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It's delicious to eat: touring the outskirts of Yekaterinburg.

Road Trip Route. Cook mozzarella and chocolate truffles with your own hands., To visit a sturgeon farm and an authentic brewery, Learn all about growing oyster mushrooms on Ural Mushrooms Farm., .

I guess each of us likes to eat deliciously. In the pursuit of extraordinary taste experiences do not necessarily go abroad, because so much interesting and original can be found in Russia. Modern culinary traditions of the Urals are very diverse. A tour of the Sverdlovsk Oblast is a great opportunity to get to know them and also to expand your idea of the national cuisine a little bit. ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Brewing as well as fishing in the Sverdlovsk region

The first day is dedicated to the town of Zarechny. On the way there you can visit a sturgeon farm to learn all about fish, try some dishes. You'll have enough time to thoroughly explore Zarechnyi, and a trip to the local brewery will be a great final of your visit to the cozy town.


Sturgeon farm "Live Sturgeon"

Not far from Ekaterinburg is the Live Sturgeon Farm, the only closed-loop water fish farm in the Sverdlovsk Oblast. During a tour of the farm you will find out that sturgeons are contemporaries of dinosaurs, visit the boys' shop, see how fish are fed, pet an 8 kg sturgeon and taste fish delicacies. Excursion (cost 500 rubles) lasts 30-40 minutes, another half hour at least you will spend in a brand store. Tours are for groups of 10 people, so call the administration in advance. Also, details of interest can be found [on site](

Плотина Белоярского водохранилища

The next point of the tour will be the town of Zarechny, a small but European charming town 40 km from Ekaterinburg. And the first thing worth a look at is the dam of Beloyarsky reservoir, which offers magnificent views. The Beloyarsk Reservoir is the largest in the Sverdlovsk Oblast: it is over 20 kilometres long. It was created in 1956-61 on the Pyshma River. The scenery here is truly cinematic: beautiful rocks, lush forests framing the blue "lake". And the dam itself is impressive in its size and height. P.S. The hydro is a strategically important and protected site, so it is not worth trying to climb over the fence for beautiful selfies.

Museum of Mineralogy, Stone Cutting and Jewellery Art

Spend half an hour walking around Zarechnaya. The city was formed in the middle of the last century - near the famous Beloyarsk thermal power plant. Zarechny is a tiny town (just over 27 thousand people live here), but a very pleasant town with many parks and squares. There are no special sights here, though the temple and the Museum of Mineralogy are quite worth mentioning. The museum works from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays, for excursion at the weekends or on holidays it is necessary to make an appointment in advance by phone 8 (34377) 7-25-67.

The Chef's Café.

Near the Museum of Mineralogy is a small fast food restaurant that sells rolls piece by piece (always ready and available). You can take the food for a tasty meal on the bank of the reservoir, or have a quick meal here. There are also excellent business lunches for 220-350 rubles, pizza, salads, wok and other popular dishes in the menu.

Лодочная станция «Удача»

It's a quiet and beautiful place to admire nature. Recently there has been a small beach here, and in summer you can rent a boat from the boat station to take a breeze ride in the reservoir. You can arrange to rent a boat by calling 8 (343) 773-33-40 or on site.

Jaws Brewery.

Beer from Jaws Brewery is hunted by many lovers of this hop drink. These walls create truly unique tastes: for example, spicy "Amber Ale" with cardamom notes and bitter ale "Atomic Laundry" with shades of pine and citrus. The small brewery is divided into several zones. During the tour you will see a malt crusher and grain sacks from Belgium and Germany, hollow copper vats for brewing and everything that is involved in creating the most delicious beer. You can get to "Jaws Brewery" on Saturdays, usually at 15:00. Leaving an application is easy [via website]( or by phone. Excursions are available for groups up to 20 people, and the price per guest is 500 rubles. The tour with tasting lasts about an hour, but we assure you that you will sit for a long time and talk to bartenders and guests of the bar about beer.

Day 2: A tour of a mushroom farm and much more

In the morning we go early to storm the honey shop - we buy herbs, honey and balms a year ahead. Afterwards we go to the mushroom farm - you have not seen it exactly, even if every autumn you go for mushrooms. At the end of the route - a little hiking.

Gifts of apiaries

After breakfast, we go to the Apiary Gifts store. The shop with 20 years of history offers a variety of honey and phyto products at quite affordable prices. We buy here Altai and Bashkir honey, herbal collections, cedar products, soft balsams and syrups on propolis.

Mushroom Farm

Whether you like dishes with mushrooms or not, it's worth a look at the Ural Mushrooms agro-farm. Mushrooms, in particular oyster mushrooms, have been grown on an industrial scale in Barabanovskoye village since 2003. During a tour of the farm you will visit the substrate workshop - the heart of the mushroom factory, cultivation chambers and other production areas. You should make an individual agreement about the tour by phone 89086355828 or 89086355827.

Rosso Gallery" Restaurant

After the tour we drive Kamensk-Uralsky to have lunch at "Gallery Rosso" restaurant. You can go down to the floor below and visit the cafe "Ural Dumplings", where on weekdays from 12:00 to 14:00 there are excellent complex lunches.

Factory on manufacture of bells ` Pyatkov and K `

The company "Pyatkov & K" appeared in 1991 on the initiative of a local resident Nikolai Pyatkov. Here bells for Russian temples are cast using ancient technology. Kamensky bells weighing from 6 kg to 18 tons sound in Moscow, Kazan, St. Petersburg, as well as in the Orthodox parishes of the United States, Canada and Greece. To get on excursions which are often spent by the founder himself or his brother, it is possible, having addressed in the Center of tourism development of Kamensk-Uralsky: +7 (3439) 370-855 or +7 (982) 609-93-48, or to send inquiry on

Rebun Threshold

It's time to go back. And on the way we'll see the stormy rapids of Revun, surrounded by beautiful rocks. The most spectacular views can be seen here in spring, when the roar of water on the threshold is heard from afar. Here you can take a walk and get some fresh air. It is hard to imagine, but in the XIX - XX centuries these wild rocks and birch banks were densely built up. Two preserved millstones on the left bank of the Iset are all that reminds about the turbulent past of these lands.

restaurant Absheron

For dinner, turn to Bogdanovic to visit the Apsheron restaurant. According to visitors' reviews, it is one of the best restaurants in the area.

Day 3: Cheese, chocolate and other gastronomic joys

Lovers of delicious and unusual dishes should keep heading for the city of Rezh! Here you can taste fresh cheeses and chocolate with pepper. Those who love unusual combinations should like it! In the afternoon there is a thermal resort.

Rezhano's cheese factory.

"Rezhano is a handicraft cheese factory where natural handmade cheeses are made from whole milk. During the tour you can see the work of the cheeses through the panoramic glass, learn about the history of cheese, try it and even make mozzarella with your own hands. You can sign up for the tour [on site]( Excursions are most often on weekends, although there are exceptions.

SvoiDaNashi Cafe-Club

After tasting the cheeses, the appetite may be played out, which is best quenched in the cafe "Svoi Da Nashi". Prices for business lunches (from 12:00 to 16:00) are pleased: a couple of hundred rubles can be properly eaten. Perhaps you should refrain from dessert, as there is still a sweet to eat ahead!

Chocolate and Pepper" Chocolate workshop

After a busy lunch you can go to the chocolate workshop "Chocolate and Pepper". The Chocolate Museum will tell you the story of your favourite dainty, teach you how to cook truffles based on branded chocolate and pepper (unusual!), and you can buy handmade sweets at the shop. It is important to take into account that the workshops are held for a group of 15 or more people, so you should make an appointment in advance. The cost of the class is -750 rubles. All interested details can be specified also [on the official website](

Baden-Baden Thermal Resort

The rest of the day can be spent at the thermal spa resort "Baden-Baden", which will impress even very sophisticated guests in this field. Visitors have the unique opportunity to swim outdoors all year round - the water temperature in the outdoor and indoor pools is always above 35°C. The ticket price also includes a visit to the sauna complex and rest throughout the complex. For an additional fee - visit to the SPA-salon. You can also find out all the nuances [on the official website](http://xn----7sbybadffczkqpfpf4f0d.xn--p1ai/).

Park Inn by Radisson

Completing the tour is the Onegin Restaurant, located at the Park Inn by Radisson. This is the case when a delicious lazy dinner slowly turns into a long sit-down with a glass of good wine. **If you are a guest of Yekaterinburg, you can stay the night in the same hotel. Book a room on a special page on the site [Radisson Hotels](**, pay with premium card Mastercard and get 15% discount and possibility of early check-in and late check-out. [Full promotion rules](**