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Journey of ice and snow: "on ice under sail"

Journey of ice and snow: "on ice under sail"
Starts from

Sergiev Posad


2 Days


By Car


190 km






Active LeisureAdventure🎅 Winter Trips
During this trip you will see the main lake of the Yaroslavl region - Pleshcheevo Lake, learn to distinguish the tracks of different animals and see how the boar's belly traps work, play paintball, learn to snowkite and go skiing, and at the end of the trip you will see a real Russian bath with a broom!
Maria Gorobets
Maria Gorobets
Travel Expert
  • Plesheevo Lake National Park.
  • Kite school "Riders of Shadow".
  • Iron Museum.
  • Horse-racing club Veslevo.
  • Ski Centre Loza.
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Eco Trail and Kitesurfing
Day 180 km3 km

Eco Trail and Kitesurfing

Today we will go to Pereslavl-Zalessky. The main natural treasure of this town is Plescheevo lake - the largest lake of Yaroslavl region. We'll get acquainted with the nature of this place, learn to distinguish traces of different animals and see how boar's belly traps work. And in the evening we will skate on this lake, but not on skates, but on skis or snowboard, adjusted by a flying sail!
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Horse riding, alpine skiing and paintball
Day 2110 km

Horse riding, alpine skiing and paintball

We're going for a ride today. No, we won't. Tonight we're going to KATYA! On horses and sleds, wagons and carriages, skiing and snowboarding. And we'll have time to play paintball between rides.
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