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In search of Tver Karelians

In search of Tver Karelians
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In the heart of the Old Russian lands, in the Tver region, a Karelian enclave has existed for four centuries already. Once it numbered about 140 thousand people. Today the number of people speaking dialects of the Karelian language and aware of their roots is rapidly decreasing. But not all is lost: culture and language live on in small villages, museums of regional studies, workshops and centres of architecture. That is where you will go today!
Marina Selivanova
Marina Selivanova
  • Find old Karelian houses near Torzhok.
  • Learn all about Karelians in the museum of Likhoslava.
  • Visit a marmalade factory.
  • Buy Karelian painted tableware.
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Ethno-complex under the open sky, marmalade factory, museum in Lihoslavl
Day 1192 km

Ethno-complex under the open sky, marmalade factory, museum in Lihoslavl

In the first half of the day you'll take a walk at the ethnographic open-air museum "Vasilevo" where you'll see the real Karelian houses of the past centuries. After having a meal in the real monastery's refectory you will go to the marmalade factory near Likhoslavl. Then the way lies to the ceramic workshop-store in order to buy useful souvenirs with Karelian motives at home. At the end of the day visit the Karelian Museum of Local Lore, where you will get answers to all your questions.
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