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Journey around Samara

Road Trip Route. Visit Tsarev Kurgan, Walk around Togliatti, Inspire the view from Mount Strelna, Admire Castle Garibaldi..

Not far from Samara there are many beautiful places. During the weekend you can relax in nature, admire the views, eat delicious food and see something unusual. We will visit a nature reserve, visit Togliatti and look at a wonderful local castle.

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Lina Solo. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Beautiful nature and Garibaldi Castle

Today we will visit beautiful natural sights, Tsarev Kurgan and Helicopter pad. Then we will walk around Togliatti. And in the evening we will admire the Castle of Garibaldi.

Gorod Samara

Вертолётная площадка

An observation deck with a beautiful view of the Volga River. People call it "The Helicopter." Once upon a time this place really served for take-off and landing of the aircraft constructor's official helicopter. And during the Cold War academician Kuznetsov hid here the prototypes of NK-33 engine.

Царев Курган

From the top of Tsarev Kurgan opens up a fascinating view of the Volga and the flowing into it river Sok. In the meantime, there have been individuals who have changed history. In the 14th century, Tamerlan stopped by the mound. In 1722, Peter the Great set up a cross on top of the mound. And in 1824 Alexander I climbed to the top.

Tolyatti (Тольятти)

The city of Togliatti was founded in 1737 and was first called Stavropol. The city was to protect the Russian Empire from raids. In the middle of XX century Stavropol became one of the main industrial centers of the USSR. By 1955, the city was flooded by a flood of the reservoir, it had to be moved to a new place. Therefore, the historical buildings are practically not preserved. The largest automotive company AvtoVAZ is located in Togliatti.

Площадь Свободы

By Freedom Square, the central square of the city, there are several buildings in the style of Stalinist classicism. These are the Puppet Theatre (formerly the House of Culture), the Togliatti City Hall, and the Stavropol District Administration.

cheshire cat

We'll have lunch at a cozy café with a warm atmosphere at the Aerokhall mall. There is a wide choice of dishes, a good list of drinks (both warming and alcoholic), delicious desserts.

Замок Гарибальди

In the evening we will visit a rather unusual attraction, the hotel complex Castle Garibaldi. You can't get inside yet, the rooms are being decorated. But there's also something to see outside. The Castle combines Medieval architecture, Renaissance and Victorian style. On the south side of the castle you can see the sculpture of Beowulf, the hero of Scandinavian tales.

20 Франков

After visiting the castle we will sit in a restaurant with beautiful interior and delicious dinners. And the impressions of the past day can be discussed with a glass of wine and dessert.

Day 2: Togliatti and the mountains

Today we'll take a little walk around Togliatti again. Then we'll go to Zhigulyovsky reserve, look at the cliffs and mountains.


Breakfast is available at Cafe Drova. There is a pleasant atmosphere and a large choice of breakfasts, main courses and desserts.

Преображенский Собор

The largest temple in the city and its surroundings can be seen from afar. It was started to be built in 1992 and finished very recently, in 2002. AvtoVaz sponsored the construction.

Памятник В.Н. Татищеву

Near the monument to the founder of the city offers a beautiful view of the Volga.

Восьмая миля

An unusual restaurant in a beautiful place. Soulful atmosphere, wide choice of dishes. And it is worth to be reinforced, because further our way lies in the natural reserve Zhigulevsky, which is part of the national park Samarskaya Luka. And it's definitely worth visiting.

Sheludyak Utes

On the way Strelnaya Mountain you can admire the impregnable Sheludyak cliff.


The main attraction of the Samara Luka National Park. Recently a pedestrian route was opened near Mount Strelna. You can get here only by car, you have to pay 500 rubles for visiting it.

Гора Верблюд

Now let's visit Mount Camel. It attracts tourists with its beauty and serenity. At the top of the mountain there is a natural observation deck. The panorama from above is mesmerizing. It's better to climb up in comfortable shoes. The cost of visiting the mountain - 50 rubles per person.

Prohlada Café

We will finish our journey in a stylish restaurant in Samara. Here guests are offered dishes of Russian-European cuisine in author's preparation.

Gorod Samara