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Incredible Nature of the State of Washington

Road Trip Route. Explore State National Parks, Visit the most picturesque sites, Walk along the scenic trails, See various animals and birds in their natural habitat.

On this journey you will visit a large number of natural beauties and corners of the State of Washington. It is, as Americans call it, the Evergreen State. This trip will provide you with the opportunity to explore National Parks, protected areas, flora and fauna, incredible waterfalls and lakes. This journey will truly bring you closer to nature and plunge you into a world of pristine forests and tranquility. Get ready for walking, hiking and mountain climbing.

Uninhabited Nature. From: Seattle

Anastasia Omelchuk. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Space Needle

Today is your first day in the city, and there's a lot to interest you; visit one of the most recognizable sights in the world, Space Needle. The observation deck offers an incredible view of the city.

Space Needle

Space Needle is just one of the world's most renowned sites and Seattle's crown jewel. It was built for the 1962 World's Fair and was part of a futuristic exposition, the theme of which was associated with the era of space. Since its inauguration on April 21, 1962, the landmark has continued to symbolize Seattle's innovative and visionary spirit. The height of the tower is 184 meters, the observation deck offers the view of not only the city, but also such nearby attractions as the Mount Rainier volcano, the Cascade Range and the surrounding islands.

Metropolitan Grill

The restaurant offers perfect steaks, beef tenderloin and filet mignon. In the Metropolitan Grill, you can safely have a dessert with chocolate cake, apple pie and New York cheesecake; all the sweets here are delicious. Be sure to order a good homemade wine, bourbon or martini here.

Day 2: Picturesque nature

Today, you spend the day outdoors in the Olympic National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy the untouched nature and a beautiful lake.


The Lola menu features Greek and Mediterranean dishes. Taste amazing Benedict eggs, donuts with jam and grilled octopus here. This place is famous for delicious pancakes, coconut cream pie and yogurt. And be sure to order some takeout to have lunch in nature.

Olympic National Park

Local communities are closely and directly connected with the park in the field of culture, heritage and traditions, and also provide important historical information and significance for the landscape of the park. Eight modern tribes of the Olympic peninsula: Hoh, Ozette, Makah, Quinoa, Quileute, Quinault, Lower Elwha Klallam and Jamestown S'Klallam, have lived in this area since time immemorial and continue to maintain strong relations with land and water now in the Olympic National Park.

Lake Cushman

Initially, the lake was a long narrow branch of the Skokomish River, formed in the glacier trench. The lake has been expanded after the construction of the Cushman Dam No. 1 and is supported by this dam, while providing electricity for the Tacoma Power system. The lake is a picturesque and secluded place for hiking, fishing, boating and kayaking, the coastline is dotted with resorts and rental points. The lake is characterized by beautiful crystal clear blue water and huge round cliffs surrounding it, as well as dense thickets of spruce and cedar.

McMenamins Spar Café

Try delicious fried oysters, potatoes with bacon, or pizza. Many customers say that McMenamins Spar Café serves good blueberry pancakes, French toast and cookies. Be sure to visit this place if you want to try a delicious stout, wine or cider.

Day 3: The beauty of waterfalls

The day is devoted to visiting picturesque waterfalls and conquering forest paths. Beautiful nature and plants will accompany you all the way.

Piroshky Piroshky

And for breakfast, check out a small local pastry shop with a large assortment of pastries and breakfast dishes. According to the established tradition, order some takeout to have a picnic in nature. And for this, sandwiches, toasts, croissants and salads are perfect.

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls is a beautiful iconic waterfall in the Fraser Valley. The waterfall is a popular tourist destination, perfect to make a stop and stretch your legs after a long journey. To get to Bridal Veil Falls you need to follow a short and easy trail that will impress with its beauty.

Wallace Falls Cafe

If you haven’t bought food for a picnic in nature, you can stop at this cozy restaurant to have lunch between walks.

Wallace Falls State Park

The Wallace Falls Trail of average complexity is about 7 km long. The trail is mainly used for hiking and nature trips from April to November. Wallace Falls consists of nine different waterfalls, each of which is worth a visit. And the places you pass by are perfect for having a picnic in nature.

John Howie Steak

This restaurant is the choice of those who know a lot about good meat dishes. You should definitely try the fat steaks, grilled ribs and a cheese platter. At John Howie Steak, you can enjoy mouth-watering lime pie, bread pudding, and chocolate cake. It is worth trying a good malbec wine, bourbon or liquor.

Day 4: Mountain lake and picturesque forests

Today you go again to the National Parks, see a mountain lake, go along hiking routes and feel the nature.

DERU Market

According to customers, the pizzeria serves delicious grilled sandwich, salad pizza and mushroom pizza. The place is famous for its good chocolate cake, coconut cake and cookies. An amazingl caramel latte, iced tea or peppermint lemonade is worth tasting at DERU. And again, be sure to order some takeout for lunch outdoors.

Lake Twentytwo Trail

This is where the hiking begins. Enjoy a scenic walk!

Mt. Pilchuck Summit

Every year, many tourists climb Mount Pilchuck to enjoy breathtaking views of untouched nature. Rising to a height of 2,300 feet, you will see a panoramic view of Mount Baker, Mount Rainier and Olympic National Park.

The Dining Room at Salish Lodge & Spa

Try delicious stuffed crab, pizza with prosciutto and Benedict eggs in this restaurant. Chefs make good cookies, pancakes and waffles. Customers claim the Attic at Salish Lodge serves great wine, champagne or ale.

Day 5: Amazing view

Today you go to Lake Diablo featuring stunning turquoise blue color of the water. The dam offers a breathtaking view.

Farmhouse Market

Go to the local store to buy plenty of water for your upcoming trips.

Diablo Dam

The Diablo Lake Trail is a 7.5-mile moderate-traffic trail not far from Marblemount. Head to the far end of the dam to find a parking from where you can walk and watch both sides of the dam. The water here is of an incredible turquoise color. Go to Diablo Lake, offering a more distant, but still interenging view of the dam, and a magnificent view of the lake itself.

Washington Pass Overlook

This is one of the popular locations in the State of Washington. This park provides the opportunity to walk through relict forests, observe wild animals in combination with water recreation. You can also enjoy an extremely magnificent view of the mountains, so be sure to walk around the park.

Alta Lake State Park

There are two parks in this conservation area: one newer, with a picnic area and plenty of campsites for trailers and tents. And the older part of the park, according to visitors, offers more picturesque "wild" landscapes.

Troy's Pizza

Try barbecue chicken pizza, oriental chicken salad and bb bridge burger in this restaurant. Also you can see which products they own and which ones are supplied. It serves very fresh herbs and amazing dressing.

Day 6: Magnificent lakes

Today you visit protected areas in which picturesque lakes are located and can have a picnic next to them, on the shore of the lake equipped for this.

Bear Foods

It promises to be a long and eventful day today, so be sure to buy some food for both breakfast and lunch. Enjoy the day spent in nature and have a picnic in fabulous scenery.

Lake Chelan State Park

Lake Chelan State Park is a 127-acre camping park on the southern shore of Lake Chelan. The park boasts 6,000 feet of waterline, superb views over the lake and large lawns for walks and games.

Chateau Faire Le Pont

From Tuesday to Sunday you can enjoy a tasting at the local winery, learn the secrets of making and storing flavored drinks and the history of the vineyards, and buy some nice souvenirs from your trip.

Wenatchee National Forest

In the Lake Wenatchee State Park, there are 97 difficult tracks, ranging in length from 5 to 197 km. The name of the park comes from its location. The territory of the park is located at the confluence of two rivers, Wenatchee and Columbia. Lake Wenatchee State Park has an incredible landscape and is considered a unique place. You can also explore the wildlige in this area.

Woodman Lodge

Woodman Lodge is a great place for a special dinner in the Snoqualmie Valley. This restaurant has an impressive menu with a wonderful wine list. This is not a traditional steakhouse; Woodman Lodge offers an extensive menu of amazing appetizers, soups, salads, fried foods, hamburgers and sandwiches. Please note that the restaurant is closed on Mondays.

Day 7: Glass as Art

This is your final day on this wonderful trip and in the morning you go to the Museum of Glass, where you can watch the work of masters and various exhibits.

Bakery Nouveau

Have the final breakfast in Seattle in a pleasant authentic bakery with a large selection of various delicacies: try extremely delicious and beautiful cakes and pastries, enjoy aromatic coffee or strong tea and just have a good time here.

Waterfront Park

The final point of the trip is the city embankment. This is a great quiet place to have a walk and review the trip. Here is one of the city’s most famous landmarks, the Seattle Great Wheel, offering a beautiful view of city architecture. And strolling along the embankment, you can walk to the sculpture park, and marvel at the skill and imagination of contemporary artists.