In the footsteps of the past: a journey through the abandoned estates of the Kaluga region. – Road.Travel

In the footsteps of the past: a journey through the abandoned estates of the Kaluga region.

Road Trip Route. Visit the dilapidated 18th century church in Grabtsevo., To visit the mansion of noblemen Chirikovs, who left a noticeable trace on the Kaluga land, To find out how things are at Baryatino Manor., Learn the secrets of Princess Dashkova at her estate in Trinity., .

The mysteries of abandoned estates do not cease to fascinate fans of history and extreme recreation. On the territory of the Kaluga region there are a lot of lapses that arouse interest among impression hunters. To reach them is not always easy, but the real enthusiast is unlikely to be frightened by bad roads!

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Marina Selivanova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Grabtsevo estate, ruins of Chirikov estate, Baryatino estate, Dashkova estate in Troitskoe village

We will start the day by visiting the manor in the village of Grabtsevo, and then wander around the majestic ruins of the Chirikov estate. In the afternoon we will look into the remains of the manor in Baryatino, after which we will find the most beautiful scenery for a photo shoot in the village of Troitskoye, where the mansion of Princess Dashkova, the companion of Catherine II, lives its life.


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Church of the Dormition in Grabtsevo

In the village of Grabtsevo near Kaluga there is a noble estate of the Yeropkin family of the XVIII century. The manor house is easy to find: today it is occupied by a flying school. Particularly impressive in the village is the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, made in the Moscow Baroque style. It was erected in 1722 and by today it is in ruins, but restoration works have been carried out here for several years. In some places remains of paintings have been preserved, the floor, alas, has been completely lost.

The ruins of the Chirikov estate

Representatives of Chirikov's noble family owned the village of Ferzikovo for almost two hundred years - from the XVII to the middle of the XIX century. The manor house, the remains of which can still be found today, was built in the Catherine Baroque style. After the revolution there was a school and a children's sanatorium, and in the autumn of 1941 there was a German hospital. The building has been in disrepair since the late 1980s. There are practically only walls left with collapsed beams inside. Under the Chirikovs, the house was surrounded by a fake park, which was smoothly transformed into a landscape park with three cascading ponds. All these beauties were preserved, though in a neglected state. In the future it is planned to locate a cultural and entertainment complex - the restoration of the park is already underway.


We'll go to the Manor Café for lunch. This is a proven place to eat without spending a lot of money for a couple of dishes and a drink. It's not just a nice place to have lunch, but also to spend time and rest.

Usad'ba Baryatino

Then the way lies to the village of Baryatino, where the remains of a vast manor complex of XVII century are located. Originally the estate belonged to the Princes of Baryatsk, but in 1697 they sold the estate to the Princes Golitsyn. Later the place was inherited by D. Gorchakov. The village has preserved the Dormition Church, which is now inactive and is gradually being destroyed, the remains of the manager's house, the park and the bar house, which today houses the school.

Usad'ba Dashkovoy V Sele Troitskoye Na Protve

The estate in Troitskoye village was built in the middle of the XVIII century and belonged to M.I. Dashkov, the husband of Catherine Romanovna Vorontsova-Dashkova, an associate of Catherine II. The object is unique and remarkable in every respect, but, alas, it is rapidly dying. The heirs of the princess turned out in the mansion, first a cloth factory, and then a paper and cardboard factory, which worked until 1941. After that, the building slowly began to decay: to this day it has been preserved in fragments.

Тарусское время

For dinner we'll stop by the cafe ["Tarusse time"](http://xn-----6kcciqe7a1dkiof.xn--p1ai/). Here they offer nourishing, homemade delicious dishes that will satisfy your appetite. The cafe is quite popular but small, so you can book a table in advance. By the way, in the yard of the cafe there is a small museum of Taruscan history.