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Interesting stories of Priozersky district

Interesting stories of Priozersky district
Starts from

Saint Petersburg


2 Days


By Car


412 km






These two days will be full of new discoveries. The way lies on the north-western shores of Lake Ladoga. You will learn many stories and legends about these places. You will see the Corela Fortress and also visit the Ladoga drive park, where you will learn interesting facts about the life of Streltsy settlements. The scenic nature will accompany you all the way. There are plans to make stops at Elk thresholds, Lake Vuoksa and Lembolovsky Lake. Have a nice trip!
Route developed with the support of Volkswagen Caddy.
Volkswagen Caddy
Volkswagen Caddy
  • See Lembolovsky stronghold.
  • Feed animals.
  • Admire the Elk rapids.
  • Learn about the life of archers.
  • Explore Korela fortress.
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Travel Itinerary

Visit to Streltsy Ostorg
Day 1223 km

Visit to Streltsy Ostorg

Today you will move to the North, along the shores of Lake Ladoga. The nature of these places is very picturesque. First you'll visit the zoo "Cones on Lampushka". Then, you'll stop at the nature, and then go on a tour.
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Serenity in nature and entertainment in the park
Day 2189 km788 m

Serenity in nature and entertainment in the park

This day will be full of contrasts. It will begin with a tour of the Lutheran kirkha and a visit to the fortress of Korela. Then you will visit two picturesque coasts - by Lake Vuoksa and by Lake Lembolovsky. You will spend the afternoon in the park of active rest.
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