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Irbit - motorcycle capital of Russia

Irbit - motorcycle capital of Russia
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I suggest going on an interesting trip to cities and museums east of Yekaterinburg. We will see with our own eyes the collection of motorcycles of the Irbit Motorcycle Museum. In the Irbit Museum of Folk Life we will see a huge self-propelled samovar with a capacity of 415 liters. We will find out who the scout Kuznetsov is, whose name was given to the path near Lake Shuvakish. We'll also see the old merchant houses of Irbit and Kamyshlov.
It is better to start the trip on Saturday, because on Sunday and Monday the Irbit Motorcycle Museum does not work, and on Monday and Tuesday the museum of scout Kuznetsov does not work.
Александр Багно
Александр Багно
Travel Expert
  • Meet the bikes that are made in Irbit.
  • Visit the Irbit Museum of Folk Life.
  • Take a walk in the historic centre of Kamyshlov.
  • Try the mineral water in the sanatorium "Curia".

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Irbit museums
Day 1214 km762 m

Irbit museums

We will visit the Irbit Motorcycle Museum, where we will see the equipment that was produced in the Urals in the middle of the last century. Then we will go to the Irbit Museum of Folk Life, where we will see a collection of several hundred samovars. Then we will walk in the center of Irbit, where we will see how ordinary Irbit people live in ancient merchant houses, which are monuments of architecture.
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Pyshma, Kamyshlov, Curie's sanatorium.
Day 2354 km

Pyshma, Kamyshlov, Curie's sanatorium.

We will visit the museum of scout Kuznetsov, where we learn about him and the Great Patriotic War. From there we will go to the Talician mansion of Poklevsky-Kozell philanthropists. Then we'll walk around pre-revolutionary quarters of Kamyshlov, where we'll see merchant mansions and public buildings of XIX century. And finally we will come to the sanatorium "Kuryi", where we will try mineral water and enjoy the view from the rock on the river Pyshma.
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