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Illinois — Indiana — Ohio

Road Trip Route. In nine days of travel, you'll be in three states, Visit famous museums, see interesting sights, Walk through the famous parks, Try the best restaurants, Get a lot of positive emotions and impressions.

What's the beauty of traveling? For a huge number of people, as well as for me, traveling is a hobby. It's a change of scenery, a meeting with new people, an opportunity to see things you've never seen before. This time we decided to go to the capitals of the three states of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. We planned to start our journey and finish it in Springfield, so our trip was very busy. I hope you'll remember and enjoy this trip as much as I do, and you'll benefit from my advice and guidance!

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Darcy Moore. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Welcome to Springfield!

We arrived in Springfield, the capital of Illinois. In a few days of our stay in this wonderful place we will visit the main pearl of the city, a lot of attractions associated with such an interesting and great personality as Abraham Lincoln and just enjoy the outdoors and visit the good restaurants.

Nick & Nino's Penthouse Steakhouse

We'll start our journey with the amazing place I've got in my soul! Nick & Nino's Penthouse Steakhouse is a restaurant that not only combines beautiful interior and city views, but also a wonderful menu. I'd call this place very romantic. Turned down the lights, nice, not loud music. We tasted both fish and meat dishes. I won't recommend anything specific, I'll say we were happy. It was really good! The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday.

Day 2: We're Settling in Springfield

Today we have a very educational program for the day. We will visit the museums directly related to the life of Abraham Lincoln and learn more about him, as well as take a walk in the famous park. Although not as long routes await us, the day is filled with useful information and memorable places!

Cafe Moxo

We chose a cheap place for breakfast. The prices here are very loyal. Nice environment, food very close to home, I definitely enjoyed it very much. I'd advise match lovers to try it here! The menu is big enough and varied, so you can have breakfast or eat something denser and nourished at your discretion.

Lincoln Home

An important place to visit if you want to know more about a person like A. Lincoln. The visit is completely free! There is a schedule of excursions, which should be specified in advance. The exhibits are very cool, everything looks realistic!

Incredibly Delicious

A little hungry after sightseeing, we decided to go in search of food. We stopped at the Incredibly Delicious cafe and were very satisfied. The unusual interior, which I have always been skeptical about, this time had a positive impression on me, we were also satisfied with the food itself and, of course, the wonderful and invigorating coffee! Open Monday to Saturday.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum

By visiting this museum, you'll know exactly everything about Lincoln's life. From birth to death. Very entertaining place, will be interesting to visit at any age. From visiting with children to the elderly. We were very impressed by the atmosphere of this museum, not like ordinary museums. We were also impressed that most of the exhibits are interactive!

Washington Park

Then we decided to go for a walk in this famous park. A walk left only positive emotions! The park is very clean and well-groomed, quiet around. Well, it's very peaceful.

Loukinens' On Fourth

We went there for dinner, found this place on the basis of good reviews. The institution employs very polite staff who know their work and do it to the fullest. The food is very tasty and, most importantly, fresh. It's a wonderful place! The restaurant is open Monday to Saturday.

Day 3: We're on Our Way to Indianapolis

We have quite a rich program, so there is no point in staying in the same city for a long time. I'd like to see it all in time. Today we're heading to Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana. Very nice and memorable place. As we have a long and tedious road ahead of us, today we have planned a visit to just one attraction.

Pease's at Bunn Gourmet

Good morning, everybody, and we went to this wonderful place for breakfast and were happy. This place is a sweet tooth paradise. My eyes were running, I couldn't decide what I wanted. I love sweets in the morning, though it's not very helpful. By the way, everything was very fresh. So I definitely recommend it. The cafe's open from 10:00 a.m. on Sunday.


On the way to Indianapolis we decided to make a small stop in Champaign to take a break from the road and gain some strength. When you make small stops, the road is easier. We walked in the city park - a very nice place with fountains and sculptures.

Black Dog Smoke & Ale House

And we went to this restaurant on the advice of the locals. At first I was a little surprised by the simple view and serving of food, but only after trying the grilled meat, which is cooked here, did I understand why the residents of the town love this place so much. Everything is very tasty at home, and the portions are quite generous, I enjoyed it very much.


I really liked this museum! This art museum has a very rich collection of paintings. The exposition is as good as the main galleries of America. You don't have to read about this place, you just have to see it with your own eyes. You can't stay indifferent.


Beautiful dinner in a wonderful place. Our dinner consisted of a second course and dessert, everything was extraordinary! Very interesting design and interior. Large and varied menu. You can also try some good wines in this place. The staff knows their job perfectly well. Awesome!

Day 4: Let's Look at the City from the Inside

This day we will allocate for viewing the most beautiful parks and places. Let's get to the interesting sights and museums and don't forget to keep in our memory all these bright moments!

Café Patachou

My family has one small tradition - each family member has a favorite place for breakfast, lunch or dinner and we go there several times a week. Well, if I lived in Indianapolis, this place would definitely add to my list. It's very atmospheric and yet simple, no chic. Simple, delicious menu, low prices. It's a wonderful place!

Garfield Conservatory

I love greenhouses! And to be more precise, I love flowers and plants. Once you get to a place like this, you start to feel like you're in an oasis. Walking around this greenhouse was a pleasure. If you get tired of wandering around the greenhouse, you can just walk around Garfield Park and you won't regret it either.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum

Legendary place! I think each of us has stumbled upon the car racing broadcasts at least once while watching TV. What a drive we've been experiencing, how intensely we've been looking at what's going on on on the screen. So if you are a fan of racing or just want to experience the adrenaline and get a lot of positive emotions, it is highly recommended to visit this place.

The Eagle

If you want to try a good American fast food in a pleasant atmosphere, feel free to come to The Eagle. We thought for a long time to have lunch in pleasant interiors, or at tables on the street, and finally stopped at the second option. The order came quickly, I'd call it just giant, everything is delicious.

Indiana World War Memorial

In the afternoon we decided to take a short walk and take pictures of various sights.

Monument Circle

It's a very beautiful monument, and in the evenings he gathers a lot of people, from couples in love to bikers. It's the perfect place to remember your photos.

The Eagle's Nest Restaurant

The restaurant offers an impressive panorama of Indianapolis! That's probably the most important reason to visit this place. Very beautiful and modern serving of dishes, unusual, delicious menu and excellent desserts. All this is waiting for you when you visit The Eagle's Nest Restaurant.

White River State Park

A very beautiful and well-groomed city park, located on the banks of the White River. It's a great place to take an evening stroll or run and just relax after a hard day.

Day 5: Let's Go to Columbus

We continue our journey and go to another beautiful cozy city, which is the center of the state of Ohio. The road is long again, so when we get to the city, our goal is to visit only one park. Let's combine rest with sightseeing. It's nice to be useful, so to speak.


Another great place for breakfast! Despite the fact that the institution is quite noisy and a lot of people, the service is very fast, and the food is prepared qualitatively and deliciously.

RiverScape MetroPark

On the way to Columbus, we decided to make a short stop in Dayton. We may be able to get to know this city later, but so far we've stopped there to take a break. We walked along the pretty promenade with sculptures, fountains and recreation areas and went on.

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

To our great regret, we got to the city late and had time to walk in the garden very little. Actually, the garden is small, the pavilions are divided by themes, I liked it very much. In terms of design, it was a very interesting garden.


Very beautiful restaurant of gourmet American cuisine. Incredible atmosphere, amazing service. I think if you go to this restaurant, you'll agree with me. It's a luxurious setting, I liked it. I advise you to book before visiting a table, because in the evenings in the institution a large number of people gather.

Day 6: Searching the Corners of the City

We have all day to study this place. But actually, it's not that much, so the program of the day is very dense. We will visit two museums, take a couple of pictures against the background of Arnold Schwarzenegger's sculpture and walk in a wonderful park!

Fox in the Snow

It serves fine coffee and a huge variety of delicious and fresh pastries and sweets. The institution has made a pleasant impression on us. I got the feeling that this is a very fashionable and popular place. Anyway, the cool cafe we definitely recommend you to visit.

Ohio History Center

An ideal place to immerse yourself in the past and learn about the history of the city. When you visit the museum, it's as if you're plunging into a separate world. Visiting museums develops and broadens the outlook. If you are travelling with children, be sure to pay attention to the programs and events that the museum organizes especially for curious young researchers. The schedule can be found on the official website.

Columbus Museum of Art

Non-standard art museum. However, in spite of all the uniqueness of the exposition, I liked the exhibition as a whole. It was pretty interesting. When I see such exhibits, I always wonder how people create such unusual masterpieces of art?

Tuttle Park

The park is located opposite the University of Ohio, the third largest university in the United States. This institution has a huge history, the territory around the university is very well-groomed, and it was a great pleasure to take a walk close by. We took pictures against the background of the Olentanga River Bridge and just had a nice time outdoors.

Statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger

I love this actor and at the same time an outstanding personality, Arnie is a real hero of our childhood! So when we found out that there was a statue in Columbus dedicated to Arnold, we went to it without a doubt. At least to be photographed in the background.

Schiller Park

How wonderful it is to be able to walk in the parks. You're right back in touch with nature. Schiller Park itself is very beautiful and green. There are a lot of different trees growing on the territory. The park is very quiet and peaceful if you get tired of just wandering, that is, a large number of benches, so you can sit down and relax.

Mitchell's Ocean Club

It was a wonderful dinner! Very atmospheric place. We had a full rest there. There's a nice bar list in the place! But it's delicious, too. I love seafood, and frankly speaking, I wanted to try everything here at once. I can definitely recommend oysters and tuna salad. By the way, the restaurant closes at 21:00 on Sunday, so it's better to come an hour early.

Day 7: The Way Back

We have arranged our journey in such a way as to fly in and out of Springfield, so it is time to move backwards. This kind of trip is a great opportunity to see the places that you did not have time to visit at once.

Northstar Cafe

You have to eat a lot of breakfast before you go. This place has beautiful, and most importantly, nourishing breakfasts. It's cheap enough.

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

We've decided to lay our way back through the city of Cincinnati. We were wondering where to go to help us cheer up after a long drive and also give us a chance to relax a little. We've come to the conclusion that this is a zoo. Cincinnati Zoo is very old and very interesting to visit! The aviaries are very free, and you can see that the animals are well cared for. And some of the animals and birds are walking down the paths of the park, which is very nice.

Seasons 52

When we were hungry, we thought we should look for a restaurant to have lunch. We had a pretty late lunch. Despite the fact that the choice fell on this institution by chance, we were not disappointed. Fast and quality service, large portions and wonderful desserts.

Carew Tower Observation Deck

On the way we came across the observation deck and stopped to take a couple of photos with a view of the city. Still, I love places with a beautiful view of the city!

Cincinnati Music Hall

Cincinnati Music Hall is a well-known concert hall in Cincinnati. We didn't have time to visit him, but we could just look at him from the outside. We really hope that someday we will be inside!

Farm Bloomington

We drove through the picturesque countryside, past the Brown Nature Reserve, and found ourselves in Bloomington, a small town that conquered us with its provincial charm. They didn't choose the restaurant for a long time, saw the sign and decided to stay here. The place is very well received, hospitable staff, large portions of delicious food, warm - all this is very cheerful.

Day 8: Back to Springfield and Finish the Trip

The way back takes a lot of time and effort, so we will make a small stop to rest. When we get to Springfield, we'll look at the capitol and go on vacation. Tomorrow we'll have to go home, after that road we'll have to rest and regain strength.

Uptown Cafe

In the morning, it's very important to have a good breakfast. A proper and dense breakfast gives energy for the whole day. This place in Bloomington was a great place to taste, and it opens early enough.

Collett park

We've been wondering where we'd stop to take a walk and rest. We ended up staying in this pretty park, softening up some bones and moving on.

Martins IGA

We stopped by the supermarket to buy water, juice and some food.

Polite Society

Here we go to St. Louis! Since we're gonna be here for a short period of time, we thought we'd stop by for dinner at one hired restaurant. We didn't expect anything out of this place, but we were happy with our dinner! Cozy, romantic atmosphere and delicious food. Everything you need to make a couple of loving travelers happy.

Gateway Arch

You can't go to St. Louis without looking at this famous landmark! Just imagine, the height of the arch in the peak is more than 192 meters, not without reason it is considered the highest monument in the U.S. At the top is an observation deck, be sure to climb it, the views are worth it!

Day 9: It's Time to Go Home

Today we have to return the car we rented and return to our homes. Whether we're glad to be back or not, it's a controversial question. It's always nice to come home, but it's also nice and interesting to travel.

Panera Bread

I have been to the bakeries of this chain in several cities of our country and have always been satisfied with the service and food, this time was no exception. We not only had breakfast with healthy, almost homemade food, but also took baked goods and sweets with us on the road - very convenient! And if you decide to devote this morning to exploring the city and get up very early, be sure to enjoy your coffee and baked goods even at such an early time - the cafe opens at 6am.