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In search of answers and inspiration. To the Black Sea coast from Krasnodar.

In search of answers and inspiration. To the Black Sea coast from Krasnodar.
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2 Days


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485 km






History and Culture🎅 Winter Trips
Two-day trip to cultural and historical heritage sites of the region.
On the way there will be both architectural religious buildings and mysterious stone dolmens.
Also on the route there are historical museum complexes devoted to local history, winemaking and art.
Pavel Ivshin
Pavel Ivshin
Travel Expert
  • Pyfabe Fortress.
  • Museum of Bread and Wine.
  • Museum Complex "Mikhailovsky Fortification".
  • Dolmens.
  • Oak Giant.
  • Kiselev Rock.
  • House-Museum of A.A. Kiselev.
  • Poletayev Museum.
  • Khudyzhensky brewery.
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Towards the Black Sea coast
Day 1233 km718 m

Towards the Black Sea coast

We will learn about the history of winemaking and baking, as well as the events of the war almost two hundred years ago. Towards the end of the day, we will be surrounded by almost two dozen mystical dolmens.
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Day of Art
Day 2253 km

Day of Art

Art Day. Today you will visit several museums of Russian artists: Poletaev and Kiselev, as well as the rock, which became the object of A.A. Kiselev's inspiration. At the end of the route we will visit the brewery and taste the local product, the taste of which is so appreciated by the residents of the region.
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