novels "Ward number 6", "Sakhalin Island", "House with a mezzanine", "My Life", "Man in a Case", "Gooseberry", "About Love", "Men" and others. *" You'll learn about the life of a great writer on a tour. It's better to make a reservation by phone in advance. The museum is closed on Monday.

Музей Писем Чехова

The museum is located in the former branch of the postal telegraph . The exhibition "History of postal business in Lopasna", which we recommend you to visit, tells you about the history of its creation, internal structure and work. *" The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday

Кузница A&C

We will have lunch at the restaurant "Smithy A&S", where the best soups in town are served.

Усадьба «Лопасня-Зачатьевское»

The museum exposition is devoted to the history of the Vasilchikovs, Pushkin, Lansky and Goncharovs families, their life and leisure, their contribution to the history and culture of Russia.

Анно-Зачатьевская Церковь

The manor complex includes the Church of the Conception of Righteous Anna, which houses the necropolis of the descendants of Alexander Pushkin: the eldest son of Alexander Pushkin, his wife Sophia Alexandrovna, their sons, granddaughter Sophia Pavlovna Vorontsova-Velyaminova.

Городской парк культуры и отдыха

There is a park near the estate. There you can enjoy nature and feed your appetite before dinner.

Piu Del Cibo

Before going home we will have dinner in a cafe with European cuisine. And afterwards we hit the road straight away. If you want something more interesting, there is a craft brewery in the same building, so travellers who are not driving can indulge in a foamy beverage.


We hope you had fun spending this day in the Moscow region!