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Journey Through History and Nature: from Oklahoma City to Dallas

Road Trip Route. Visiting museums, Introduction to the history of Western culture and cowboy traditions, A trip to the waterfall, Picturesque natural landscapes, .

In making this travel scenario, I tried to include as many interesting places as possible on the way from Oklahoma City to Dallas. We will see all the main sights - from historical monuments to local wonders of nature. Our trip is designed to visit museums, memorable places, as well as sights and parks. If you like to expand the boundaries of the known and prefer active and informative rest, this program is for you!

Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture. From: Oklahoma City

Darcy Moore. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Welcome to Oklahoma City

That's when we started our acquaintance with this beautiful city! The first day will be quiet enough, but no less interesting than all the others. We'll see a few sights and plunge into the rhythm of the city.

Centennial Land Run Monument

On the way from the airport we stopped by the city park to look at the monument dedicated to the land distribution events in Oklahoma, the whole sculptural group looks very dynamic and lively, you can only amaze the skill of the sculptor, as well as to imagine a small piece of great history.

SkyDance Bridge

An unusual bridge in Oklahoma City, against which we took interesting photos and recorded videos. Incredibly beautiful views of the city and the original installation makes this place doubly attractive. After sunset, the lights on the bridge light up, which only adds unforgettable emotions.

Empire Slice House

If you, like me, love both Italian and American cuisine, then you will definitely not remain indifferent to this institution. It's also good for vegetarians! The menu is based on pizza, which is cooked at the highest level here. However, this menu is not limited to this and provides us with a wide variety of dishes, snacks and salads.

Day 2: Walks around the city

Today promises to be interesting and full of unforgettable impressions! Today we will go for a walk in the park, as well as visit the historical site and museum. It's time to explore this city from the inside!

Cafe 7

What could be better than a hearty and delicious breakfast? This institution belongs to the category of budget, but there you can eat densely and deliciously. Despite the fact that the cafe positions itself as a sandwich bar, the menu offers a wide range of other dishes. The cafe is open Monday through Friday.

Wheeler Park

You'll definitely be happy to visit this park. In addition to the beautiful scenery and landscape, you can enjoy even more beautiful views from the height of the Ferris wheel, as well as take wonderful pictures against the backdrop of the famous letters "UCS", which are abbreviations of Oklahoma City.

Historic Stockyards City

Legendary place! It differs in its unusual appearance, reminiscent of the plot of an old film. It is unlikely that you will be able to see how a piece of the past coexists in the modern world. Here you can wander through the historic streets, visit souvenir shops, or have lunch in an authentic restaurant. Sometimes there's a "living history" show here. It's better to check their schedules on the website.

Kitchen No. 324

Kitchen No. 324 is an American coffee shop, whose owners proudly claim that they only use local, environmentally friendly products. So, you can enjoy fresh and healthy food, as well as taste dishes from all over America. As an avid coffee drinker, I can recommend the latte here, it's very good.

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

Most often we associate cowboys only with films and we know nothing about their real life and what these people have been and are doing. Visiting this museum, we learned interesting, sometimes amazing and sometimes funny facts about cowboys in this area. Also in the museum is a very interesting souvenir shop, where you can buy even smaller bronze copies of statues from the main exposition.

Spring Creek Park

In order to have a little fun after visiting museums, we decided to go to nature. The nearest lake was just twenty minutes away by car from the Cowboys' Museum and Western Heritage, so we didn't hesitate to go. Springs Creek is a great place to relax with your family or company, there are fun activities for all tastes and ages: kids can enjoy the playground, and older kids can play disc golf or rent a boat. You can swim in the warm season. It is very convenient that the park has small pavilions where you can buy water or snacks.


Having visited this institution, we remained fascinated by the fine serving of dishes and pleasant interior, and also the parity of the price and quality. The evening was quite warm, so we decided to have dinner on the terrace and we chose steaks and dark beer, we were very satisfied with the taste of food and drink, as well as excellent service - despite the fact that there were quite a few people, the waiters paid attention to each guest.

Day 3: City museums tour

This day, undoubtedly, left its mark in our memory, because we had time not only to visit an amazing museum and get acquainted with interesting and very unusual works of contemporary artists and masters of the past, but also to visit an amazing natural park.

Cafe Antigua

We decided to have breakfast at a South American restaurant. South American cuisine is a huge variety of tastes! This cuisine is characterized by a love of meat, but the first meals are not in the spotlight, even though they are on the menu. The restaurant also offers a good choice of seafood dishes, particularly fish. For dessert, I took a pudding and was very pleased - simple and delicious. The cafe is open Monday to Saturday.

Oklahoma City Museum of Art

The Oklahoma City Museum of Art features many beautiful and breathtaking works of art, and even the Fabergé collection. By visiting this place, we have undoubtedly satisfied our aesthetic needs, enjoyed the beauty and discovered interesting contemporary American authors. Before the visit it is necessary to pay attention to the schedule of work: on Monday the museum is closed, and on Sunday it opens at noon.

Packard's New American Kitchen

Packard's New American Kitchen, an institution with live music and an open veranda, is a great place to spend time in the middle of the day. The restaurant serves traditional American cuisine, as well as a wide variety of drinks. This place can be visited by vegetarians as well. A big advantage is the availability of parking. The interior is very pleasant and interesting, and you will be satisfied with the service and courtesy of the staff. But before visiting, do not forget to pay attention to the schedule of the restaurant, on Mondays the restaurant is closed.

Asian District

It's a tribute to the Asian lovers of all things. Once you get to the Asian District, you can just walk around, take pictures, go shopping and even grab a bite to eat.

Myriad Botanical Gardens

We decided to spend time in silence and went to the Myriad Botanical Gardens. We were absolutely sure to find what we were looking for: enjoying the views of the pond in the middle of the park, well-groomed trees, lots of flowers and the riot of their fragrances. It's a very romantic place for a nice walk together.

1492 New World Latin Cuisine

1492 New World Latin Cuisine is a cozy Mexican restaurant with a homely atmosphere, where delicious yet inexpensive food is served. We were surprised by the very fast service and friendly staff! We chose a tacos and didn't regret it. There's also some amazing nachos with salsa, which were in perfect harmony with Mexican beer.

Day 4: A trip to Tulsa

Today we're on our way to Oklahoma's second largest city, Talsu. I chose this town because of the story of a book I read when I was a kid. It is in this city that the "House of Night" series of books takes place, and in the city center there is a vampire boarding school. I thought it was funny, but I wanted to see this town from the inside, with my own eyes.

Cuppies and Joe

On the way to the other city, it's worth a little refreshment and taking food with you just in case, so we chose Cuppies and Joe. Quickly, deliciously, inexpensively!

Tulsa River Parks

We decided to relax and visit the water park, which is a great place for cycling or jogging. A really wonderful park with interesting views of the river and city buildings.

Gilcrease Museum

Interesting museum of history and art, surrounded by a garden with sculptures. The exhibits are quite diverse and focus on the cultural and ethnic diversity of the American people. We started the tour from the hall of painting, after which we got acquainted with the works of modern photographers at the temporary exhibition. After the tour we went to a souvenir shop to buy some interesting things in ethnic style. By the way, the museum has a nice restaurant, so if you are already hungry, you can have lunch right here.

STG Pizzeria Gelateria

We went to this cafe on the advice of the local guys to try their own ice cream. In addition to the expected desserts, they also found here a delicious pizza, and real Italian ravioli. As for sweets, there are also delicious cakes, chocolate strawberries and Spanish churros.

Woodward Park

Woodward Park is a very green park, incredibly beautiful and well maintained. There are plenty of places to take beautiful pictures. If you like flowers, you'll definitely love the variety of plants. If you're with your soulmate, then this walk would certainly be diluted by a bottle of red wine or just a picnic!

SMOKE. on Cherry Street

SMOKE. On Cherry Street is the perfect place to end your evening! The restaurant is very clean, very quiet. I'd advise you to try the crispy quail legs, and there are also very tasty steaks and desserts in this place!

Day 5: We're finishing our journey through Tulsa

Despite the fact that Tulsa is a very nice and beautiful city, with many monuments and natural areas, it is time to move forward

Panera Bread

Panera Bread is a great place for breakfast, the food is always very fresh and pleasant to taste. I ordered an avocado salad and a ham sandwich. I also advise you to order a berry smoothie, I liked it very much.

Holy Family Cathedral

Of course, this is a very beautiful and majestic cathedral! What architecture! Unbelievable! However, be careful when visiting, because the cathedral has a special schedule: Mon: from half past 12:00 to 1:00 p.m; Watt-which: from half seven to half eight in the morning, then from half twelve to half one; Pt: from half past five p.m. to half seven; Saturday from 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m; all: from half past eight in the morning to half two, then four to half seven in the evening;

The Cave House - Linda Collier

Visiting this house, you will learn a lot of interesting stories. We had a great time! Reminds me of a house from a famous cartoon about the Flintstones family - cavemen. The guide told us in detail and interestingly about all the owners and the history of this house.


During the excursions we were very hungry and went to have lunch at a Caribbean restaurant. The interior is quite simple and pleasant, the walls are decorated with bright paintings of sea landscapes and tropical birds. I ordered spinach soup and parmesan cheese, delicious and quite unusual. I also liked the tuna salad, by the way, the portions here are not small, everything is very nourishing.

Philbrook Museum of Art

A wonderful Museum of Fine Arts and Sculpture, where you need to allocate more time to visit not only to see the exhibits, but also to walk in a very beautiful park with small ponds, bridges and symmetrical alleys. The museum has a kind of mascot - a black-and-white cat, which everyone loves, in the bookstore you can find t-shirts and souvenirs with his face and even children's books dedicated to the fluffy employee. You can see the works of art and pet the museum cat from Wednesday to Sunday.

Olive Garden

Let's finish our busy day with a pleasant and easy dinner in an Italian restaurant. The assortment of dishes is very rich and varied, especially we liked the traditional Italian hot sandwich - panini and panels of cat for dessert.

Day 6: A trip to Norman

Today we will stop at Norman, Oklahoma's third most populous city, and in the afternoon we will find ourselves in an amazing nature park with caves and waterfalls.

Antoinette Baking Company

We should have breakfast and go to Norman's side. The institution was pleased with its schedule of work and coziness, the prices are also not high. Antoinette Baking Company has delicious cakes and coffee, we are satisfied! This is the schedule for the place: from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m; from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m; everything from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m;

Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

Very interesting museum, amazing exhibits. The collection of the museum will be interesting for those who are seriously interested in natural history and archaeology, as well as for families with curious children. Mammoths, dinosaurs - everything is there to attract attention and interest. And also on the territory of the museum there is a wonderful shop with souvenirs!

The Greek House

Initially, we read positive reviews about this institution, saw a good rating, so we decided to go there. We were very pleased, the place has very fresh food and vegetables, it's clean. They're also making a terrific gyros! Greek delicacies can be enjoyed from Tuesday to Sunday.

Toy & Action Figure Museum

On the way to the waterfalls came to see a huge collection of toys and superhero figures. The museum has an amazingly relaxing atmosphere! An amazing place to plunge into the past, to remember childhood, this place will make a special impression on lovers of comics and lego.

Turner Falls Park

Turner Falls is an incredibly beautiful location in the vicinity of Davis, which is about an hour and a half drive from Oklahoma City. The road to this place looks quite picturesque, surrounded by fields, forests and hilly terrain. The main attraction of the natural park is the waterfall, in summer you can even swim here. Since I love outdoor activities, I couldn't deny myself the pleasure to run along the forest paths and see the grottoes in the rock - they are very small, but they are perfect for unusual photos.

Las Cascadas

Actually, there are a lot of cafes and fast food restaurants in the neighborhood. But we decided to have dinner in a very simple Mexican cafe, and we were quite satisfied with our choice. It's simple, it's delicious, and it's cheap.

Day 7: A short trip to Pauls Valley and the road to Fort Worth

The way is planned, we still have a lot of adventures ahead of us, the road is long, so we decided to give up a short stop in Denton and then we will go to Fort Worth


Before we went to the countryside, we stopped by for burgers and coffee. They didn't stay here long, took food with them and went to the natural park.

Chickasaw National Recreation Area

Have a nice morning outdoors. Chickasaw is an oasis of Oklahoma, where you can spend time by the lakes with clear, transparent water, walk in the wooded area, or walk in the more civilized part of the park with bridges and stone paved paths. By the way, there are a lot of animals here - we met squirrels, and already at the exit from the park we noticed a small herd of bison.

SONIC Drive In

To avoid wasting too much time on lunch, we stopped by the local fast food. There's everything you'd expect from a place like this - burgers, nuggets, French fries and hashbrows. Clean, quick, and polite, so we're pretty happy.

Denton Downtown Square

On the way to Fort Worth, they made a short stop in Denton, a rather interesting town with a pleasant architecture. We walked the streets, took a picture, and bought coffee and ice cream before we continued our journey.

Terra Mediterranean

I love Mediterranean cuisine. It brings together the recipes of all the countries of the Mediterranean basin! And this restaurant is a delicious seafood, I was satisfied with the salad with arugula and shrimps! The service did not leave us indifferent either, we were treated as the most coveted guests! That's very nice!

Sundance Square

Sundance Square is a great place to visit. There are often events on the square, and if you're lucky, you'll find them. Actually, there are a lot of different shops and establishments around. Everything is within walking distance! In the center of the park is a large and beautiful fountain, in which you can throw a coin and make a wish.

Day 8: Departure to Dallas

Having completed our journey through Fort Worth, we'll go to Dallas. A very nice city, with lots of places to see!

Vickery Cafe

If you're as sweet as I am, you're gonna love this place! I'd advise you to try pancakes, they're so airy, they're like homemade pancakes.

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Choosing which museum to go to, I carefully studied the reviews, and, on the recommendation of visitors, I chose the Museum of Modern Art. I liked the museum very much, the attention is attracted both by the building itself, which looks rather modern and technologically advanced, and the exposition with the works of talented artists. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Fort Worth Zoo

Everyone seems to have loved zoos since they were kids. The Fort Worth Zoo has quite a lot of inhabitants, there are also large cats here - tigers and lions, pumas, many primates, huge alligators and elegant giraffes. Animals can be watched endlessly, they give us a lot of positive emotions!

The Porch

This place is suitable for everyone, even vegetarians! It is a nice, small restaurant, where both breakfast and lunch and dinner are served, they are cooked very quickly, the staff is very polite, and in the institution there is a positive and very pleasant atmosphere.

Klyde Warren Park

This park can be called a wonderful green island in the middle of a noisy city. It's an oasis among the stone jungle. The park itself is very nice and well-groomed, it has many flowers, there are small fountains designed specifically for swimming, which can be refreshed if it is hot outside. The park also has areas for active outdoor games and a playground for sports, however, there is a schedule of classes.

Fair Park

Periodically, various exhibitions and fairs are held in the park, the territory is very well-groomed. You can just walk down the alleys and sit by the pond, or ride the Ferris wheel. There's definitely something for everyone in this park.

The Rustic

Drinks and food are very tasty, we liked live music too, but it was a little noisy. It's quite an unconventional place, but we didn't regret bumping into it, it's definitely worth a visit. If we're in Dallas again, we're gonna come in here.

Day 9: Dallas culture and parks

Dallas is a very famous city in the United States. It is the largest financial center of the South-West of the country, the center of advertising business, in the city an incredible number of restaurants, parks and shopping centers. And today our route lies in the Museum of Art, botanical garden and observation deck.


High rating and good reviews, of course, were the decisive argument when choosing a place for breakfast. As for the atmosphere and design of the place itself, everything is fine! Clean, cozy and beautiful. Cooking fast, no complaints. I'd really recommend a panini with ham and cheese, it's great here.

Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Art Museum is really worth a visit. I was more impressed by the exhibits of Asian countries, but in principle, everything was very interesting. It doesn't matter if you're an avid art lover or not. A nice bonus was that visiting the museum on weekends was completely free of charge.

Dallas Contemporary

As it turned out, a visit to this museum of contemporary art is free of charge. There is no permanent exhibition there, as the venue is provided for different exhibitions. However, I would like to note that there have not been any negative reviews of the previous exhibitions yet. We were satisfied with the visit, the exhibits were interesting, quite informal, but with a twist!

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Incredible botanical garden! For starters, it's really big, the cleanliness and appearance of the area is closely monitored, so it's clean and clean, very nice to walk around in such a place.

Dolce Riviera

It's a great place to have dinner! The restaurant is very atmospheric and we like the interior! Before visiting, pay attention to the working hours of the institution. From Monday to Friday the restaurant is open from half past twelve in the morning until two o'clock in the afternoon, followed by a break, during which time the restaurant closes and then reopens from half past twelve in the evening until ten in the evening. On Saturday, the restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., then from the middle of the sixth evening to 11 p.m. On Sunday - open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

White Rock Lake Spillway

I'd like to say it's a great park in the middle of town! On the territory of the park there are toilets and fountains with drinking water. A great place to ride bicycles with your family or just sit in silence by the water.

Day 10: The last day of the journey

Our long enough journey has come to an end, as much as I would not like to leave, it is time to go. Today before the return trip we visited another attraction, had breakfast in a small and cozy bakery and rented a car. How quickly these wonderful 10 days have passed!

La Spiga

Very good place for breakfast, you can take food for take-away and eat in the park or hotel as convenient. There are a lot of baked goods on the menu, they are delicious here, but the main courses are also quite good. The institution is very small, but it is not a minus, because the staff serves very quickly and you do not have to wait for your order.

Old Red Museum

An interesting museum, the building itself stands out from the others in the city. The museum is large and contains many historical treasures of Dallas and Texas.