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Day 3205 km192 m

Walk to the dolmen, defense museum and delicious tastings

The final day is the most delicious. At the beginning of the day you will walk to the dolmen, located near Prigorodny, after visiting the Museum of Defense in Tuapse, we recommend taking a tour to fully imbue the atmosphere. The second part of the day will be devoted to delicious tastings of Adyghe cuisine, honey and herbal tea.

Day Itinerary

3.8 km10 min
09:0030 min


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On the first day of the trip you have already seen dolmens, today we suggest to go to the dolmens in Tuapsinsky area and compare them.
In general, there is an opinion that dolmens can make dreams come true, you can check this by making a cherished wish.
5.5 km15 min
Tuapse Local History Museum
09:451 h 30 min

Tuapse Local History Museum

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In 1942, the most fierce battles were fought for the height on Mount Semashko. Then the Soviet troops won the victory!
And, although today's program does not involve climbing the mountain, we offer to go to the Tuapse Museum of Local History of Defense and visit the most interesting informative excursion.
The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

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