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Ideas for extreme shooters and shooters near Moscow

Road Trip Route. Pulse of the Wind kite school., Extreme-Ride Center, Chernogolovka Aerodrome, Club "TOP GUN", Quadrider Club, Vortex Aerodrome, Beacon Cartodrome, Foxhole Nora Rifle Center.

A journey into the world of sky, snow, high speeds and sharp turns awaits you! Fly airplanes and helicopters, learn to fly paragliders and hang gliders! Test yourself by parachute jumping! Make one of the tightest turns on a quad bike on icy frozen lakes, race through the snowy woods on a snowmobile, learn to control a buggy and pass the track with obstacles on an enduro, compete with other racers on a professional karting track with a length of over 1200 meters, roll on a frozen lake under sail, shoot at the largest firearms center in Europe. Too much for you? It is quite an eventful route. Perhaps not everyone can do it all at once. But all the places are not far from Moscow, so you can choose any you like and visit them at any convenient time, in any order. Please note that you will have to pay for the offered services separately.

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Maria Gorobets. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Breeze riding

Today you can parachute and snowboard under sail, snowmobile through the snowy forest and make steep turns on the ice on powerful quad bikes, and an exciting ride on the tracks with obstacles for cross motorcycles!


кайт-школа Пульс ветра (snowkite, kite)

In the kite school "Pulse of Wind" you can go snowboarding and skiing, controlled by kites (large kites that catch the wind). Everyone can master the kite control! To get to the kite school you will need to turn at the sign "Noginsk Autodor" in front of Lukoil gas station and drive straight to the shore of the quarry. Be sure to make an appointment in advance by contacting [site](


You've already enjoyed controlling the wind flow while on the ground. And now it's time to rise higher - into the sky, and feel them there! In the center of Extreme-Ride you can parachute - a balloon flight that pulls a snowmobile or a special boat. And after the flight you can take a snowmobile safari or make dizzying turns on ATVs on the ice of a frozen lake. Be sure to register for all activities in advance by phone at [site](

Старая Купавна ресторан

Slowly and tastefully you can have lunch at "Old Kupavna" restaurant. Here everyone can find a dish to his taste: the menu includes Russian, Caucasian, Italian and Japanese cuisines. On weekends it is better to reserve a table in advance by phone at [site](

Griffamotors Extreme Club

You can ride a buggy or pit bike at the Griffith Motors Extreme Club (a cross-country motorcycle ideal for off-road and rugged terrain). Especially for pit bikes the club has a special track with jumps, fallen trees, slopes and turns. Be sure to register in advance by phone at [site]( Please note that a category B driver's license is required for buggy riding.

Семёнов Кафе

One of the best cafes in Chernogolovka is located in the building of the scientific institute, so dinner can be arranged with scientific flavor. The very atmosphere of the cafe will take you to the 60s of the last century, the time when a science town was built in Chernogolovka, and young scientists dreamed of great discoveries.

Day 2: Flights, shootings and mystical puzzles

This day will begin with a refreshing horseback ride through the winter forest, which will slowly prepare you for the next adventure of the day - flying by plane! You can hold the helm and fly the plane! Then you can play paintball in the best paintball club in Moscow region and finish this day with a night quest on ATVs, which is held only in the dark!

Ivanovo equestrian complex

It's nice to start the day with a leisurely horseback ride through the woods. You will enjoy the beauty of the winter forest and be filled with energy for the whole day. Be sure to make an appointment for your walk [in advance]( Please note - horseback riding in the woods is only possible for riders with riding experience.

Аэродром Черноголовка

Now that you've cheered up after riding horses, there's an airplane flight waiting for you! You can fly alone or with up to 3 people. And yes, you will be allowed to drive! Be sure to book your flight in advance by calling [group]( Please note - flights may be cancelled due to "non-flight" weather.

Ivan Restaurant

In the restaurant "Ivan" of the equestrian complex Ivanovskoye you can have a nice lunch. The menu includes various dishes of European and Asian cuisine. And for those who are not driving, the restaurant offers more than 15 author's bar masterpieces.

Пейнтбольный клуб «Top Gun»

Be sure to visit the largest paintball club in the Moscow region! Here you will find such a variety of playgrounds and paintball scenarios that even the veterans of "paintball wars" will be glad. Well, if you are not in the mood to shoot balls with paint - then you are waiting for lasertags. For which there are many different quests in this club besides the standard mode with two teams. It is necessary to register for the games in advance on [site](

The QuadRider Club.

That's how the twilight sneaked up. And with them, the nightly quest on ATVs "In Search of Untroubled Souls." The quest is based on real events. Be sure to book the quest in advance at [site](

Вареничная #9

You can have dinner with Russian cuisine in Varenychnaya. The main specialization of the cafe is dumplings, and here they really have a huge choice: any shape and with any filling. Also in this cafe are very good soups. Boiled - a popular place, so a table for the evening is better to book in advance by phone at [site](

Day 3: Even higher and faster.

Today will be a day of high speeds and flights! You will fly by helicopter and planning airplane, delta and parachute, and you can also jump with a parachute. But you won't stop there: high speeds are also waiting for you on the ground - you'll drive an enduro at the stadium of technical sports and drive along one of the best tracks for karts in Russia. You'll also find a shooting range with different types of weapons and hunting, where no animal is killed.

Аэродром Вихрево

At Vikrevo airfield you will be able to jump with a parachute, as well as to fly by Mi-2 helicopter, by Yak-18T, Yak-52, Wilga-35A, An-2 and glider L-14 (walking, study and training flights are possible)! It is necessary to make an appointment in advance by phone at [site]( Be careful - flight schedules can change due to the weather.

Technical Sports Stadium in Dmitrov

This is where you can take an enduro ride. And you can also go at high speed on the autocross track. Be sure to inform about your visit in advance by phone at [site](

Бегемот & Мышь

After an active morning, it's important to eat well. And what could be better than meat when you're hungry? The grill bar "Hippopotamus and Mouse" has a large selection of grilled meat and fish dishes, large portions and friendly waiters.


At the Paralet Air Club you can fly a delta flight, a parachute flight or a three-seater plane. You can find out the prices and make an appointment at [site]( (be sure to make an appointment in advance). Please note that delta and paraglider flights are only possible in windless weather.

Картодром «Маяк»

It is one of the best kartodromes in Russia, its route length is about 1200 meters, and there is a huge selection of rental maps. Be sure to specify the operating mode of the kartodrome before your arrival at [site]( (competitions may be held).

Лисья нора

The Foxhole Nora is the best place for all levels of shooters from beginners to amateurs and professionals. Here you can shoot pistols, sports and air rifles in shooting galleries, engage in sporting - sporting and hunting shooting (which will not kill any animal). Shooting at sporting is carried out on plates imitating running hare or flight of a bird, the feeling of hunting will strengthen the fact that all these sites are in nature. Also in the centre there is a unique shooting range for hunting rifled weapons, an area for Olympic exercises and 1 area for double trap shooting. The centre often hosts competitions, so make sure you check your schedule on [the website]( before visiting.


On the way you can stop for dinner at San Remo Restaurant. The restaurant cooks well Italian cuisine: pizza, pasta, and if you want meat - you can go up to the second floor of the same building, there is a steak house "Prime".