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Journey around Samara

Journey around Samara
Starts from



2 Days


By Car


343 km






Not far from Samara there are many beautiful places. During the weekend you can relax in nature, admire the views, eat delicious food and see something unusual. We will visit a nature reserve, visit Togliatti and look at a wonderful local castle.
Lina Solo
Lina Solo
Travel Expert
  • Visit Tsarev Kurgan.
  • Walk around Togliatti.
  • Inspire the view from Mount Strelna.
  • Admire Castle Garibaldi.
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Beautiful nature and Garibaldi Castle
Day 1195 km

Beautiful nature and Garibaldi Castle

Today we will visit beautiful natural sights, Tsarev Kurgan and Helicopter pad. Then we will walk around Togliatti. And in the evening we will admire the Castle of Garibaldi.
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Togliatti and the mountains
Day 2148 km341 m

Togliatti and the mountains

Today we'll take a little walk around Togliatti again. Then we'll go to Zhigulyovsky reserve, look at the cliffs and mountains.
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