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Ideas for extreme shooters and shooters near Moscow

Ideas for extreme shooters and shooters near Moscow
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3 Days


By Car


340 km






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A journey into the world of sky, snow, high speeds and sharp turns awaits you!
Fly airplanes and helicopters, learn to fly paragliders and hang gliders! Test yourself by parachute jumping! Make one of the tightest turns on a quad bike on icy frozen lakes, race through the snowy woods on a snowmobile, learn to control a buggy and pass the track with obstacles on an enduro, compete with other racers on a professional karting track with a length of over 1200 meters, roll on a frozen lake under sail, shoot at the largest firearms center in Europe.
Too much for you? It is quite an eventful route. Perhaps not everyone can do it all at once. But all the places are not far from Moscow, so you can choose any you like and visit them at any convenient time, in any order.
Please note that you will have to pay for the offered services separately.
Maria Gorobets
Maria Gorobets
Travel Expert
  • Pulse of the Wind kite school.
  • Extreme-Ride Center.
  • Chernogolovka Aerodrome.
  • Club "TOP GUN".
  • Quadrider Club.
  • Vortex Aerodrome.
  • Beacon Cartodrome.
  • Foxhole Nora Rifle Center.
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Breeze riding
Day 196 km

Breeze riding

Today you can parachute and snowboard under sail, snowmobile through the snowy forest and make steep turns on the ice on powerful quad bikes, and an exciting ride on the tracks with obstacles for cross motorcycles!
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Flights, shootings and mystical puzzles
Day 272 km

Flights, shootings and mystical puzzles

This day will begin with a refreshing horseback ride through the winter forest, which will slowly prepare you for the next adventure of the day - flying by plane! You can hold the helm and fly the plane! Then you can play paintball in the best paintball club in Moscow region and finish this day with a night quest on ATVs, which is held only in the dark!
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Even higher and faster.
Day 3172 km

Even higher and faster.

Today will be a day of high speeds and flights! You will fly by helicopter and planning airplane, delta and parachute, and you can also jump with a parachute. But you won't stop there: high speeds are also waiting for you on the ground - you'll drive an enduro at the stadium of technical sports and drive along one of the best tracks for karts in Russia. You'll also find a shooting range with different types of weapons and hunting, where no animal is killed.
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