In search of answers and inspiration. To the Black Sea coast from Krasnodar. – Road.Travel

In search of answers and inspiration. To the Black Sea coast from Krasnodar.

Road Trip Route. Pyfabe Fortress, Museum of Bread and Wine, Museum Complex "Mikhailovsky Fortification", Dolmens, Oak Giant, Kiselev Rock, House-Museum of A.A. Kiselev, Poletayev Museum, Khudyzhensky brewery, .

Two-day trip to cultural and historical heritage sites of the region. On the way there will be both architectural religious buildings and mysterious stone dolmens. Also on the route there are historical museum complexes devoted to local history, winemaking and art.

History and Culture, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Krasnodar

Pavel Ivshin. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Towards the Black Sea coast

We will learn about the history of winemaking and baking, as well as the events of the war almost two hundred years ago. Towards the end of the day, we will be surrounded by almost two dozen mystical dolmens.


Gazpromneft filling station #49

The journey begins! For a smooth trip, we recommend stopping at a gas station - fill a full tank of quality fuel, pump up the tires, buy aromatic coffee and snacks on the road.

Psyfabe Fortress

The remains of an ancient fortress, Happy Bridge, Arc de Triomphe and Dantova Gorge are also nearby. Next to it is an arch with lions, which is more than a hundred years old. Some visitors find a connection with the lions and sphinxes of St. Petersburg.

Смотровая Площадка

Picturesque observation deck on the ridge. Or rather, it's not even a platform, but a tower. Cool photos are provided. There's no way to pass by!

Музей Хлеба И Вина

Museum of the history of baking and winemaking of the region is made in the form of a windmill. For all visitors bake bread according to ancient recipes, you can buy it immediately after the tour for a symbolic price, and even during the tour you will be offered to taste three varieties of local wines, show the mill and all its mechanisms and offer to grind grain on a hand mill. The museum is closed on Mondays. It is better to check the work mode on holidays in advance by phone +7 (861-41) 616-39.

Музейный Комплекс "Михайловское Укрепление"

Historical and Ethnographic Museum, restored on the ramparts of fortifications that were part of the Black Sea coastline during the Caucasian wars, almost 200 years ago. It is safe to call a small museum of living history.

Cafe "Podvorie"

Pleasant cafe with the atmosphere of an old farm. Prices are very democratic. Watching the animals living on the local farmstead will help to speed up the waiting, here you will see chickens and snails.

Дольмен "Патриарх"

There are about two dozen dolmens in the valley, many of which, unfortunately, have been destroyed, but there are also preserved specimens. Dolmens are ancient tombs, tombs. They belong to the megalithic structures, that is to the structures of large stones. The literal translation of the term sounds like "stone table". There are over 30,000 dolmens all over the world. The Caucasian dolmens date back to the III-II century BC.

The Source Gastro Bar

A variety of cuisine and dishes. Anyway, strangely enough, this place boasts burgers and rolls. Responsive and friendly staff.


After dinner, you can go for a walk to the beach. The sea is beautiful at any time of year and in any expression. Especially at night in starry weather.

Day 2: Day of Art

Art Day. Today you will visit several museums of Russian artists: Poletaev and Kiselev, as well as the rock, which became the object of A.A. Kiselev's inspiration. At the end of the route we will visit the brewery and taste the local product, the taste of which is so appreciated by the residents of the region.

Дуб Великан

Remember when you couldn't reach the tree with your hands as a child? Now there's a time when it takes at least four hands to perform this rite. It's an unofficial landmark of these places.

Kiselev Rock

The same rock that A.A. Kiselev was inspired by while working on his works. The formation of the rock is geologically similar to the notorious Trail of the Giant in Ireland, but the size is much smaller.

House-Museum of A.A. Kiselev

Life history and exhibition of works by artist Kiselev. The painter worked here for many years, inspired by the Black Sea landscapes. He was an active participant in the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions. The museum is closed on weekends.

Музей Полетаева

Life history and exhibition of works by artist Poletayev. During his life he was an active political and social figure. He did a lot for Tuapse and its inhabitants.

Restaurant "Shinok"

Restaurant that specializes in Kubanskaya and kitchen. Everything that is so dear to a Russian man. There are also dishes of Caucasian cuisine. Democrat prices.

Армянская церковь

The Armenian church is not as ancient as in the valleys of Armenia, but it is also worthy of attention. It's functioning. Armenians were among the first to adopt Christianity and are very proud of this fact and of the fact that they stand practically at the origins of this religion.

Khudyzhensky brewery

Best beer in the neighborhood. The brewery has a shop where you can buy always fresh beer. This year the brewery is celebrating its 60th anniversary. The Khadyzhensky brewery was one of the first in the region to produce "live beer".


We will finish our journey in the restaurant "Kharchevnya" - there is a wide range of traditional dishes. It's delicious and nourishing. Crown dish - soup-bread, which is served in a bread "plate".