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Journey Through the Wonders of Nature - North and South Dakota

Road Trip Route. We're gonna be spending a lot of time outdoors, Watch the bison in their natural environment, We'll visit the famous Mount Rushmore, .

Tired of the eternal hustle and bustle of metropolitan areas, my friends and I decided to go on a trip to places where nature prevails over man. We started our journey in North Dakota, which amazes with its variety of natural landscapes, and then moved to the south. We've never regretted that we chose this particular direction. Each of us has made pleasant discoveries for ourselves, we are all absolutely different, so the trip turned out to be a rich one: visiting museums, watching bisons in the wild, visiting national parks. We've seen some of the most notorious street sculptures and learned more about the history and indigenous people of North and South Dakota.

Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture. From: Fargo

Gvenet Bloom. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: First acquaintance with North Dakota

An evening walk in the park, dinner and a dream in anticipation of tomorrow

Lindenwood Park

The first thing we wanted to do was stretch our legs, take a couple of photos together, which will testify to the beginning of our journey. We chose Lindenwood Park for this purpose, where the locals love to spend their time, as the atmosphere is calm and tranquil.


After a little appetite, we went to a pre-selected restaurant. The choice turned out to be successful, here delicious seafood and beautiful serving of dishes. We also made ourselves happy with desserts. Crème brûlée with peaches is just something!

Day 2: Closer to nature

The first full day was devoted to acquaintance with the culture of the region in its various manifestations: from painting to watching bison. A day full of contrasts and new emotions.

The Shack

What could be better than a breakfast in the best American tradition on an interesting journey through your beautiful country? That's right, we thought it was okay to go to that cafe, too. The visit turned out to be a real pleasure, not only did they have a great meal, but they also nostalgia. We took food with us for lunch in the countryside, and the next meal is scheduled for dinner only.

Plains Art Museum

On a well-fed stomach the most pleasant thing - to get knowledge, we went to the Museum of Art, where an unusual exposition, which reflects the American culture in the most unexpected aspects and colors. An abundance of colorful paintings charged us with a great mood and each of us even had a favorite work from the presented in this museum. I wonder if you're getting any work done.

World's Largest Buffalo

Before visiting the wildlife sanctuary, I insisted that we stop by to see the largest statue of bison in the country. I really wanted a couple of pictures in front of this miracle.

National Buffalo Museum

Finally, we went to get acquainted with the unique animals living nowadays - North American buffalo. Most recently, and if so on May 9, 2016, the animal was recognized as an official United States National Mammal. It is believed that the bison came to the U.S. from Central Asia through the ice-covered Bering Strait during the last Ice Age. Isn't it amazing?

North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum

Inspired by the first museum, we decided to continue to study the history and nature of North Dakota and went to the North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum. This is a very different world, a very different story, looking at the remains of giant creatures that once inhabited these lands, you go far back in time, the imagination begins to paint colorful pictures and in the end you realize all the greatness of the cycle of life. This museum is a real treasure for those who like to study prehistoric creatures.

Blarney Stone Pub

It is an excellent place for dinner, as the menu includes a wide variety of dishes and drinks, many types of beer on tap, in general, there is something to choose from. The portions are worthy and after a walk through the museums and watching the bisons, we were glad to relax in this pub.

Day 3: The realm of nature

This day was almost entirely devoted to outdoor recreation and rejuvenation in nature. We've had incredible views and pleasant discoveries.

Bearscat Bakehouse

Breakfast in a nice bakery with massive wooden tables and very tasty doughnuts. There are also classical variants, for example, with chocolate or strawberry glaze, or very unusual, where salty cookies are used as a topping. The last one I liked very much, I even took coffee and some doughnuts with me.

Dakota Zoo

After breakfast we went to the local zoo - not very big, but quite interesting. Here we saw the big bison and other animals again: bears, raccoons and even alligators. Next to the zoo there is also an amusement park, they are of course more child-friendly, but adults will also have something to do here, at least we had a good time there.

HuHot Mongolian Grill

Very unusual place with Asian cuisine. Almost all dishes are cooked on the so-called Mongolian grill, a huge metal disk, and all additional ingredients for noodles or rice can be chosen by yourself. There are quite a lot of fillers, so everyone will find something to their liking, even those who like meat dishes or fish, even those who have chosen vegetarianism.

Sweet Briar Lake

It's no coincidence that this lake was repeatedly printed on postcards. We stopped here and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and took pictures.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The best place to enjoy the wildlife, breathe in the fresh air and take a long hike. The expanses of this national park are forever imprinted in my memory. It's so beautiful here that you don't even want to take pictures, you just want to enjoy every moment.

El Sombrero

This time we decided to diversify our diet: we chose a Mexican restaurant. Wonderful, large portions of delicious food and Mexican flavor with a characteristic hospitality perfectly complemented our evening.

Day 4: Human ingenuity

The fourth day has brought truly amazing discoveries - a man can coexist with nature in harmony and the evidence of this is the numerous sculptures that we saw on the way and during a walk in the park.

Dunn Brothers Coffee

We decided to start the day in a nice café, and our attention was attracted by Dunn Brothers Coffee, where we found a suitable table for the company to accommodate six people. Tasty coffee and a hearty breakfast, which can be collected by yourself, are the best suited to recharge the energy for the next trip. We also brought sandwiches and drinks on the road, because our plan was to have the next meal only in the evening.

The Enchanted Highway

An invitation to see sculptures of scrap metal came from a friend of mine, at first I was skeptical, but still we went to get acquainted with this work of man. In the end, I was very glad I said yes. We liked all the sculptures without exception. We enjoyed the fresh air, had a snack, took a lot of funny pictures and learned more about the author of these interesting sculptures - Gary Greffe, who wanted to save his town from "extinction" and attract tourists, which is why he came up with such an unusual way.

Garrison Dam

Here on the dam you can see how the creation of progress is confronted with the primordial nature. Here, the Missouri River appears in all its glory, the power and power of the water flow is visible. I thought I was the only one who had the creeps, but later my friends confessed that they were also excited during the walk.

Scandinavian Heritage Park

A walk in this park is definitely a nice and useful one in one bottle. We have plunged into the history of this place thanks to small houses and other interesting buildings, learned about local skiers and just enjoyed the pleasant views. The paths in the park are very picturesque, then the pond, then the waterfall on the way will get caught, and pulls everywhere to be photographed.

LongHorn Steakhouse

Our day came to an end, we were overwhelmed with positive emotions and the only thing left was a good meal, so we chose LongHorn Steakhouse. The restaurant is next to the park. The place is quite popular, there are a lot of visitors, so we had to wait for the order, but the waiting was worth it, everyone liked the selected dishes, everyone was fed up and satisfied.

Day 5: Trees everywhere

We walked along the fort, presented ourselves as soldiers in the midst of a battle and barricaded ourselves behind solid wooden fortifications, and then enjoyed strange sculptures made of wood and other materials in the open air museum.

Panera Bread

We had a hearty breakfast in the morning, filled up with energy while enjoying breakfast, discussed the plans for several days and took food with us today.

Fort Mandan

When you watch a historical film, you often see wooden fortresses, I finally saw such a fortress alive. Very interesting place from a historical point of view. The guys even fooled around a little, played war, so much happiness, so much happiness.

Salem Sue - World's Largest Holstein Cow

We have already seen the sculpture of the biggest bison and decided to see the biggest cow sculpture. That's impressive.

Petrified Wood Park & Museum

This park museum is probably one of the most unusual places I've ever visited. The original sculptures, absolutely unlike anything else, leave an indelible impression. Besides, it all looks so natural that it seems like we've moved to a completely different world.

Slim Buttes

Another great place for hiking and the opportunity to be closer to nature. In September 1876, a battle took place here, which is forever written in history - the battle between the U.S. Army and the indigenous people of Sioux.

Geographic Center of the Nation Monument

A place to be visited by everyone who travels through South Dakota. How do you miss the opportunity to stand at the geographical centre of the nation?

Steerfish Steak & Smoke

Finished the day at the steakhouse. Although the institution specializes in meat dishes and smoked meats, the menu is quite diverse. Good service, we had a great evening at the dinner table, exchanging impressions at the same time.

Day 6: The presidents see everything

Dedicated a day's walk in nature, felt like a treasure hunter and climbed to the most famous mountain in the U.S.

Latchstring Restaurant

We chose this place because of the view from the window and we didn't miss it. Tasty fresh food and a beautiful view are the best way to start the day. We'll take the food again to have a picnic in the countryside.

Spearfish Canyon

After breakfast we went to the waterfall. This place is incredibly picturesque. You can hear the water murmuring here, each of us felt differently in this place, but everyone admitted that they felt calm.

Custer State Park

Have you seen the movie "Treasures of the Nation: A Book of Secrets"? If yes, you can find out some views, because the main character of this movie has travelled here. You can feel like a real treasure hunter! If you haven't seen this movie, you'll probably want to see it after visiting this beautiful place.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

So we've reached today's main destination. The world-famous memorial, which is highlighted in countless films and has gone down in U.S. history forever. Of course, the giant portraits of the presidents look impressive, but no less impressive is the nature park itself, where Rushmore is located - mountain peaks, hills and wooded terrain simply fascinate.

Wall Drug Cafe

Did you get hungry? We are! A lot of people who've been to this cafe before us are recommending a taste of fried beef. We've decided to follow their advice, and now we advise you to do the same. By the way, the cafe itself is a great place for funny photos, sculptures at the entrance will not leave you indifferent.

Day 7: Lethal weapons and prairies

Today, we continue to enjoy the fickle nature of South Dakota. Well, who hasn't heard of prairie? It's a real natural symbol of America! We also visit a museum where weapons that have never been and will never be used are stored.

Red Rock Restaurant

It's a colorful place, we liked it. Eat your meal with pleasure, and we're on our way. Please, if you follow our route, do not forget to take food with you on the road!

Canyon Lake Park

A peaceful and nice place to take a walk after breakfast and breathe clean air. Very clean and beautiful, neat paths, bridges, a lot of ducks and other birds. I wanted to stay here longer, but we have big plans for today, so it's time to move forward.

Badlands National Park

The variety of patterns that adorn the mountains, striking its uniqueness, you can always look at the mountains. A good place to take a lot of beautiful shots and touch the pristine nature.

Delta-09 Minuteman II Missile Silo

This monument cannot be missed, as it is not just a local landmark, it is a reminder of the Cold War and a great visual guide to the history of the country. Next to the rocket there are information stands, where you can find information about the historical period as a whole. Pretty informative and instructive.

Buffalo Gap National Grassland

This park has the most beautiful views of the prairie! There's no other place like this on the whole globe. Did you miss the buffalo in time? We are, yes! We were lucky, and while we were admiring the prairies, the buffalo came to eat the grass. We hope you're as lucky as we are!

Sunset Grill

Dinner time! There are several cafes with sandwiches and pizza along the street. We decided to have dinner at the grill. Typical American fast food, everything is delicious and soulful. The restaurant closes at 8:00 p.m., so we stayed here for just an hour, picked up more potatoes and went for a walk.

Day 8: Time machine

Dedicated a day to the study of the history of the indigenous population of the state, as well as visited an interactive museum, where they plunged into the 1880s.

Star Family Restaurant

It is a tradition to start the day with a visit to a cozy little cafe, where a wide range of dishes are served and well cooked. We're used to it. Don't forget the food on the road: something that's easy to eat in the car. Please note that the cafe is closed on Sundays.


The first stop for today will be a street sculpture - a 50 foot figure of a woman in an ethnic dress. According to the author, Dale Lamfer, the main idea of his creation is to pay tribute to the indigenous peoples, in particular the Lakota and Dakota tribes.

Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village

This place is a great opportunity to learn more about the history and life of the people who once inhabited these lands. Excursion on archeological excavations is informative and interesting. We all liked it.

Ingalls Homestead

That's a museum! Amazing! So much interesting, life here as if stopped here, we got in 1880, it turns out, it's very funny. You can not only observe life in the settlement of the century before last, but also learn ancient crafts, for example, to try weaving, or make a straw doll.

1481 Grille

This time, having fully experienced the American culture of the 19th century, we decided that the restaurant, where juicy steaks are prepared, will be a great end of the day. That's what happened. They cook here well, tasty meat, big burgers, a good choice of salads and drinks. The atmosphere is pretty noisy and fun - just what you need for a nice evening with friends.

Day 9: A mosaic of impressions

On this day, everyone had time to rest for all tastes and colors. We visited the museum of art, walked by the lake and saw a street statue that reminded us of the value of life.

George's Pizza

Pizza time! As true friends, we took a few big pizzas and shared them with each other, the food brings them closer together. And when the food's good, it's also fun. Traditionally, food and beverages are on the road, so you don't have to waste time on shopping on the way.

South Dakota Art Museum

We enjoyed very different styles of art, enriched ourselves culturally, had a great time and visited the museum's shop, where we found more interesting things. The exhibits are very bright and unusual, something fascinating, something even shocking, in general, is definitely worth a visit. By the way, before visiting the museum it is necessary to pay attention to the schedule of the museum - on Sunday it opens its doors for visitors only at noon.

Lake Cochrane

I love the smell of water! It was a great place for rest, we charged up our energy, walked along the shore, sat on the benches, chatted and took photos. The water was pretty cool, so I didn't dare to swim, unlike a couple of my friends who were very happy with the bath. You can also take a boat ride or a catamaran here.

Big Stone Lake State Park

We've diluted a long walk in a nature park. Wandered the paths, had a nice time on the shore, met with local guys who often rest here. They said you can often meet deer here. We've unfortunately failed to do so, but maybe you'll be lucky enough!

Prairie Chicken Monument

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's a giant animal sculpture again. This time it's a meadow geek. Unfortunately, this bird is gradually dying out and the sculpture is a great way to remind people that we have to take care of nature.

Rustica Eatery and Tavern

I liked this restaurant very much, I guess I can call it my favorite restaurant on this trip. The dishes here are beautifully served and surprisingly delicious, just lick your fingers! Medium sized portions, take more food.

Day 10: It's time to remember the good things

Well, the journey is nearing its end. We spent the morning having breakfast and a nice conversation.

Panera Bread

We slept longer today and had breakfast quite late. The last breakfast of the journey is no less important than the first one. The bakery has attracted us with a pleasant aroma and a good choice of delicacies. It's a great place to have breakfast with friends and remember the brightest moments of the trip.