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In Chekhov places

Road Trip Route. Find the monument to A.P. Chekhov., Visit Melikhovo Estate., Feed the ostriches, Meet the bison, .

If you want to take a break from the daily bustle, walk the winding streets of strange merchant cities, spend time alone with nature and get rich in culture - this is a trip especially for you. You'll visit Melikhovo, Lopasnya-Zachatayevskoe and Sukhanovo estates, take a photo in the very heart of Serpukhov, visit an unusual farm where they breed real ostriches, and then get acquainted with mighty bison in Prioksko-Terrasny reserve. And the best local cafes and restaurants, where you can taste unusual dishes, just relax and discuss impressions of the trip, will be a pleasant bonus in the trip. Route developed with the support of [Volkswagen Caddy](

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Acquaintance with Chekhov

This day will begin with an acquaintance with the city of Chekhov, where you will visit the estate of the famous writer, find his monument and gather holy water in the spring, where Anton Pavlovich has never visited. On the way you will visit an ostrich farm, feed its birds and learn a lot of interesting things from their lives.


Сквер им. А. П. Чехова

The first stop is a monument to the classics of Russian literature. According to the author of the sculpture, he wanted to depict Anton Pavlovich as a person who year after year changes not only his appearance, but also the inner world.

Музей-заповедник А. П. Чехова "Мелихово"

Take a walk on Chekhov's most famous estate. The writer lived here in 1891-1899. Original Chekhov's and his family's belongings handed over by the writer's relatives are kept in the preserved and restored buildings. The estate is open from Tuesday to Sunday, the last Friday of the month is the day off.

Храм Рождества Пресвятой Богородицы

According to historians, the first mention of the village of Talezhsky appeared around 1339. The history of the same temple dates back to the reign of Ivan Kalita. The surviving temple building was built in 1795, by order of Prince Vladimir Orlov. From May 1 to October 1, the tea and church shop is waiting for visitors: from Tuesday to Friday 9.00-19.00; on weekends and holidays 9.00-20.00.

Источник преподобного Давида

Legends have long been written about the source, consecrated in honor of St. David. According to one legend, its appearance is connected with Count Orlov, who, wishing to receive forgiveness from a girl offended by him, gave her a ring with a precious stone. The girl did not accept the gift, threw the ring away and ran away in tears. And from the place where the ring fell, he soon scored the key with clean and clear water, like a tear.

Ресторан "Палисад"

Warm atmosphere, stylish interior, delicious cuisine, aromatic coffee, wonderful view from the window - what else do you need for a pleasant dinner? It offers author's cuisine based on the traditions of classical European cuisine - simple and spicy soups, exquisite salads, cold and hot snacks, meat and fish dishes, poultry and seafood.

Русский страус

Here you will meet the inhabitants of the farm and feed each of them. There are also many exciting activities and creative workshops waiting for you. You can choose a suitable excursion and book it on the official [site](

Храм Успения Пресвятой Богородицы

Construction of the Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary was started at the end of the XVI century. Take a walk around the area, enjoy the peace and quiet.

Kitchen Market

Kitchen Market is a cozy establishment that combines bakery, steakhouse and bar, located in the historical heart of Serpukhov. The menu is quite diverse and includes grilled classics such as kebab, shish kebab, baked vegetables and Mediterranean seafood dishes like paella and bouillabaisse soup.

Day 2: Visiting the bison.

This day will begin with a visit to the nature reserve, with its amazing views. Who knows, maybe you'll be lucky to meet the bison inhabitants here! You will also see the historical center of Serpukhov - Sobornaya Mount and explore the ancient manors.

Приокско-Террасный заповедник

The main attraction of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve is, of course, its inhabitants - the mighty bison. Take a walk along the hiking trail, enjoy the beauty of unspoiled nature and try your luck, maybe it's you who has the chance to see these wild animals in their natural habitat. Please note that you can only visit the reserve on a guided tour. On weekends excursions are held from 9-00, on weekdays - from 11-00.

Соборная Гора

This is the historical center of Serpukhov. Fairs and folk festivals were held here, and today locals gather on Sobornaya Hill to watch fireworks or take a ride on an ice-cream or sled. Even today one can notice the remains of an ancient fortification on the mountain. Originally the fortress walls were wooden, and during the reign of Ivan the Terrible a white-stone fortress appeared on the place of a wooden kremlin.


Quite a worthy establishment for a hearty snack by a large company. It serves juicy burgers and delicious fries.

Усадьба «Лопасня-Зачатьевское»

Take a walk around the estate, which is a branch of the Chekhov Museum-Reserve "Melikhovo". Themed exhibitions, balls and creative evenings are organized here, significant dates are celebrated annually. Follow the news on the official [site]( of the estate. The main sights are the main building of the estate, built in the XVIII century and Anna Zachatevskaya Church. You can visit the museum from Wednesday to Sunday. The last Friday of the month is a health day.

Усадьба Суханово

Sukhanovo originally belonged to the state, and in the XVII century Peter I granted them to his companion, the first Moscow governor Tikhon Streshnev. After Streshnev's death, the estate went back to the state treasury. The unique buildings of those years have been preserved here, be sure to find them, they are truly amazing.

Загородный Клуб "ЗаВидное"

Let the end of this little trip be a dinner at the country club "ZaVidnoe". Enjoy the view of the pond and delicious dishes, the variety of which will surely surprise you. How about dumplings with sturgeon? It is better to reserve a table in advance, and you can do it right on [site](