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In the footsteps of knights and vikings

Road Trip Route. Taste the legendary Vyborg pretzel, Try on knight's armour, Feel yourself a real Viking, .

An itinerary for those who are looking for new and interesting experiences. You will go to Vyborg, founded by Swedish crusaders, to walk around the most European city of our country and be knights in a real castle. On the second day, transform from knights to Vikings in the medieval city - hurry to buy tickets while they are available. Finish your journey in the relaxing atmosphere of the lakeside country club. This Valentine's Day is sure to be unforgettable!

Unique Locations, History and Culture. From: Saint Petersburg

Alina Maslova. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Getting to know Vyborg

An eventful day awaits you in the atmospheric Vyborg. Treat yourself to a legendary pretzel at the Ginger Cat's house, dress up in knight's armour at Vyborg Castle, explore the mysterious Monrepo Park. For dessert, take a stroll along the waterfront and a photo at sunset by Viking drakkars.

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Лавка Рыжей Лапки

Start your acquaintance with Vyborg by tasting the pretzel of the same name, the recipe for which has come down to us from the Franciscan monks themselves. You can also visit a cozy souvenir shop of local craftsmen and a cafe with its ginger owner Kuzma Voldemarovich, who might even join you for a cup of coffee.

Площадь Старой Ратуши

Stroll around the oldest square in Vyborg, which, by the way, hasn't changed in appearance since the 17th century. Take a photo with the founder of Vyborg Castle, Swedish Marshal Torgils Knuttson and go to the castle!

Vyborg Castle (Выборгский замок)

Here it is, the main attraction of the city - the castle, founded by the Swedes in the XIII century. A curious fact: it's the only castle on the water in Russia! In addition, it is also completely preserved, despite numerous sieges. Important: on Monday, the castle is closed.


It's a good time to eat in an atmospheric tavern, as befits a true hungry knight. The place is very authentic indeed, from the food on offer to the burning candles and the waiters in period costume.

Monrepos (Монрепо)

In search of peace and inspiration, head to the island of Tverdysh, to the picturesque Monrepo Park (translated from French as Mon Repos - "my peace"). The park is famous for its unique granite landscape. Once there was a glacier that underwent several earthquakes. Important: The Park of Monrepo is under partial reconstruction until autumn 2020. Some areas are not yet accessible to visitors.

Town Hall Tower (Башня Ратуши)

As dusk falls, climb the Old Town Hall Tower to see the scenery of winter Vyborg. You can go up to the observation deck from Thursday to Sunday. The number of visitors is limited, so it is better to buy a ticket in advance at [website](

Набережная Большого Ковша

Vyborg Castle is especially beautiful at sunset. See it for yourself, take a walk along the embankment and see it from a new perspective. Make a stop at the Viking drakkar, a 24-metre long ship that Vyborg inherited after the filming of "And Trees Grow on Stones".

Black Bull & Bar

Walk past Bürger Manor to the café with the most delicious burgers. It's also home to some incredibly appetising juicy steaks!

Day 2: Journey to the medieval town of Svargas

Today you will be transported back in time by visiting a Viking settlement, relaxing in a country club and having dinner in a restaurant with panoramic windows.

Часовая башня

Take a walk next to the Clock Tower, which survived several fires and miraculously survived the Great Patriotic War. Despite a series of ordeals and a difficult fate, it looks great now, having just been restored.

Усадьба Бюргера

The burgher's manor is a restored 16th-century building that now houses a tourist information centre. And in winter you can often drink glög and eat a Vyborg pretzel here.

Костел Святого Гиацинта

Take a look at St. Hyacinth's Church, one of the oldest buildings in Vyborg, built in the 16th century. It was a Franciscan monastery school, but now it's an interactive museum with a knight's hall and even a reconstructed torture chamber. The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday. [Official website](

Сваргас (деревня викингов)

The Svargas theme park recreates in detail the Viking way of life of the VIII-XII centuries. Here you will learn about the way "from the Vikings to the Greeks", visit the medieval forge of Svargas, shoot an arrow, learn how Vikings prepared for maritime campaigns and fortune-telling with runes. Park can be visited on Saturday and Sunday. Interact program starts at 12:00. Tickets must be purchased in advance, you can do it online at [official community](

Ресторан базы отдыха «Тапиола»

Have lunch at the restaurant on the shore of the forest lake. The menu includes Russian and Scandinavian dishes, as well as "highlights" from the chef: stuffed pike, triple ear, hot-smoked trout. On the territory of the country club you can also have a rest in the pool-garden, enjoy a spa-programme or just take a walk surrounded by pristine nature. To arrange a time for a visit, book a table and book a spa session, please call the telephone numbers listed on [website](

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