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In Leviathan's footsteps: Teriberka, cinematic landscapes and the rugged beauty of northern nature

Road Trip Route. The Khibiny Mountains, The northernmost botanic garden, Arctic Ocean, Graveyard of ships, Waterfall.

Following Andrei Zvyagintsev, we are going to explore the aesthetics of Russian longing on the shores of the Arctic Ocean and the Barents Sea. It will be harsh and very beautiful! Meditative landscapes, endless beaches, lakes, mountains and waterfalls await you. You will visit famous Teriberka and see with your own eyes a ship cemetery, one of the most photogenic places in Russia. You can enjoy the views of tundra and taste local seafood. If your soul demands something unusual, discover Russian North! **Tour features:** ✓ The filming sites of the movie "Leviathan". ✓ Unusual locations and picturesque northern landscapes. ✓ Meals of game and local seafood. **Recommendations:** ✓ Take comfortable shoes and warm clothing to protect you from the rain and north wind. ✓ Don't forget SPF cream and repellent. ✓ Have cash with you - card payment and ATMs are not available everywhere.

Uninhabited Nature, Unique Locations. From: Murmansk

Екатерина Крылова. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Kirovsk and the Khibiny Mountains

Kirovsk is situated in the heart of the Khibiny Mountains, on the shore of the picturesque Lake Bolshoy Vudyavr. Here you will visit Russia's northernmost botanical garden, admire endless landscapes of mountains and lakes and see an atmospheric abandoned train station.


It takes 3 hours to get to Kirovsk. We leave early in order to see more interesting places and be back before nightfall.

Полярно-альпийский ботанический сад-институт им. Н.А. Аврорина

The northernmost botanical garden in Russia and one of the three existing circumpolar botanical gardens in the world. The tropical greenhouses against the mountain backdrop are impressive, especially in winter, but a walk along the ecotrope from the foot of the mountain to the Vud'yavrchorr Botanical Circus will impress even more. The route is only about 1 km long and it passes through 4 high belts, and at the top there are beautiful panoramic views of the inner Khibiny and Kirovsk town. Only excursion groups are allowed on the trail, you can sign up for one on the website. Tours are by appointment. We receive requests by phone +7(921) 043-41-50 from 09.00 till 16.00 from Monday to Friday. Excursion schedule: Monday - Friday: 10:00; 12:00; 14:00 Weekends and holidays: 10:00; 12:00; 14:00; 16:00 Visiting the greenhouse without a guided tour at weekends and holidays: 1:00pm; 3:00pm; 5:00pm without an appointment.

озеро «Малый Вудъявр»

The picturesque lake, surrounded by forest, bears the proud title "the pearl of the Khibiny". Once there was a geological station on its shore, now there's a tourist camp with guest houses, a gazebo, a bathhouse, pancakes and tea. In the lake you can catch pike, perch, redfin, grayling and whitefish, and a lot of berries grow here: cloudberries, cranberries, blueberries and cowberries. A separate plus is that you can come here by car.

In My Plate

For lunch stop by the best café in Kirovsk. There's a pleasant atmosphere, cosy surroundings and delicious food with beautiful serving. On the menu, look out for local specialties like venison with lingonberries and Northern Lights dessert.

Музейно-выставочный центр АО «Апатит»

This beautiful building with a clock tower once housed a fire station, but after reconstruction it was replaced by a modern museum dedicated to mining. In the halls there is a huge collection of colourful minerals and mining ore, models of mines with illumination and a signal siren, interactive stands immersing in the history of exploration of the Kola Peninsula. The museum is free of charge and very interesting. It is possible to get on excursion in a tower of the museum, only under preliminary appointment, it is possible to make an appointment by phone +78153132887. Admission and tours are free.

Abandoned railway station

Practically in the centre of Kirovsk there is an abandoned railway station. It used to receive trains from Moscow and St. Petersburg, had storage rooms, kiosks, cash desks and even a restaurant. But in 1996, transport links ceased, and today the dilapidated Stalinist Empire-inspired building looks more like a whale skeleton from the movie "Lephyathon".

озеро «Большой Вудъявр»

Kirovsk is situated on the shore of the largest and most famous lake of the Khibiny tundras - Bolshoy Vudyavr. You can appreciate its beauty by climbing one of the trails up the nearby mountain, from where you can enjoy incredible views of the lake surface and the town itself.

Cafe Iris

The acquaintance with Kirovsk will be pleasant to finish in a cozy cafe with quiet music. The menu includes classics of European cuisine, but there are also interesting seafood dishes, such as White Sea soup with cod, salmon and mussels.

Day 2: Barents Sea and Teriberka

Today you'll visit the coast of the Barents Sea and Teriberka settlement. You'll swing on swings on the seashore, see the beach "with dragon's balls", waterfall, abandoned buildings and enjoy beautiful views of the tundra.

Песчаный пляж

This seaside village used to live off fishing, but new laws have hit the fishing industry hard, causing it to fall into disrepair. In January 2020, after heavy snowstorms, the sea carried a fishing boat onto the beach. The locals did not remove it - it was very expensive, and the tourists liked the ghost ship, there is some symbolic beauty in it.

Кладбище кораблей

Walking around the famous Teriberka village, be sure to visit the cemetery of ships - one of the most fantastic and photogenic places in Russia. In the 60s, with the transfer of the district center to Severomorsk, the local coastal fishing industry began to gradually wane, and the old ships found their last resting place on the coast. Today their wooden plating has rotted away, exposing iron frames that look like the skeletons of giant animals.

Teriberka coast

Stop in for lunch at a restaurant with a fireplace on the shore of the Barents Sea. Among other dishes from local products, you can try scallops, mussels, venison soup and fish soup from several species.

Водопад на Малом Батарейском озере

This small but beautiful waterfall flows as a stream from Bataray Lake and discharges its waters directly into the sea. The rugged and epic scenery of this place begs for photos. In search of the best views, it's worth climbing up the hill, where you can see the waterfall, the lake and the Barents Sea at the same time.

Драконьи Яйца

On the northern outskirts of Teriberka there is a beach with huge boulders. The locals nicknamed it, dinosaur eggs. The stones are of different sizes and all of them are of round shape.

Северный Ледовитый Океан

Breathe in the air of the Northern winds and see the Arctic Ocean. Great place for photo and observation platform, on the Teriberka Bay. Feel yourself on the edge of the earth, and over there in the distance are the cold waters and the eternal kingdom of ice.

Northern Lights

For dinner drop in at the cafe Shining of the North with a beautiful view. Near the cafe you can take pictures and swing on big swings against the background of the Barents Sea. Tasty chowder, in the menu there is a sea urchin, a wide choice of fish. The staff is pleasant, polite.