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In Leviathan's footsteps: Teriberka, cinematic landscapes and the rugged beauty of northern nature

In Leviathan's footsteps: Teriberka, cinematic landscapes and the rugged beauty of northern nature
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Following Andrei Zvyagintsev, we are going to explore the aesthetics of Russian longing on the shores of the Arctic Ocean and the Barents Sea. It will be harsh and very beautiful! Meditative landscapes, endless beaches, lakes, mountains and waterfalls await you. You will visit famous Teriberka and see with your own eyes a ship cemetery, one of the most photogenic places in Russia. You can enjoy the views of tundra and taste local seafood. If your soul demands something unusual, discover Russian North!
Tour features: ✓ The filming sites of the movie "Leviathan". ✓ Unusual locations and picturesque northern landscapes. ✓ Meals of game and local seafood.
Recommendations: ✓ Take comfortable shoes and warm clothing to protect you from the rain and north wind. ✓ Don't forget SPF cream and repellent. ✓ Have cash with you - card payment and ATMs are not available everywhere.
Екатерина Крылова
Екатерина Крылова
  • The Khibiny Mountains.
  • The northernmost botanic garden.
  • Arctic Ocean.
  • Graveyard of ships.
  • Waterfall.
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Kirovsk and the Khibiny Mountains
Day 1449 km

Kirovsk and the Khibiny Mountains

Kirovsk is situated in the heart of the Khibiny Mountains, on the shore of the picturesque Lake Bolshoy Vudyavr. Here you will visit Russia's northernmost botanical garden, admire endless landscapes of mountains and lakes and see an atmospheric abandoned train station.
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Barents Sea and Teriberka
Day 2288 km165 m

Barents Sea and Teriberka

Today you'll visit the coast of the Barents Sea and Teriberka settlement. You'll swing on swings on the seashore, see the beach "with dragon's balls", waterfall, abandoned buildings and enjoy beautiful views of the tundra.
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