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In winter sledding.

Road Trip Route. Husky riding, The bell tower in Kalyazin, Winter fishing, Kalyazinka space communication center, Snowkite on Plescheevo Lake, Sports complex "Bend".

You will have two active days in nature, you will be able to ride on Husky, admire the buildings of Russian scientists - get acquainted with the radio space observatory in Kalyazin, test a snowkite on Pleshcheevo Lake (check the wind forecast), which itself is like a miracle of the world. There is also a holy spring on the lake, where you can pick up the drivers and the pagan Blue Stone, which magically slowly goes to the bottom, but despite its going into the water, it still creates an unusual aura around the lake. On the second day, in the rays of dawn you'll find a winter hiking on the lake (don't forget to wear waterproof shoes) and, in the second half of the day you'll spend in the sports park "Bend", which is near Yaroslavl. There you can also choose the entertainment of your choice - whether it's skiing, snowboarding, snowmobile or a regular cake.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Space Observatory and Plescheevo Lake

You'll start the morning by taking a sled ride with a husky, with a breeze in the snow - that's what it takes to feel the spirit of the journey. Afterwards you'll try to catch the signal from Venus in Kalyazin, at the same time you'll see a flooded bell tower, which in winter you can walk to on ice. In the evening you will have one of three options: fishing, light hiking or snowkite. For your information: Plescheevo Lake is a true Mecca of kiterers due to the constant blowing of stable winds.


Gazpromneft filling station #27

The journey begins! For a smooth trip, we recommend stopping at a gas station - fill a full tank of quality fuel, pump up the tires, buy aromatic coffee and snacks on the road.

Turklub, Northern Sleddog Kennel, Huskies of Siberia

You will get acquainted with Huskies, who are madly fond of running, and they will take you across the snow in a wagon across the expanses of the Yaroslavl region. You can get more information [here](

Кафе Визит

Lunch in a small cafe in historic Kalyazin. A simple cafe with a magnificent langman.


It is a huge radio astronomical station with the following studies: reception of radio-mapping data of Venus surface; reception of scientific information and participation in control of trajectory of interplanetary stations "VEGA - 1, 2" and "FOBOS - 1"; participation in control of motion of probes-aerostats in Venus atmosphere; reception of television signals of Halley's comet images; reception of television images of Mars - Phobos satellite; study and control of radio radiation of the Sun and its surrounding space.

Национальный парк «Плещеево озеро»

Since winter sunsets are early, you only have a couple of hours to go snowboarding (tip: take into account the wind forecast, which can be viewed on the website [kite school](, where you can also sign up for a class), but if you do not like kitesurfing, you can go fishing on the lake all year round. Pleshcheyevsky perch is a bit different from its brothers living in other waters, so it is unique in its own way. And Plesheevo Lake itself is one of the most beautiful water bodies in the Yaroslavl region at any time of year. Welcome and enjoy the beauty. Around the lake there are also many hiking trails for those who prefer their two to any type of transport. Please note that the lake has only two sailing spots and they are listed below.

Surf beach

If you have your own equipment, it is better to choose this beach.

Kayterskoye Mesto

And if you need kite rentals and instruction, stop by the school. It is necessary to contact the school in advance using the contacts listed on the [kite school] website( If you don't want to go kiting, it is still worth stopping by these places and taking pictures of the endless expanses of the lake.

Day 2: Hiking and skiing

The morning is quite calm, as the wind on the lake blows after 11 am, you will have a light hiking in the National Park, dinner with freshly caught fish and the road to the ski slope near Yaroslavl.

Синий камень

The Blue Stone is one of the few authentic ritual objects that have survived since the times of pagan Russia. In the present days the Blue Stone is slowly leaving the ground for unclear geological reasons. Until it has not gone under water at all, you will have time to feel the strength of this stone.

Александрова Гора

It's a great place to meet the sunrise. A light morning stroll will cheer you up.

Никитский родник

Stop at the spring for some holy water on the road.

Национальный парк «Плещеево озеро»

Plesheevo Lake is waiting for you again. In the morning there is usually not as much wind as in the daytime, so I advise you to choose one of the winter trails in the park and go for winter hiking. There are seven ecological trails in the national park, with a total length of over 21 km. Four trails run along the territory of the dendrological garden, while the other trails run along the main territory of the park.

Трактир «Попов Луг»

Lunch is waiting for you in the traditional style of Pereyaslavl-Zalessky. For lunch I advise you to try freshly caught fish.


In the afternoon and on the road you will find the "Bend" park of active rest. The main slope of the 330-meter long "Bend" will suit most skiers, as well as a 380-meter slope with a simplified relief. The training slope is 480 m long, it is the longest and widest of all slopes. Choose the slope that suits you best. There is also a rental of skiing equipment, cakes and even snowmobiles. More information can be obtained [on site](

Gazpromneft filling station #29

Isn't it time to stop on vacation? You can warm up, fill up and buy goods on the way at Gazpromneft's filling stations.

Иоанн Васильевич

There are 7 restaurant halls in the complex, I am sure that you can choose one of them to your liking and taste Russian and European cuisine, and at the same time look into a very nice city, located on the route of the Golden Ring and the UNESCO protection zone.