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Journey through the Don lands

Road Trip Route. Surf, Play golf, Learn the history of the Don Cossacks, Walk in the ginkgo park.

In this trip you will see the main historical places and picturesque corners of the Lower Don and learn about ancient legends of the Don Cossacks. The trip through five cities will reveal the beauty of the Rostov region, surprise, puzzle, but definitely will be remembered and immersed in the local color. You'll have an opportunity to explore the famous Alexandrovsky forest, go surfing, play golf on the picturesque Donskoy plain and explore the military historical complex. Take the most comfortable clothes with you, and on your way! ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!

Active Leisure. From: Rostov-on-Don

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Rostov pearls

On the first day of the trip you will get acquainted with two chamber cities of Rostov region - Bataysky and Azov. You will also take a swim in the Blue lakes, organize competitions on karting and meet the sunset on the Taganrog bay. Take with you a great mood, and on the way!


Golubyye Ozera

The approaches to the lake are overgrown with reeds, and you can enjoy the beauty and scenic beauty of the place only in a landscaped place called "Blue Lakes". This is not quite a recreation center in the usual sense, but rather a landscaped sandy beach with parking lots and gazebos. A great place for a morning walk in the fresh air.

Skver Aviatorov

A secluded park dedicated to aviators is located in the heart of Bataisk. Take a walk through the center and get to know the city.

Restaurant-Bar Kolyada

The high-class service and elegant interior will be the perfect accompaniment to your dinner. Visitors recommend trying the signature lasagna and carrot cake.

Картодром LEMAR

It's time to compete on one of the most popular kart tracks in the Rostov region. Ride with the wind and win your race! Don't forget to determine the prize for the winner. Please note that you have to make an appointment in advance, contact information can be found at [website](

Porokhovoy Pogreb

The Gunpowder Cellar in Azov was built in the late 18th century in the former bastion of St. Anna in the heart of the Azov fortress. It is the only fortification object of the Catherine era preserved in the south of Russia.

Khram Svyatoy Troitsy Goroda Azova

The history of the Holy Trinity Church began quite recently. A local and very important landmark, stop for a while and take beautiful pictures as a memento.

Pitstseriya Bella Italiya

You must be hungry after such a long trip. In this Italian restaurant you will find many delicious and hearty dishes. Bon appetit!

Day 2: Going deep into the forest and cutting through the waves

Today will be full of activity among natural beauties of Rostov region. In the first half of the day you will get acquainted with the amazing Alexander's forest and go through a tourist trail, perhaps even meet animals living here. The second half of the day will be more extreme, you can try your hand at the crest of a wave, surfing or just sunbathe and swim in such a chic place.


Buy all the food you need for the picnic that will be in the woods at lunchtime.

Alexander Forest

Alexander's forest is located in the Azov steppes, on the territory of the Atamanskoye lesnichestvo. The forest is represented mainly by deciduous trees. Be sure to find a 120-year-old oak tree. On the territory there are many birds and animals. There are specially designed hiking and bicycle routes. Horse riding is organized on the basis of own stables, there is a mini-zoo and pheasantarium. After long walks, have a picnic in the clean air. It is possible to agree on horseback riding by phone indicated on [site](


It's time to try your strength and master the power of wind and water! Beginners can use the services of experienced instructors, and professionals can continue to hone their skills. Classes are held here until the end of November, but you need to have your own wetsuit. Also, please note that it is better to arrange a visit in advance, the contact information is posted [in the official group](


This cafe will feed you with hearty and delicious dishes. Visitors recommend the grilled salmon. Enjoy your appetite!

Day 3: Legend of the Cossack Don

Today you will get acquainted with the first village of the Don Cossacks - Starocherkasskaya. It remembers the rebellious uprisings, and valiant military campaigns, remembers the fires and devastating floods of the rivers. But in spite of all the trials, carefully keeps its history - the history of the free people, the history of the Cossacks. It has about 100 monuments of culture, history and architecture. On the last Sunday of each summer month one of the most famous folklore festivals of Rostov region "There is no freer than the quiet Don!" is held here. And in the afternoon we will go to Novocherkassk.

Starocherkasskiy Istoriko-Arkhitekturnyy Muzey-Zapovednik

The atamans' house is a real palace in the classical style. Inside, on the walls of luxurious rooms hung portraits of royalty, famous atamans, Stepan Efremov himself and his third wife, the beautiful Melanya Karpovna. The house was not what it is today. The building, stretched along the facade, kept its symmetrical composition and pilaster wall partitioning, but the classical portico, uniting the two floors, was gone.

Starocherkassk Army Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection

In the XVIII century, the temple was erected with nine heads, using the elements of Ukrainian Baroque. In order to combine the cathedral with other buildings of the town, a two-tiered gallery, or gulbishte, was added to it. Now it houses an exhibition of the cathedral's history. Here, in the gallery, at the western entrance to the wall, an iron chain is firmly embedded. It was this chain that chained the Cherkassy rebel Stenka Razin before being sent to Moscow to be executed.

Kazachiy Kurenek

It's time to take a lunch break and eat Don dishes and feel like real Cossacks.

Fountain in front of the palace Chieftain

After lunch, head to Novocherkassk for a tour of the local historical sites and active walks around the city. Ataman Palace Atman Palace is an architectural monument of the XIX century. The palace served as a residence of the Don atamans and high officials during their visits to the Don region. The State flag was hoisted on the flagpole of the palace, and in this Novocherkassk was equal to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Warsaw and Tiflis. [Official site](

Voznesenskiy Kafedral'nyy Sobor

It's time to get acquainted with the main attraction of Novocherkassk - Patriarchal Cathedral of the Ascension, or as it is also called - "The Second Sun of the Don". This cathedral is the third largest Orthodox church in Russia.

Pamyatnik Yermaku

Ermak Timofeyevich is one of the key figures in the history of the Don Cossacks. Take a stop and selfies against the background of his monument.


This restaurant is very popular in town. In the menu you will find dishes of European and Russian cuisine. Be sure to try desserts. They are said to be very tasty!

Day 4: Exploring the countryside

Today you will continue to study a major city of the region - Novocherkassk. Here lived the elite of the Cossacks: atamans, officers, officials. After the events of 1917. Novocherkassk was involved in the struggle of the Cossacks for their sovereignty, which ended with the mass emigration of Cossacks abroad. In the second half of the day you'll drive to the town Aksai, where there is a large military and historical complex in the open air. You will also visit the Ataman's farmstead.

Triumfal'naya Arka

The Arc de Triomphe is the city's calling card, created in the classical style. There are two arches in the city - Western and Northern.

Monument to Cossack horses

Let's take a little walk around the city and study the historical monuments. Here is the monument to the Cossack horses, installed on Jubilee Square. The location of the monument was not chosen by chance: to the left of the horse is a riding school, and to the right is the cavalry division.

Pamyatnik Yu.a. Gagarinu

Well, you can't go by the monument to Yuri Gagarin. The monument was erected back in 1982. Tourists and Novocherkassk citizens come to the monument all the time, bring flowers and honour the memory of the great Soviet cosmonaut.

Arc de Triomphe (west)

The second one on your way is the Triumphal Arch of the city. Make a quick stop and a few pictures to remember!


It's time for lunch at the iconic Gastropub #1. Be sure to try the borscht and dumplings, visitors praise these dishes very much.

Ataman Efremov Compound

We will continue to study the history of the Cossacks and for that we will make a stop at the Ataman's Efremov farmstead. This is a historical complex with architectural monuments: Efremov's manor and Donskaya house church. Make sure to visit the museum, best of all with a guided tour. There are also master classes for children on how to make dumplings with a surprise.

Aksai Museum of Military History

On the territory of this complex you will not be bored, because you will walk a lot and you will find an underground bunker and an exhibition of military equipment in the open air.


Your active journey has come to an end, and it's time for the long-awaited dinner. The cult restaurant "Syrovarnya" will be the best option to complete these four days. Huge selection of cheeses and dishes of them. You certainly won't be hungry. **Pay your bill at restaurants of Novikov Group with exclusive discount of 10%. Warn the waiter that you are the holder of the World Elite Mastercard® before receiving the invoice and pay with the World Elite Mastercard®.** **[Full promotion rules](]**