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Indiana Romance

Road Trip Route. A walk in the parks, Hay ride in the hay, Abraham Lincoln Memorial Building, Observatory, Museum of Fine Arts, The largest cave system in Indianapolis.

A journey for two, filled with romantic moments, shared discoveries and new positive emotions. We are looking forward to a large number of nature walks, visits to the birthplace of the 16th President of the United States, art galleries and evening city lights. We will experience the truth about the bridges and the stars, as well as visit Italy without leaving the country and learn the secrets of wine production. This trip will bring the lovers even closer to each other and allow them to enjoy the whole world in private.

Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture. From: Indianapolis

Gvenet Bloom. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Romantic Lights

A slow walk in the light of colored lights and the first acquaintance with the city.

Monument Circle

We started our tour with Monument circle - a square in the center of which is a monument to soldiers and sailors. This place is very nicely lit in the evening, the buildings around and the play of light create a completely unusual romantic atmosphere. Just what you need for lovers like us.

Harry & Izzy's

Steak house with a very interesting story about friendship long into life, pleasant thematic atmosphere and delicious dishes. Harry Roth and Izzy Rosen met at the age of 10 and continued their communication in high school. After school, they split up: Izzy stayed in his native land and Harry went to Chicago to study. In 1946, Harry's brother Sam, along with a partner named Ike, bought a steakhouse and offered Harry a share in their restaurant. Harry agreed and returned to Indianapolis with the phrase: "I'm changing my glasses to glasses of bar glasses. In 1956, Sam and Ike left the business, so Harry and Izzy got back together. Harry offered an old friend to be his partner. Izzie agreed. Together, they've led the steakhouse to great success. Having put all the factors together, we decided that this place would be a great choice for two people to have a delicious meal.

Day 2: All the Shades of Love

It's a very busy day: we've planned many different events. We'll have a walk, shops in the city of music, a tour of the state architecture, and a trip to the lake.

Canal Walk

Did you know that if you hold your breath and walk across the bridge while making a wish, it will come true? And the longer the bridge is, the sooner what you've wished for will come true. My loved one and I wanted to take a walk in this place and try to perform a long time ago. We walked across the bridges holding hands, and our desires were related to living together. I don't know if they're coming true, but we had fun.

Cafe Patachou

After a lovely walk, we wanted to get some food. Maybe the breakfast was incredibly delicious, because we were together, maybe because of the walk, or maybe it's always so delicious here.

University Park

A great place to relax and walk after breakfast, we liked the fountain, we were curious to see each of the figures that make up the overall composition, and even indulged, depicting these figures. Now we have some funny pictures from the trip.

Downtown Nashville

The locals obviously like westerns or just a cowboy style. The town is full of music, music from all over the place, and a lot of small shops, where you can go. We were so glad to have included a walk here in our itinerary.

Hobnob Corner

The facility is located in the heart of Nashville. We were fascinated by the rustic interior and the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant. It was crowded and noisy inside, but this town was alive. My companion ordered soup of the day and I decided to try Pepper Steak Soup. Big portions, all delicious and fresh.

Monroe Lake

The biggest lake in Indiana. While we were out walking, we saw a lot of fishermen, they say it's a good bite all year round. So if you like fishing, this is where you come in. We were just enjoying the spectacular views.

Bloomington Square

The building of the Court is a delightful monument of local architecture, we, as children, ran back and forth, looking at the building from different angles and looking for a better angle for photos, and then also marvelously walked around the handle.

Dunn Meadow

This field is considered to be a place of student events because some historical protests took place here. For example, in the '60s, protesters against the Vietnam War held meetings here. It is also worth paying attention to the university building and just watching the holidaymakers.

Uptown Cafe

In 1976, at the age of only 26, the chef Michael Cassady opened the first cafe and since then he has been working hard to make sure that today the restaurant Uptown Cafe is not just another institution, but a landmark of the city. Even though it's impossible to be alone in a cafe, we liked it. We left full and satisfied.

Day 3: VS Quiet Adventure

First, we will plunge into romance and enjoy the tranquillity of nature, and then we will become researchers and learn a lot of interesting things about the caves and the art of wine production.

Runcible Spoon

Cozy cafe with a wide choice of dishes and excellent service. We really enjoyed our breakfast here. I'm old-fashioned, I think reading books is useful and romantic, so it was nice to sit in a room where books are part of the interior.

Hoosier National Forest

It's hard to describe in words the emotions we experienced while walking through this reserve. The opportunity to share the moments spent here with a loved one is an invaluable experience. I will always remember this place as a place where love blossoms in all the colors of nature.

Patoka Lake

We found the beach, laid out a few blankets, covered ourselves with blankets and just sat there, admiring the water, and sometimes a fish jumped out of the water - a funny sight.

Indiana Caverns

It was a real adventure! First, we were shown a video of the history of this place. It turns out that in 2012 it was discovered that Blowing Hole was connected to Binkley Caves, the longest cave system in Indianapolis. Prior to this opening, it was not possible to have public access to it. All entrances to the cave system were in private areas with limited access. The opening of the park allowed everyone to go down to the depths of the earth and learn more about the little-known underground world. We've never seen anything like this before. We were curious to learn more, and we were always asking the guide questions. We got an answer to everything we were interested in.

Turtle Run Winery

If you love wine but don't know how it's made, you've come to the right place. We've been told all the subtleties and even revealed some secrets. We agreed in advance that if we visit the winery, my companion will be the first to enjoy the tasting, so I was driving today. And although I haven't tasted wine, visiting this place has brought me a lot of pleasure.

Chickasaw Park

While walking through the park, don't forget to pay attention to the houses in the area: interesting and pleasant architecture complements the overall atmosphere. Unfortunately, we didn't see any lotus blossoms, and yet, we enjoyed our time outdoors.

Belvedere/Riverfront Plaza

The pink sky, the reflection in the river, the statues and the houses around it all contribute to a peaceful atmosphere. The embankment of the Ohio River is not only a pleasant place for walks, but also a historically important place. We've looked at everything.

Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse

A place for those who truly appreciate food and atmosphere. We made it to the evening when live piano music was playing. It was really magical. Excellent acoustics and dimmed light - all for your pleasure and to create a romantic mood.

Day 4: Steps in History

Another busy day: we again tried to combine romantic and useful. Successfully! We visited the place where Abraham Lincoln lived and remembered how interesting the history of our country is, and also walked in several parks.

Wild Eggs

We liked the sign, so we decided to try breakfast here. The concept of the cafe is to offer a new look at traditional breakfast, brunch and lunch. Our verdict is that the cafe is fully coping with the task. We chose Kelly's Quesadilla and Mr. Potato Head Casserole. You're gonna lick the food. Breakfast was a success.

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park

There's no American who doesn't know the name of Abraham Lincoln. It's great when we have the opportunity to take a walk together in the places where this famous person once lived, we felt like a significant part of history and gladly climbed the stairs of the memorial building, holding hands.

Saunders Springs Nature Preserve

We enjoyed a quiet walk in the park in the arms. We admired the beautiful views and stood on the bridge over a small waterfall, and also made a lot of joint selfis. There's nothing better than being away from the hustle and bustle when you're in love.

El Nopal

Have you ever tasted Mexican food? We've tried it, but it's not like that. This is where we learned what real Mexican flavor is. This restaurant has a very unusual serving of dishes, and we were satisfied with what we chose. The interior was a great addition to the atmosphere, the Mexicans love everything bright, and the orange color of the walls created a sense of celebration.

Madison Riverfront

Walk along the riverbank: the park is full of people walking with dogs. We introduced the locals and their pets, it was fun to play with the dogs and watch the animals rejoice.


Nice staff, nice atmosphere, nutritious pizza on thin dough - everything is great. We can't always decide what kind of pizza we want, and this time it was, too. However, the waiter suggested that we create our own pizza by selecting the ingredients ourselves. That's what we did, and it was delicious.

Day 5: Romantic Nature — a Picturesque Soul

Getting to know the stars, romantic moments during a visit to the park and an art gallery - all together in one day. The indelible impressions and moments that all friends want to have as soon as we get back from the trip.

Taste of Belgium - Rookwood

Belgian waffles for breakfast are delicious! The aroma alone will make you drool. We tasted Belgian waffles with vegetable salad, a very unusual combination. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Cincinnati Observatory Center

The sky and the stars are an integral part of romance. It turns out that the observatory offers special night programs for lovers, we did not know about it and came in the morning. As a result, our opinion agreed: at any time of day you can spend time in the observatory and learn a lot of interesting things about the celestial objects. Very romantic.

Ault Park

Maybe we'll come here to take wedding pictures on purpose. Steps, columns, benches - we seem to have plunged into the atmosphere of Shakespeare's work. It's a great opportunity to dream together and talk about the future.

BrewRiver Gastropub

Gastropub offers Creole cuisine. I ordered fish of the day and seasonal salad. My favorite was ordered by Creole Jambalaya and Caesar salad. Fantastically rich taste and nice staff. We've eaten well and we're ready to go back on our journey.

Cincinnati Art Museum

A visit to this museum was the highlight of the day. Even people who are not interested in painting will find something fascinating here, and maybe a visit to this museum will begin his love of painting. The collection of paintings is amazing, which is only worth the work of masters such as Peter Pual Rubens, Hans Memling, Amedeo Modigliani and Jean Baptiste Camille Corot. I have listed just a few artists; the museum offers to get acquainted with the masterpieces of a much larger number of world-famous creators.

Ertel Cellars Winery

A small corner of Italy in America. You can taste as many wines as you want. It's my turn to enjoy this beautiful drink, as this time it's my favorite driver. Last time I absorbed knowledge, this time it was him. Now we both know everything about the Greek god Dionysus' favorite treat, so it was easy to choose a wine as a gift. You can also eat here, but we thought we'd go somewhere else. I want to warn you, the winery is closed on Monday and Tuesday.

LaRosa's Pizzeria

After visiting the wineries, we decided that the pizzeria would be a logical choice. Because pizza is always associated with Italy. This time we took two pizzas at once, so as not to argue, we ate everything, but not fast. While waiting for the order, we have considered numerous photos on the walls of the institution, did not even notice how time passed.

Day 6: It's Time to Get Culturally Enriched

Visited the historical museum, saw unique photos. Enjoyed the paintings of various artists and made a lot of romantic pictures.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

We started the day in a patriotic mood - we went for breakfast to an American restaurant. We couldn't choose for a long time, the restaurant really has a great variety of dishes. Stayed on pancakes with natural syrup and Old Timer's Breakfast.

Southeastway Park

This park has been slightly touched by the human hand, and the hiking trail will be a great place to walk any time of year. We also took part in the park's hay ride program. (You need to sign up in advance). The trip lasts 25 minutes, the feeling is very unusual.

Indiana Historical Society

What a beautiful building, what an interesting exposition. And again, Abraham Lincoln! After visiting the memorial building it was twice as interesting to see the original of the famous photo. We've learned so much and we've got so many topics to discuss.

The Capital Grille

We took a table with sofas and, although the restaurant had a lot of visitors, we felt comfortable together, talking quietly and enjoying the food. The order was made on the waiter's advice, it was delicious.

Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA)

The collection of paintings in the museum is amazing, some of the works are so beautiful that you want to take them with you. It was so great to see the paintings together and share the impressions of what I saw. Here are works by European, American and Asian artists. (For example, works by Edward Hopper, Chagall, Katsusik Hokusai and many other masters). ё We've been standing in front of Pablo Picasso and Cano Sanraku for a particularly long time. In fact, the collection includes not only the paintings, but also we purposefully went to watch them. And, of course, we didn't miss the chance to capture our love in the photo next to the installation of 'love' on the territory of the museum.

Oldfields – Lilly House & Gardens

It's like this place exists to create your own romantic album! The atmosphere helps to reveal the imagination, we felt like noble people on a date. My man even admitted that he enjoyed posing in front of the camera in this place. Let's see what effect this place will have on you.

P.F. Chang's

I love horses and this restaurant has a horse as a symbol, so we went to dinner here. Speaking of Asian cuisine, I love Peking duck, I order this dish everywhere, and this restaurant is no exception. My expectations of food have been fully met. Dinner was lovely, nourishing and delicious.

Day 7: The Other World

Left an interesting place to last - the local market, where you can also eat.

City Market

We've been waiting to visit the city market because it's always fun. Here you can see how people live, what they trade, and what kind of relationship they have. You can get acquainted with the architecture of the building where the market is located and try all kinds of delicious things! We've done all of the above and we wish you the same.