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Irbit - motorcycle capital of Russia

Road Trip Route. Meet the bikes that are made in Irbit., Visit the Irbit Museum of Folk Life., Take a walk in the historic centre of Kamyshlov., Try the mineral water in the sanatorium "Curia"..

I suggest going on an interesting trip to cities and museums east of Yekaterinburg. We will see with our own eyes the collection of motorcycles of the Irbit Motorcycle Museum. In the Irbit Museum of Folk Life we will see a huge self-propelled samovar with a capacity of 415 liters. We will find out who the scout Kuznetsov is, whose name was given to the path near Lake Shuvakish. We'll also see the old merchant houses of Irbit and Kamyshlov. It is better to start the trip on Saturday, because on Sunday and Monday the Irbit Motorcycle Museum does not work, and on Monday and Tuesday the museum of scout Kuznetsov does not work.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Irbit museums

We will visit the Irbit Motorcycle Museum, where we will see the equipment that was produced in the Urals in the middle of the last century. Then we will go to the Irbit Museum of Folk Life, where we will see a collection of several hundred samovars. Then we will walk in the center of Irbit, where we will see how ordinary Irbit people live in ancient merchant houses, which are monuments of architecture.


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Orlova Mountain

We'll start our journey by climbing the Orlov Mountain in Rezh. The best way to get there is to start at the Post Office Street. There is a passage to the river along the territory of the mechanical plant and a pedestrian bridge to the other bank. The cemetery will begin behind the bridge. Walk across it to the Church of St. John the Baptist. And from the temple you will have a beautiful view of Rezh.

Irbit State Motorcycle Museum

So we came to Irbit. We'll start with the motorcycle museum. It was created in 2004 on the basis of the collection of Irbit motorcycle factory. In the exposition of the museum you can get acquainted with the history of the plant, with the models of motorcycles that the plant produced and produces. Foreign-made motorcycles occupy a special place in the exposition. You can order a tour of the museum. The museum is open from 9 to 17, except Sunday and Monday. More information about the museum is available at [site](

Museum of Folk Life

The museum is very young. It opened in 2011. The basis of the museum was the collection of household items of the end of XIX - first half of XX centuries, collected by its founder. The museum contains folk art objects, household items, decorative and applied art, icon painting and a huge collection of samovars. The museum is open daily from 9 to 18. More information about the museum is available at [site](

Irbit Center

We start our walk around Irbit from the building of the Museum of Folk Life. Get out on Karl Marx street. It is built up with old mansions. Many of them are architectural monuments. And the most surprising thing is that these are residential houses, where ordinary Irbit residents live! A block away, after Ordzhonikidze street, on the right side will be some abandoned houses. These are the ruins of the shops of Irbit brewery. On the left side in the middle of the block will be a remarkable building. Now there is a pension fund. And before the revolution it was a building of female gymnasium. At the intersection, turn left onto Lenin Street. And after a block you'll come to Lenin Square. There is a public garden and monuments to Lenin and Catherine II. Near the post office building is a reconstructed watchtower of Irbit stockaded town with a fragment of paling. It was built in 2011. It stands on the site of an ostrog, founded by settlers in the first half of the XVII century, which later became the town of Irbit. The ostrog was located at the place of Lenin Square. Behind the tower you can see a pedestrian bridge that will lead you to Irbit Park of Culture and Recreation. From Lenin Square go forward along Lenin street. Here at the corner with Krasnoarmeyskaya street stands Irbit Passage. It was planned to place here a theatre, but the building was used as a shopping mall. Inside it now operates many small shops. Turn to Krasnoarmeyskaya street. Here you will meet the building of the former hotel of Irbit Fair, Lar'kov's lodging house and the building of the former shop of the merchants Agafurovs. At the next intersection turn right into Ordzhonikidze Street. Here, in the back of the block, stands the building of the "Rembyttekhnika" enterprise with preserved Soviet signs. Go back to Krasnoarmeyskaya Street. Follow it one more block to Revolution Street. The tour ends with a tour of the Sretensky Cathedral, located in Revolution Street. This is one of the oldest temples in the city. After the cathedral, we'll be greeted by a square with a memorial to the participants of World War II, and we'll return to the car.

Zyazin Mill

Zyazin Mill is located on the 50 Years of October Street. It is notable for its unusual brickwork. And when it was operating, steam equipment was installed on it, which was not typical for that time. The building is now deserted. Colorite adds a police station across the street. Not far from here, behind Sovetskaya Street, Victory Square is broken.

Happiness is there.

For an early dinner in Irbit, you can stop by the cozy family cafe Happiness Eat. It serves delicious grilled meat, pizza, pasta and great cakes.

Day 2: Pyshma, Kamyshlov, Curie's sanatorium.

We will visit the museum of scout Kuznetsov, where we learn about him and the Great Patriotic War. From there we will go to the Talician mansion of Poklevsky-Kozell philanthropists. Then we'll walk around pre-revolutionary quarters of Kamyshlov, where we'll see merchant mansions and public buildings of XIX century. And finally we will come to the sanatorium "Kuryi", where we will try mineral water and enjoy the view from the rock on the river Pyshma.

State regional cultural institution Museum of scout N.I. Kuznetsov

From Irbit we go to Talitsa to the museum of scout Kuznetsov. The museum tells about his life. Many artifacts of the epoch are represented in the exposition: personal belongings of the scout, items of his house furnishings, weapons, equipment found during excavations in the places of the Great Patriotic War battles. The museum is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 to 18, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 17. For more information about the museum, please visit its [website]( The building of the museum is surrounded by the Talician arboretum, and this is a great excuse to walk around it.

Poklevsky-Kozell Estate

There is another interesting building in Talitsa - Poklevsky-Kozell Manor. It is now home to a boarding school. And before the revolution it was the estate of a family of Ural breeders and patrons of art Poklevsky-Kozell. The building stands out among the surrounding buildings for its size and architecture. The place wasn't randomly chosen for construction. It was erected on a hill and had a beautiful view of the surrounding area. Now the view is blocked by a five-story building.

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Historical Centre Kamyshlov

Let's take a little walk in the center of Kamyshlov. It's in the past, like Irbit, a merchant town. Park at the chapel of Alexander Nevsky (Lenin, 14). Across the street from here is the Central Square, and behind it is the Central Park. Walk down Karl Marx Street. Then after a block, turn to Uritsky Street. Soon there will be a water tower on your right and a three-storey building of the Zemstvo district administration on your left. Here, turn left to Sverdlov Street. Walk along this street for three blocks and you'll come to a place on the top of a hill with a good view of the western part of the city. Go back a little bit and turn to Moskovskaya Street. It will lead you to the majestic Pokrovskaya Church. At the church, turn left on Engals Street. You will soon reach the city school building and then on your left you will see a beautiful two-storey building with domes. It's a former orphanage with the Prince Michael's House Church. Now it's home to a teacher training college. Next to the college, an unremarkable Pedagogical Square goes to the left. It ends on Kirov Street near the former primary city school. Through the square, go back to Engels Street, turn right and after a block you will exit to Lenin Street, where you left your car.

Sanatorium "Curieus"

We'll stop by Curie's sanatorium one last time. It is located in a pine forest on the high bank of Pyshma. The sanatorium was founded in 1870. On its territory there is a source of mineral water. The most picturesque part of the sanatorium is the alley leading to the Three Sisters rock. There is a gazebo on the cliff.

Coffee Man's House.

Before the road to Yekaterinburg we will stop for dinner at the Coffee House. Nice atmosphere, in the evenings usually a little crowded, and you can have a decent time. Coffee house works till 20 hours.