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In the footsteps of the great creators.

Road Trip Route. Visit the museum-estate Suida, Visit Rozhdestvenno estate, Visit N.K. Roerich Manor, Have dinner at the restaurant-castle.

If you are interested in the theme of art, creativity and life of great people of the past centuries, this journey is just for you! After all, you will be able to see with your own eyes the manor where Alexander Pushkin's great-grandfather lived, visit the museum-estate "Rozhdestvenno", where you will learn about the life path and work of V.V.. Nabokov, visit the estate, where the great artist N.K. Roerich spent his childhood and make an evening stroll in Catherine Park.

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Ann Mikhaylova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Museums-estates of great people and an evening stroll in Catherine Park

Today we will visit the museum-estate "Suida", where once lived the great-grandfather of the poet Alexander Pushkin, we will visit the estate "Rozhdestvenno" and get closer to the history of life and work of the writer V.V. We will see the house where the artist N.K. Roerich spent his childhood and adolescence, take a walk in the Catherine Park and finish the day with a dinner in a real castle.

Saint Petersburg

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Музей-усадьба «Суйда»

We start our trip from A.P. Hannibal's estate museum "Suida" in the village of the same name, where once lived the great grandfather of the famous poet A.S. Pushkin. Here the poet's mother was born and married, as well as his favorite nurse - Arina Rodionovna. In the museum you can see about 1000 original things of Abram Petrovich Hannibal, starting from his library to the silver teaspoons. Not far from the museum there is a tomb of Abram P. Hannibal and the very green oak tree about which once wrote a poem by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin. There are restrictions on the number of people in the museum: for independent viewing of the exposition - up to 3 people, for guided tours - up to 10 people. Make an appointment for a tour in advance by phone at [group]( The museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Museum-Estate "Rozhdestveno"

And now we will go to the house where the writer, poet and playwright Vladimir Nabokov, who was loved by many people, used to live. Today the mansion houses an exposition dedicated to the life of the estate owner, thanks to which you will be able to learn more about the writer's biography, about the years he spent in emigration, about his work and hobbies. After the museum you can take a walk through the manor park whose trees have been standing there for more than 200 years. If you walk a little further, you will find small caves and springs coming out of the rocks. Locals believe that the water of one of the springs has healing properties! The museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

У Самсона Вырина

Today we will have lunch at "Samson Vyrin's" tavern, which will not only please you with its delicious food, but also surprise you with its interior in traditional Russian style: authentic Russian stove, wooden tables, benches, carved wood patterns on the walls. The menu offers a wide variety of Russian and European dishes cooked according to old recipes.

Усадьба Н.К. Рериха

The next point of our route will be the estate of Russian artist, archaeologist and defender of the natural heritage of humanity N.K. Roerich, where he spent his childhood and youth. In the museum itself you will find an exhibition of artifacts found once by Roerich, as well as an exposition devoted to his work and family. The house consists of 8 exhibition halls, where you can get acquainted with his personal belongings, household items of that time, clothes, dishes and folk art of the XVII-XIX centuries. In addition to the manor house there are also nine buildings built several centuries ago, a large park with unique species of trees, lakes and ponds, which the artist so loved to depict on his canvases. You can book a tour by calling 8-813-73-73-273. The museum is open until 16:30, the number of visitors in the exhibition halls up to 5 people, outdoors up to 25 people. The museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Catherine Park (Екатерининский парк)

The last point of our cultural programme will be a walk in Catherine's Park. The territory of the park is divided into two parts: the Old Garden, which, according to legend, was founded by Peter the Great himself, and the landscape English Park, where there are many interesting objects - terraces, monuments, ponds. Here you can see many unique architectural constructions, monuments and artificial reservoirs.

Ресторан БИП

The restaurant was built in the 18th century on the orders of Paul I. The exterior of the restaurant is reminiscent of an old castle, and the dishes are served exclusively with antique dishes. The exterior of the restaurant resembles an ancient castle, and only antique tableware is used here for serving dishes. You can order a dish in 6 variants of serving, or the chefs are ready to cook it according to your recipe! Cozy atmosphere and impeccable cuisine will surely make you to come back here many times.

Saint Petersburg