Walk around Gatchina. Drive to the Kurgalovsky peninsula and the Gulf of Finland. Stay overnight at the border with Estonia. Visit the UNESCO site - Duderhof Heights and Duderhof Lake.

Inspirational Ecotour

If you are looking for inspiring and energy-charging places, you should definitely go on this trip. You will be offered ecologically significant natural objects that will give you strength and positive emotions. The menu includes: Gatchina nature and its amazing geysers, Lake Lipov, which is inextricably linked to the great Gulf of Finland, the Narva River and its two opposing giants, the N.K. Roerich estate in the village of Izvara and, of course, UNESCO-protected Duderhof Heights and Duderhof Lake. Feel the peace and quiet, forget the crowded places, the city traffic and the noise of the city. It's time to relax and enjoy the splendor of nature.

Inspirational Ecotour

2 days itinerary by Darina Frantz - History and Culture, Active Leisure - Car, 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture, Active Leisure

Day 1: Sunset on Lake Lipovsky

The route of this day will take you through the picturesque nature of Gatchina to the mighty Gulf of Finland. You will meet an unforgettable sunset on the shore of Lake Lipov and head for the Western border with Estonia, passing through the town of Ivangorod and the Narva River.
Visiting: Ivangorod, Centralniy, Preobrazhenka, Korpikovo, Veyno, Voyskovitsy

Day 2: Natural Beauties and Small Cities

The second day of the trip you will start at the border between Estonia and Russia, on the bank of the Narva River. On both sides of the river there are two important historical fortresses - Narva and Ivangorod. They are separated by an arrow's flight distance, only 130 m. Then you will visit the manor of Nicholas Roerich in Izvara - a unique complex of monuments of nature, archaeology, architecture, history and culture. This day will not pass without a natural park in the area of Duderhof Heights and the nearby Duderhof Lake, which you will visit on the second section of the road.
Visiting: Ivangorod, Izvara, Centralniy, Pulkovo2, Narva, Kingisepp, Saint Petersburg, Pikkolovo